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TopBet Review

Topbet has all the makings of a fine gambling site. It’s a sportsbook and casino. They have plenty to offer in the way of bonuses and promotions as well as an ample amount of sports and wagers to choose from. The casino is stocked full of all the table games and slots you’ve come to expect. Topbet features all of the bells and whistles most online gambling sites are offering these days minus a horsebook or poker rooms. Competition in the online wagering world is fierce though and there are many sites looking to get your action. Let’s take a good look at everything Topbet has to offer and see how they stack up with the rest. Is this the site for you? Let’s just find out.

History & Background

Topbet is not a new site by any stretch. They have been in business since 2002 and have had quite a rollercoaster ride along the way. Everything was on the up and up until 2011 when all hell broke loose. They worked with a company called FutureBet which provided all of their software as well as their payment processing and that’s what got them into trouble. Basically, FutureBet was processing payments but not pay outs. FutureBet took the money and never looked back leaving Topbet in trouble and customers empty-handed. A brief shutdown followed but Topbet returned after a year under new management. However, they are still using FutureBet’s software and that seems odd. Needless to say this history has not helped Topbet’s business or their reputation.

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PROS: Reasons to Bet at TopBet

  • check Number of Wagers
  • check Plenty of Sports to Wager On
  • check Easy-to-Use Mobile Site

Topbet offers all of the classic bets and wagers you would expect from an online gambling site and they even go a step further offering great side bets on every wager possible. There are teasers, parlays, and pleasers as well. Their prop bets roll deep with every game and event. Their props even find themselves leaving the sports arena for news, entertainment, politics, and current events. The options you have are much better than your average site and are one of their main attractions.

Topbet goes to the same lengths with the number of sports they make available to bet as well. Again, the classics are all there. From football to baseball. Hockey and basketball. NCAA football and basketball too. They go big into golf, MMA, boxing, Rugby Union, tennis and every soccer league there is. Live-betting is also available on a wide variety of games. Gamblers have a hard time finding some of these sports on other sites and explains how they end up at Topbet. Especially rugby, who wagers on rugby…

Online gambling sites sometimes do not have the best mobile compatibility for smartphones. Topbet’s mobile site is fast and easy to use. Signing in, navigating the site, and placing a wager on your smartphone are all very simple with no hiccups or freezing. The site itself may look a little antiquated but the mobile ability of the site speaks for itself.

CONS: Areas of Improvement for TopBet

  • cross They Don’t Seem to Pay

It’s the biggest con there is. And it all seems to just be a con. Even after the change of management, the last six years has found more of the same problems and the complaints of no payouts keep piling up. Obviously, they are counting on players that do absolutely no research because the online gambling community knows all about these guys and no one is playing.

TopBet Bonus Details

Welcome Bonus – Topbet provides a welcome matching bonus that increases the higher the deposit you make from 50% all the way to 100%. The more you deposit, the more they match.

$5 Free Spin in the Casino – The casino will give you a free spin at the roulette table worth $5.

$10 Monday Night NFL Free Bet – Every Monday at Topbet you receive a $10 free play on the Monday Night Football game during the NFL season.

$10 Thursday Night NBA Free Bet – Just like on Monday, Thursday during the NBA season earns you a free $10 bet.

TopBet Banking Options

Topbet likes to keep it simple with the banking options. They will accept payment from Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and via check. However, while your options are simple, depositing is not. There are many hoops and forms to file before your account is open and your account is active.

Customer Support

Topbet has customer support available 24/7 via phone and email. Opting in or out of any of their bonuses requires you to get in touch with customer service directly. It is always available and easy to use for that reason.

Public View of TopBet

As you can image, the public view of Topbet is not good. Cashing out is the whole reason players play and gamblers gamble and the complaints filed against this site are just too much. For large amounts and small, customers don’t see a return on their investment of not only money but also their time. Anyone who has done even the smallest amount of research on this site knows to stay far away.


Obviously, it is not recommended to use this site for any kind of gambling; sports, casino or otherwise. They do not pay out players and it’s as simple as that. In all the research done to compile the information for this review, not once did we find any sign that anyone from Topbet has refuted, denied, or even apologized for any of the complaints that have piled up against them over the years. They are happy to pay for advertising and take advantage of any sucker that comes along. They take in a lot of action so there must be plenty of suckers, plenty of gamblers that don’t research their sites, or, sadly, both. Everyone knows a well-run sportsbook or casino is an automatic moneymaker and there is plenty of money to be made. Ripping people off doesn’t have to be part of the business model but at Topbet, it seems to be.

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