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There are very few websites with the same kind of pull for sports fans than Reddit. The site is often the go-to site for all sports, but especially when it comes to the NFL. The main reason for that us due to the number of users that go to the site, with Reddit being revealed in May 2020 that it is the 19th most popular site in the United States.

It is a popular place for discussion for NFL fans, with 55% of the users on the site being from the USA. However, it isn’t just discussion that can be found on the site, as fans of the NFL will also be able to find streams of the biggest games during the season.

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NFL Live Stream Reddit Recommendations

The NFL is the biggest sporting competition in the United States, which often means that fans are often trying to find a way to watch the upcoming games as cheaply as possible. Reddit offers a number of ways in which fans are able to do this.

In fact, the NFL has embraced the platform themselves as they have their own channel on Reddit. Fans of the sport will easily be able to find the R/NFL channel by simply searching ‘NFL’ in the search bar. This channel will have the latest videos of the action on the field, and will also allow fans of all teams to leave comments.


However, it isn’t just the NFL that has embraced the website, as teams also have community channels for their fans to talk about the latest news surrounding their teams.

New Orleans Saints – https://www.reddit.com/r/Saints/

Los Angeles Chargers – https://www.reddit.com/r/Chargers/

Philadelphia Eagles – https://www.reddit.com/r/eagles/

These channels are dedicated to the teams, and it allows fans to communicate and comment on the biggest issues. For instance, fans will be able to discuss the latest results and debate what should happen with the team going forward to make sure that they can improve. The dedicated fan pages are essential for Reddit users that want to be closer to their team. But, in terms of live streaming, there are often easier ways for fans to watch the action then scrolling through Reddit.

NFL RedZone On Reddit

NFL RedZone is one of the most important shows throughout the season for fans of American Football. The show rounds up all the latest news during the season and prides itself on keeping fans up to date with live scores and touchdowns. RedZone starts at 1 pm EST and concludes at 8 pm EST after the games have ended.

Reddit offers a number of streams for fans to watch this show throughout the season, with users able to search ‘NFL RedZone’ in the search bar at the top of the page to get the best results. The three main channels that users will be able to use on Reddit for the best NFL RedZone streams are:

Free NFL Streams (Reddit)

Reddit remains a popular source for streaming for NFL fans, but finding the perfect stream can often be tedious. Sometimes the streams are lagging, and there is often an issue with delay. That often means that there is a need for fans to take off notifications on their phone to ensure that they don’t ruin the game that they are watching.

However, for users looking for Reddit streams for the live action, there are two ways to find a stream. The first of which is to follow a respected channel that has a huge number of members that consistently deliver good streams for every round of games. These are two of the most popular that we found:



Another method is by simply searching the game that you want to watch in the search bar at the top of the page on the day of the game. For instance, if you wanted to watch the Texans vs Chiefs, you would be able to find this channel:


Meanwhile, some channels also update their page a couple of days before the game starts. This channel was set up three days before the Bengals were due to face the Browns:


There is no correct way to find the best stream on Reddit, as the NFL often reports videos for copyright infringement due to the big contracts that network providers have with the league regarding live games, which means that the easiest way to watch the action is usually by paying for a subscription.

Other Free NFL Stream Sites

Reddit is only popular in the United States, and the figures don’t exactly show how many of the users use the site to watch NFL action. That means that it is often useful to look elsewhere and find streaming sites that specialise in showing live games. The following sites are the most commonly mentioned for NFL streaming.

These sites will excel with viewers that purely want to watch the action and don’t mind about where the coverage is coming from. For instance, streams on these sites may not have the official commentary team for the NFL, and the streams may sometimes be in foreign languages such as German or French. But, they remain good sources for viewers that just want to watch live NFL action.

NFL Official Streaming Sites

There is no doubt that the best way to watch the NFL action uninterrupted is through the NFL Game Pass. NFL action is also live on CBS throughout the season for viewers in the United States. Granted, live streaming on the sites mentioned above is the cheapest way to watch the action, but if you’re looking for a quality viewing experience, then the NFL Game Pass can not be beaten.

For an annual pass for the NFL Game Pass, viewers will need to pay $99 for the season. This pass will enable viewers to watch all 256 live games throughout the season, as well as NFL RedZone. Fans who are thinking about taking advantage of the price will be able to get a free trial for seven days before making a final decision.

There is also a monthly payment schedule available, which will see users pay $29.99 per month. However, this is $19.96 more expensive over one year than the annual price.


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