Sportbet Sportsbook Review

US players not accepted
Sign-up Offer 50% up to $520
  • Official website: sportbet.com
  • Payments Accepted: Credit Card, Person to Person (P2P), Money Order, Bitcoins, Sportsbook Transfer, Account to Account Transfer

Online sportsbooks and casinos have come a long way in recent years. Gambling popularity is at an all-time high and the internet and mobile options only make placing a bet that much easier. New sites are popping up all the time and the old sites are standing strong as the action keeps pouring in. Sportbet is one of the older sites available. It has a long history and a ton of promotions, bonuses, and features. But how does it compare to the competition? Your options are plentiful these days so sites are working overtime to offer as much as they can to claim your action. However, buyers beware because some online gambling sites are just busts while others are worthy of your time. So, which is Sportbet?


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History & Background

Sportbet is one of the oldest online gambling sites around with over 20 years of experience in its corner. Being around so long is a good sign that something has to be going well. A sister site to 5dimes (now closed), the two sites have plenty in common. Your 5Dimes login and password even grant access to Sportbet and that’s about as tight as you can get. Over all these years, Sportbet has kept a very clean reputation in the online gambling community which is no easy feat. Never an innovator but always able to seamlessly integrate new features, Sportbet has maintained a nice foothold in the online world with a casino, poker rooms, racebook, as well as a sportsbook.

Bonus Details

30% Super Saver Bonus – This Sportbet bonus saves you money on the backend of any bet laid once you’ve signed up. It is a simple feature that gives you better odds on the moneyline. For example, a -110 turns to -107. While it doesn’t seem like much, it pays big in the long run.

Reduced Juice Program – Much like the 30% saver bonus, the reduced juice program gives you points on the point spread once you’ve registered in the program.

New Player Bonus – A new player deposit from $100 to $400 will receive a 50% free play bonus, up to $200, and for a $400 up to $2000 deposit you’ll receive an extra 20% free play.

MatchPlay Casino – Your initial deposit in the Sportbet casino, you’ll receive a 50% matching bonus up to $250.

Loyalty Bonus – Your 8th and 9th deposit are on the house at Sportbet once you’ve registered for the program. The average of your first seven deposits will be placed into your account for your 8th and then 9th deposits.

Banking Options

All major credit cards, Person to Person, Money Orders, and Bitcoin are all available as banking options to join Sportbet.


While Sportbet is not as well known as 5Dimes, it has a following which is sizable. And that’s for good reason too. Sportbet enjoys the type of reputation every other site is envious of. However, their following remains sizable simply because of the way they treat their customers. Their user count grows slowly with little fluctuations so they’ve been good to their base but bad at bringing in the new action. Sportbet, just like 5Dimes, does it right and is rewarded for it by their players.

Customer Support

Sportbet has customer support available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat. They even have specific lines of communication for specific issues.

Cons: Areas of improvement

  • Dated interface/mobile site
  • Limited accepted countries

Sportbet is a good sportsbook, that’s for sure. They have the promotions, bonuses, and features everyone is looking for. They offer the sports and the wagers everyone is looking for. They have the action everyone is looking for. One reason they may not get as many new users is because of the antiquated look and being overshadowed by 5dimes (before they closed). However, just like 5Dimes did, they now have great lines, a quick payout, and the best parlays anywhere online. If you can get past the look of the place, it’s a great book to place a wager.

Sign-up Offer 50% up to $520