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Bovada Review

Online sports gambling is very popular these days and there is website after website out there competing for your action. A new one every week actually. Researching your online sportsbook is as important as researching your wager itself. With so many available options, users have much to consider before even placing a wager. It won’t be slowing down anytime soon either. The Supreme Court certainly made sure of that. But even before that decision came down from on high, Bovada was one of the most popular online sportsbooks around and it remains one still today. So, let’s take a look at how Bovada stacks up to all the online competition out there and see if it is the right sportsbook for you.

History & Background

“Bovada,” the name and the site have been around since 2011, however, their experience goes back even further than that. Originally named Bodog, certain legalities and regulations that go hand-in-hand with online gambling finally caught up with them and their poker rooms forcing them to create a separate sportsbook, which, in turn, became Bovada. Despite a few of these rebrandings over the years, they’ve remained one of the leading sites for all your gambling needs by playing by the rules. Now, Bovada can boast a sportsbook, and a casino, as well as poker rooms of their own. They’ve definitely been a leader in the online sports gambling world with updated software, improved security, and innovated new features. Other sites have always been quick to follow Bovada’s lead.

Official Website
Payments Accepted
Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and select Visa Gift Cards
Minimum Bet
Date Launched
License Certifier
KGC in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Canada

PROS: Reasons to Bet at Bovada

  • check Excellent Interface
  • check Plenty of Wagers
  • check Plenty of Sports to Wager
  • check Great Lines

It’s important to know the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” does not apply to online sportsbooks. The interface of any sportsbook is the probably the best way to judge it. It must be new, it must look slick, and it must be easy to use and Bovada has one of the best interfaces on the whole internet. A good interface lets you know the site takes their business seriously and takes your action seriously. If you see a site with a dated and hacky interface, you can bet your experience there will be the same.

Bovada goes out of their way to provide you with all the wagers you like to play. Parlays, teasers, team props, player props, futures, name it. If you can think of a wager to play, you can find it on Bovada. Many sites only offer the wagers

Not only are there plenty of wagers to wager, there are plenty of sports and events to wager on. Bovada goes well beyond the usual NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA options. A ton of college sports and international games are available everyday at every hour. Esports is one of the fastest growing wagers on the internet and Bovada has all the esport action you will need. Another new innovation is live-betting and it’s available on Bovada as well.

As mentioned earlier, Bovada has been one of the most popular destinations for online sports gambling for years and the amount of action played there ensures you are getting the best point spreads and moneylines available. The more action there is, the more the lines move, the better number you get. It’s that simple and Bovada always has plenty of action.

CONS: Areas of Improvement for Bovada

  • cross Higher Rollover/Play-Through Rates
  • cross One-sided Casino
  • cross Slow to Payout

The payouts at Bovada have been reportedly slow for years. A good way to avoid this is to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrency available, however, not everyone has access to cryptocurrency and so they are forced to use the snail mail method. And it takes time to receive your cashout. You are allowed one free withdrawal a month which is nice because no one really needs more than that but actually receiving your payout takes some time and many think it’s too long.

Every online sportsbook has bonuses and all of those bonuses will come with rollovers or play-throughs. These rollovers and play-throughs are simply designed so players don’t take advantage of bonuses. The site wants you to use the bonuses to play and not to simply sign up, collect a bonus and then cash out. That is fair and makes sense. However, some sites, including Bovada, create rollovers that are very high and this has gotten the attention of the online gambling community. Many do not care because they are on the site for the long haul and will have no problem meeting the requirements. But others do notice and feel the sportsbook is taking advantage of practice.

It is probably good advice to stay out of any casino but Bovada’s casino has one of the worst reputations around. Stories of Blackjack dealers never busting, roulette tables never hitting, and poker rooms full of bots have been widely reported. One story has a blackjack dealer hitting a blackjack over 12 times in a row. Screenshots were even provided. Stay in the sportsbook and out of the casino.

Bovada Bonus Details

Welcome Bonus – Bovada offers a 50% Welcome matching bonus on your initial deposit. They will match up to $250.

Casino Bonus – Their casino bonus is even bigger. This is a 100% matching bonus up to $1000 and it is available to use up to three times making the entire bonus worth $3000.

Poker Bonus – The Bovada Poker Rooms offer a 100% matching bonus as well up to $500.

Bitcoin Bonus – Bovada was one of the first online gambling sites to offer bitcoin as a banking option. Using Bitcoin will earn you a 50% match up to $500 in the sportsbook and a 150% match three times up to $1,500.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus – Having a Refer-a-Friend bonus is industry standard but Bovada has one of the better ones offering a 200% match up to $100. Simply email the link to friends and once they make a deposit you’ll receive your bonus.

Bovada Rewards – The Rewards program is quite sophisticated yet easy to follow. You are automatically signed up for it once you create an account. You earn points for every wager you play. As those points accumulate, you can not only cash them out for rebates but you also move up the tiered system. The higher tier you reach, the more of a rebate you receive.

Event Bonuses – The big events bring a ton of action and Bovada rewards you for playing with special bonuses. Once you have an account be sure to check you email for the deals. The Super Bowl, the World Series, and the World Cup will all earn you special offers to grab up and take advantage of.

Bovada Banking Options

Making a deposit with Bovada is very simple. They accept Bitcoin or Credit Cards. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and selected international Visa Gift Cards are all available to use at Bovada.

Customer Support

Bovada has always taken Customer Service and Support very seriously. They have very good and highly specific FAQs available on the site as well as a 24/7 customer service via phone or email.

Public View of Bovada

Bovada enjoys the type of popularity all other sites would love to have and they earned it too. They have been around the block, put the time in, and have adapted and innovated the whole time. That will get you the referrals and word of mouth advertising you need in order to be successful. While their casino and poker rooms have fallen short recently and their sluggishness to pay people out have hurt that reputation a bit as of late, the sportsbook remains as popular as ever.


Bovada continues to be a great online sportsbook to place a wager. The popularity of the site brings in so much action you are sure to get the best possible odds and lines. You should probably avoid the casino and poker room as there has been plenty to complain about there but the rest of the site remains one of the best around. For the sports gambler playing a long game for a long time, you won’t beat the bonuses, rewards programs, or the amount of wagers you can place anywhere on the internet.

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