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When it comes to sports gambling, tennis is not usually the first sport that comes to mind. Of course, football, basketball, and baseball are the big draws when it comes to sports betting action.

However, many sports bettors have found plenty of value in gambling on tennis. You may not realize it, but tennis offers plenty of good odds and a wide variety of wagers to make the sport a very viable betting option. There are plenty of ways to get in on the fun, and here we give you the low-down on everything tennis betting has to offer.

If you have a good sportsbook, they’ll have tennis available with plenty of wagers. Tennis fans looking to make the game more exciting or sports gamblers looking for new revenue stream take note, here’s everything you’ll want to know before placing your next tennis wager.


Everyone knows the Moneyline. It is the simplest of sports betting wagers and is always an option. All you have to do to win the Moneyline tennis wager is have the winner of a particular match. That’s it. No points, no spreads, no Total sets played, no nothing, just have the winner.

Of course, with the Moneyline, there are the odds to contend with. While picking the winner may be the easy part of the wager, deciding if the odds are worth it is the part which requires the most consideration, and it’s, for this reason, betting the tennis Moneyline is such a valuable play.

That good value on the Moneyline comes from your vast amount of options every tennis tournament provides. Weekends at any tennis tourney will feature match after match of good Moneyline odds.

Whether it is top seeds or the low risers, you will see every type of Moneyline odd at your disposal. Take your time and learn as much as you can about every player on tour and you will be rewarded with a wide variety of Moneyline wagers every tennis tournament.


Just as with every other major sports wager, Totals betting will be an option with just about every tennis match. However, unlike other sports Totals wagers which rely on scores, when betting on tennis Totals, you are actually betting on whether or not the total number of games played will exceed or fall short of the Total set by your sportsbook.

It makes no matter who eventually wins the match or even how lopsided the match may be. The only thing that matters will be the total number of games played when all is said and done. Instead of picking one of the players, you select the over or under the number posted for the match’s Total games.

Just as with a standard game spread with any other sport, the tennis Totals odds will be Even or very close to it for your payout. Pushes, as with any wager, are possible and will come up a little more often than usual. However, this only helps the bettor in the long run.

Game Line

While it may seem a bit odd but tennis betting does offer two ways to wager with a spread, and one of the options is the called the Game Line. Again, this doesn’t involve points because of the way tennis is scored but the amount of games won. If you are familiar with wagering on spreads, the tennis Game Line concept is quite easy to follow.

Basically, you are wagering on one player to perform as well as expected or even better. The spread is the handicap to even up the odds and delivers a -110 payout typically. The favorite will need to win by at least the number of games he is giving, and the underdog can win fewer games. It must be by less than the number of games he is receiving to win.

Just like any point spread bet, you don’t have to pick the winner to win the wager. Pushes do happen with this bet as well but, again, this only helps the bettor over the long haul.

Set Line

The other option for a tennis spread wager is the Set Line. This works just as the Game Line but with the number of sets played versus the number of games. All the same rules apply. Most tennis matches are either the best of three sets or the best of five.

So, for example, in a best of three situation where the line is set +- 1.5, taking the favorite will require that player to win in straight sets. Wagering with the underdog would mean that player would win if they were to win at least one set of the match.

Tourney Futures

Futures wagers are often written off as prop bets, but with tennis, the Tourney Futures can be plenty of value. The most common Tourney Future is to pick the winner of a certain tournament.

Other Tourney Futures exist such as picking a finalist or what round a particular player will exit a tournament. The odds fluctuate with this bet as it all depends on the strength of the field or the size of the tournament. For tennis fans who know the players, the Tourney Futures is a great wager with plenty of earning potential.

Live Betting

Of course, Live Betting is not a type of wager, it is only a wagering feature of many online sportsbooks, but it is a strong option in tennis wagering. Tennis moves fast but getting a Live Bet down is very easy to do. After any game or any set, you can place a brand new wager with Live Betting.

Although it is a relatively new feature, Live Betting requires its own strategy. Depending on the online sportsbook, many of the wagers gone over here will be available at any time during a match. Live Betting is great for tennis fans invested in any tournament and for any sports gambler looking to get in on the action.

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