Poker Face Tips and Mini-Guide

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A poker face basically means a face that has that is impassive and has an unrevealing expression. In poker, a poker face is one that does not have any expression regardless of the strength of one’s hand and thus does not reveal anything that the opponents at the table can exploit.

The poker face is usually only applicable in the context of live games or tournaments where the players are in the same location. As it stands, online gaming has not made the kind of engagement we see at live games possible and this has rendered some skills useless. Poker face is one of these skills. Even so, it is still one of the most highly regarded skills in poker since it not only takes a lot of practice to master but also because it can pay off quite well.

Poker Face Tips

poker face tips

Poker can be a very emotional game whether you’re playing Texas Hold’em or an obscure variant of poker and thus the first tip is all about getting your emotions in check. It is quite easy to get carried away at some poker games especially the high stakes ones but this is something that your opponents can use against you. Try as much as possible to not shift your emotions but if you do, do not let it show in your facial expressions. Even if you have a really good hand, it is important to keep the poker face on.

Putting on a poker face might come easy to most people but maintaining it could something totally different. There are several ways of ensuring that could help you achieve this and they include:

  • Maintaining eye contact with your opponents.
  • Relaxing your posture.
  • Avoiding fidgeting.
  • Maintaining a neutral voice preferably by speaking in an even and balanced tone.

Besides the tips mentioned above, covering your face may be another way of successfully pulling off a poker face. This can be done by covering the parts that can easily you sell you out such as your eyes – you will need a great pair of sunglasses for this.

When Should You Use It?

image for when you should use a poker face

Now, the best poker players will always have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves and one of the most common ones is reading cues from their opponents. That said, if you are playing at a poker tournament, the poker face can make it harder for your opponents to get the better of you. When used in combination with other great skills such as bluffing, this tactic can lead one closer to a win. Even when playing regular poker games, a poker face will make you a formidable player.

Naturally, for mobile poker players a poker face isn’t as required but the timing in your hands and your responses to actions or in-action can all contribute to your profile that opponents will measure, so consistency of a ‘poker face’ still applies at higher levels of play.

All in all, it takes time to truly master the art of poker face so you will definitely need to put in the work.


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