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College football is one of the most popular sporting competitions in America, with an estimated 47.5 million fans tuning in to watch the action. That number means that it is the second most popular sport to watch in terms of viewing figures behind the NFL.

The stats showed that there were 392 regular-season games during the 2019-20 season that were reached by 145 million unique fans. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the eight post-season bowl games were able to reach over 90 million fans. These numbers exceed the viewing figures that are pulled in by other sports such as soccer, ice hockey and basketball in the United States. But, finding a way to watch the action can often be tricky for fans.

College Football Live Stream Reddit Recommendations

The easiest way to watch the College action without having to pay a subscription price is by finding a stream on Reddit. There are multiple reasons to watch a stream on Reddit, with the most important of those being that it is free. All that you need to do in order to find the best stream is to be patient and also look in the right place. With these two keys, you will be able to find a stream that suits your needs.

Most people using Reddit for the first time will simply search ‘College Football’ and hope that they find the game that they are looking for. However, for more precise searches, you will need to search the exact match that you’re looking to watch. If that option doesn’t work, then you should instead find a page for the team that you’re looking to watch.

A number of the teams involved in the NCAA will have fan pages on Reddit, and this is often the best way to find a stream for a game, and also open a debate about the game before or after it has taken place.

As well as team pages, there are also a number of fan pages that can be immensely helpful in finding new NCAA football streams Reddit users will be all over (for all NCAA games). These are some of the most reliable pages that we found for Reddit college football streams:

These sides will be the perfect place for fans to find the games that they are looking for just before the match gets underway. Some of the channels that we have mentioned also encourage healthy debate, which makes it a great place to talk about the action that you are watching.

Should I Watch College Football Reddit Streams?

There is a lot of pluses that come with watching college football on Reddit, with the biggest point being that it is the best free way to watch the action. You will simply need to create an account to search on Reddit, and after doing that, you will also be able to communicate with others on the site.

However, there are also a number of negatives that come with it. Streaming on Reddit is copyright infringement, as huge broadcasters pay massive sums of money to get the exclusive live action of the games due to the popularity. Because of that, the streams that you will normally find on Reddit are bad quality and often delayed. That means that you will be able to get more up to the minute updates on your phone.

The streams are also prone to crash, which means that you could watch two minutes of the action, before then being forced to try and find a different stream to continue watching the action. Watching a stream on Reddit is extremely tedious, as this will happen throughout the game and there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a good stream to watch the match. That means that there are a number of different other options that you can explore to watch college football online.

Other College Football Streaming Sites

College football fans from around the world often have to explore other avenues to watch the action, as some countries don’t have official broadcasters for the action. Furthermore, Reddit isn’t as popular in Europe and Australia as it is in the States, which makes it an uncommon place to find streams for people in those countries.

When it comes to the NCAA, football streams Reddit users upvote are usually a safe bet for where to watch the upcoming college football action. Some of the most common websites that college football fans use are:

* 7-day free trial, using a Spanish VPN to view a simultaneous live broadcast on ESPN Deportes, credit card required for sign-up.

These sites will be a better option than Reddit, as it will be so much easier to find the game that you’re looking to watch. However, some of the same problems for fans will persist. Among those include the buffering and poor image quality. However, there are often a number of different links available, which means that you can look through them all to find the best quality stream available.

With all the above said, the best way to watch College Football really is just to pay. ESPN+ is 5 bucks a month which is well worth the time you save hunting down constantly-removed streaming mirrors and you get full, uninterrupted quality matches.

Disney+ or Hulu users already paying per month can add ESPN+ to a bundle for $13 a month, if that works out to be of better value to you.


If you’re a diehard college football fan and you want to watch the game without the fear of the stream cutting out or without the nuisance of buffering, then the recommended option would be a paid subscription. If you pay for one of the subscriptions available, you will get an unrivalled experience while watching the match, and you will also get in-depth analysis about how the match is playing out.

We don’t have any affiliations with any of the paid links above – they are in opinion simply the best experience and only way to watch quality college football at home.

The most popular subscription for watching live college football is Hulu TV, which will see you able to watch games from the Big 12, SEC and ACC. However, if you’re looking to watch games from the Group of Five conferences, then you will be able to watch these on YouTube TV.


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