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The acceptance of Bitcoin instead of real money has gained popularity in the recent past by various industries and platforms. Online poker sites are not left behind. They are currently accepting Bitcoin payments offering people who play online poker an easy time.  Payment processing has plagued the industry for many years, but playing poker using Bitcoin has provided a solution to the frustrations.

See my shortlist of sites allowing people to play poker online with Bitcoin and reap that benefits that it offers, below.

Best Bitcoin Poker Sites

Here is my list of recommended poker sites that accept Bitcoin as a payment option:

  1. BetOnline Poker
  2. Ignition Poker
  3. Intertops Poker
  4. Juicy Stakes Poker
  5. Americas Cardroom

Don’t worry, I’ve taken the time to detail them below 🙂

  1. BetOnline Poker
image for betonline poker with bitcoin
100% cryptocurrency/Bitcoin match bonus on BetOnline Poker

BetOnline supports the use of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, among others.  It is available in almost all countries in the world and offers exclusive bonuses to players who use Bitcoin. The platform provides 50 % Bitcoin Bonus of up to $1,000, minimum and maximum withdrawal of $20 and $20,000 respectively with a wait time of 2 days. Minimum and maximum deposit amount are $20 and $50,000, respectively.  BetOnline poker is an excellent option for online poker accepting Bitcoin deposits. Join today to earn 50% BetOnline Bitcoin promo bonus.

Get the full cryptocurrency bonus for BetOnline Poker here.

  1. Ignition Poker
image for ignition poker with bitcoin
$1000 Bitcoin match bonus on Ignition Poker

Ignition poker ranks high in the US and Australian cash game list and will have its popularity double now that it accepts Bitcoin. Enjoy Ignition’s Bitcoin welcome bonus of up to $1000 and software that promotes anonymity in the game. Other than the Bitcoin bonus with Ignition, Ignition Poker restricts multi-tabling making it free from grinders and easy to use.

The ignition poker site contains information relating to other Bitcoin poker games and competitions. It accepts a minimum Bitcoin Deposit of $20 without any additional charges. The minimum payout is $20 Bitcoin with a processing wait time of utmost three days at no cost. The maximum Bitcoin deposit on Ignition Poker is $5000 and a maximum withdrawal of $9,500.

Get the full Bitcoin bonus for Ignition Poker here.

  1. Intertops Poker
image for intertops poker with bitcoin
$1000 Bitcoin welcome bonus on Intertops Poker

Another excellent option for a person looking forward to an online poker accepting Bitcoin is Intertops. It is convenient for people looking forward to playing a few tables from time to time. It has a deposit limit set at a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $1,000 which is possible using Bitcoin. Withdrawal limits are set at a minimum and maximum limit of $100 and $2,500 respectively with a wait time of 1- 5 days.  Intertops offer a welcome bonus of 200%, which comes to up to $1000 in the form of Bitcoin Bonus.

Get the full Bitcoin bonus for Intertops Poker here.

  1. Juicy Stakes Poker
image for juicy stakes poker with bitcoin
200% bonus on Juicy Stakes Poker

Juicy Stakes, a partner site of Intertops is an option for people interested in online poker sites where they can enjoy the best Bitcoin poker room. The site accepts Bitcoin deposits at a minimum value of $25 and a maximum of $2,500, which is fast, easy and convenient.  The best withdrawal method from Juicy Stakes is Bitcoin Withdrawal. The Bitcoin wallet accepts deposits instantly, but other e-wallets take approximately 24 hours with check options of roughly five days. Withdrawal limits are a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2,500 with an average of 2 days. The website pays a 36% rake back weekly and 200% up to $1,000 bonus.

Get the full bonus for Juicy Stakes Poker here.

  1. Americas Cardroom
image for americas cardroom poker with bitcoin
200% crypto bonus up to $1000 on Americas Cardroom (100% bonus for non-cryptocurrency)

The Americas Cardroom has been accepting Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals for quite some time. The popularity of Americas Cardroom increased after the resolve to accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. The tremendous response from players prompted the site to add approximately 60 other cryptocurrencies.

Currently, Americas Cardroom is one of the best Bitcoin poker rooms accepting Bitcoin in the USA.  Americas Cardroom charges no transaction fees, which mean that deposits and withdrawals are free. The minimum Bitcoin payout is $25, and withdrawals are completed in 48 hours. The minimum stake allowed is $10

A welcome bonus of 100% up to a maximum of $1,000 is given to all first-timers upon deposit.

Get the full cryptocurrency bonus for Americas Cardroom Poker here.

Bitcoin Poker Sites (Based on Reddit)

Bitcoin poker sites (Reddit ones) are tallied through online (sometimes cowboy) democracy and are pretty overwhelmingly for the promotion of digital currencies that liberate players from reliance and control by central governing bodies like banks. Bitcoin is the currency of the internet and is popular because of the anonymity and security it offers users. Some of the websites named on Reddit include Ignition Poker, sites on WPN (Americas Cardroom), Chico Network rooms (BetOnline Poker), Horizon and Grand (only for select states). The poker sites are legit poker rooms backed by dependable sportsbooks.

Users in Reddit often consider BetOnline and sometimes Nitrogen as some of the substantial poker rooms with a decent player base, playable through a mobile app or a mobile browser and accept Bitcoin payments. While Redditors are concerned about good poker sites to play at overall; notable concerns include a low rake and no shadiness in the withdrawals process. Redditors also consider Bovada when it comes to Bitcoin when it comes to the best sites, second (or third) only to BetOnline and Ignition in terms of ranking high in public perception of the best Bitcoin poker sites.

Best Bitcoin Wallet for Poker

Bitcoin has been in existence for over ten years now and is a common asset held by tech-savvies. Digital currencies which Bitcoin is part of our very safe and more comfortable compared to traditional currencies but are a risky investment due to volatility. Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets, and the following can be good options for your bitcoins.

  1. Coinbase
image of the coinbase bitcoin wallet
Screenshot of the official Coinbase cryptocurrency wallet website

It is one of the best wallets for coin exchange and has been in operation for the last eight years following its inception in 2012.  Coinbase accepts fiat currencies and facilitates trading using Bitcoin and a few other coins such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash. Coinbase is available to a resident of specified countries and therefore essential to check if it is available in your country. Coinbase wallet can be connecting to a US bank and conveniently transfer money to and from the wallet. The amount loaded into the wallet can be used to buy Bitcoin. Coinbase can be accessed using a mobile app or a web browser where users can quickly sign up and enjoy.

Official Coinbase wallet app website.

  1. Trezor
image of the ledger bitcoin wallet
Screenshot of the official Trezor cryptocurrency wallet website

Trezor wallet brags of top-notch security which warrants you of safety from hackers. Trezor wallet is a device where you can store your Bitcoin with a small screen for secure connection management and is plugged on a computer or a smartphone. All you need to do is purchase a model whose price range from $55 and up. No matter how cheap the model is, you are assured of security. Trezor holds keys and generates random numbers securely. To get your Trezor wallet, visit the site and request.

Official Trezor wallet website.

  1. Ledger
image of the ledger bitcoin wallet
Screenshot of the official Ledger cryptocurrency wallet website

Ledger comes in two categories; Nano X and Nano S which are hardware wallets that store your Bitcoin safe in an offline gadget that looks like a USB Flash disk.  The device is connected to a smartphone or a computer to store and access your digital currencies.

Official Ledger wallet website.

The answer is yes. No one government prohibits Bitcoin poker, and since Bitcoin is unregulated and is considered as a commodity rather than a currency. The only problem is that some poker rooms block IP addresses that come from specific regions where, for instance, European poker rooms block American-based poker players. No Bitcoin regulating law exists. The only thing that can be said concerning the question of the legality of Bitcoin poker games is that is neither officially legal nor prohibited.

Two laws could apply to answering the query on the legality of poker but looking at them reveals that they restrict financial transactions in gambling only and therefore using Bitcoin which is not a recognized legal tender makes it hard to regulate.

The fact that Bitcoin offers means around the laws that might prohibit banks from transacting money earned in online poker makes it easy to proceed with online Bitcoin Poker. There is the involvement of bank, and therefore no legal restrictions of the online poker apply.

How to Use Bitcoin for Poker

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are prevalent in the modern world and offer an alternative to fiat currencies in poker games.  The number of poker sites accepting cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin is on an upward trajectory. Using Bitcoin has lots of benefits and therefore the need to switch into its use.

Some of the services include speed in withdrawal, provides anonymity and uses can pay less rake by switching to the Bitcoin poker room. You can visit various poker sites and check if they accept Bitcoin and after identifying legit sites, download a wallet and then buy Bitcoin using fiat currency already in your poker account.

My Favorite Bitcoin Poker App

My favorite Bitcoin app is Ignition Poker because it is prevalent and offers a Bitcoin bonus after making the first deposit.

Ignition Poker with Bitcoin on their app

Ignition Poker has a proprietary app available (through their website only) for various operating systems such as iOS and Android, which means that it can be used on iPads, Windows Phones, Android Smartphones and iPhones. I prefer Ignition Poker’s fantastic Texas Hold’em and tournament products especially over the others because with the app on my phone; I can play to earn Bitcoin and other cash benefits anywhere but to each is own, and I recommend that you try different ones and see which poker app does it for you with first-hand experience.

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