Top MLB Prospects in 2020 Yankees, Phillies, Mets & Red Sox

MLB is one of the most competitive sporting divisions in the world in terms of players looking to make a name of themselves. That often means that some of the potentially most talented players at some of the leading sides never reach the potential that was expected from them.

But, which players that are considered prospects at some of the biggest teams in the MLB could be the real deal?

Top Yankees Prospects

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Jasson Dominguez

Jason Dominguez has already been given a huge vote of confidence from the Yankees after they spent the majority of their international prize pool on the 17-year-old. Scouts have been quick to pick up on his ability as an all-rounder, and he has already been compared to Mickey Mantle and Bo Jackson, which are huge shoes to fill.

Clarke Schmidt

There is a sense that the potential has always been there with Clarke Schmidt, as he excelled with his pitching throughout college. However, before the draft three years ago put off many sides from making a move. But, not the Yankees. It would seem a matter of time before he finds his place in the middle of the New York rotation.

Deivi Garcia

The Yankees were hit with restrictions on their spending in 2015, but they were still able to bring in this highly-touted pitcher from the Dominican. Garcia’s potential is clear for all to see, and his future isn’t likely to be affected by the 13.3 per nine innings strikeout rate that he recorded in Double-A in 2018.

Oswald Peraza

Oswald Peraza stands out in a talented crop of prospects due to his skill with bat-to-ball. His control of the strike zone is superior to most potential stars his age, and he could easily be a player that could score 20+ home runs for the Yankees in future seasons.

Luis Gill

Injury has already played a part on the progression of Luis Gill, but his return to fitness in 2017 has already shown how talented the star is. His main talent is his fastball, as he can already pitch up to 98 mph. There is still work to be done, but he needs to find consistency.

Top Phillies Prospects

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Alec Bohm

There aren’t many more talented prospects on the Phillies roster than Alec Bohm. He was an overall third draft pick two years ago and has been lighting up the Double-A with his batting. The Phillies could be utilising his ability with the bat very soon.

Spencer Howard

Spencer Howard is one of the most dominant pitchers in Double-A, as he has excelled throughout the Arizona Fall League. He can pitch as 99 mph, and there are high hopes for when he finally makes the Phillies roster, which could happen in 2020.

Bryson Scott

Bryson Scott has joined esteemed company by becoming the first-round pick from UNLV since Matt Williams. Scott’s strength is in his ability to be solid all-round without having one standout skill with the bat. His versatility will be a huge factor for the Phillies.

Mick Abel

Mick Abel was a starring player as he led the Jesuit High School to state success. The Phillies quickly made their move for their pitcher, as the 6 ft 5 in was a stunning fastball that could be beneficial to the Phillies. There’s more to come from him, but he is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Francisco Morales

Francisco Morales was one of the most intriguing players in the international market. Phillies made their move, and he moved to full-season last year. He found consistency in the South Atlantic League, with his slider causing havoc amongst batters.

Top Mets Prospects

image for the top mets prospects

Ronny Mauricio

This 19-year-old could be one of the most exciting players to have been picked up from the international markets. He made his pro debut two years ago and quickly made it to the Gulf Coast League when he was just 18. Mauricio has been making waves at Class A, and the batter could be one of the stars in the MLB.

Francisco Alvarez

Francisco Alvarez already looks like he will be one of the stars from the class of 2018-19. He is comprehensively one of the most exciting batters in the minors, and his future couldn’t be brighter.

Andres Gimenez

Andres Gimenez joined the Mets five years ago and has been catching the eye on both sides of the ball. He started last season slowly but quickly gathered pace to end the campaign with stats of .276/.318/.44.

Brett Baty

Baty has already been given a lot of responsibility for the Mets, as he was picked up due to the raw power that he possessed. He became the first player since Chris Donnels in 1987 to be picked at the Mets first third baseman in a first round of a draft. His patient approach and power will soon be seen in MLB.

Matthew Allan

The consistency from Matthew Allan throughout the summer showcase ensured that he was quickly able to gain attention from some of the leading MLB sides. However, the Mets were the side that ultimately decided to make the move, as he already bosses strength and velocity in his pitching.

Top Red Sox Prospects

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Jeter Downs

Jeter Downs was a first-round pick in 2017. His form towards the end of last year improved immeasurably, as he added variation to his game. He looks set to be a second baseman for the Red Sox in the future.

Triston Casas

Triston Casas has long been on the radar of scouts, as he led the under 18 US national team to World Cup success where he was also named MVP. However, injury limited Casas to just two games during his pro season. He is certainly back to his best after leading his teams in homers and extra-bases during the Class A South Atlantic League.

Bobby Dalbec

Bobby Dalbec has already shown potential through the NCAA tournament, as he recorded 41 strikeouts for the Wildcats. His first year at pro was a huge success, as he averaged 203 strikeouts, 80 walks and 33 homers. Dalbec could be one of the brightest prospects at the Red Sox.

Bryan Mata

Injury setback Bryan Mata earlier in his career, but he is certainly making up for lost time now. He was impressive in Class A Advances last year as he was pitching at between 93 and 97 mph. He still needs time to adapt his game, but the signs are there.

Gilberto Jimenez

Gilberto Jimenez was the best player that the Red Sox acquired during the international class in 2017. There is already rave reviews as he is able to make an impact on both sides of the plate. He has been effective with his left, despite being natural right-handed.    


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