UFC Odds Guide

Gambling fans from around the world have been betting on sports such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey for many years. Lately, the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has become increasingly popular due to its worldwide visibility with promotions such as the UFC, Bellator and various smaller regional promotions putting on events all around the world.

Unlike sports that are demographically based in one location, mixed martial arts fights can be found from the United States to Canada to China to Ireland to Australia and nearly every country between. The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is still very early in it’s infancy has plenty of room to grow.

With its popularity at an all-time high, you now find online sports books making it easy to wager on these fights. There are many different possibilities and avenues to bet each fight. In this article, we will describe each option so that you have a complete understanding of how to bet in MMA.

Moneyline Wagers

Probably the most popular and easiest form of wagering on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is to bet the money line. Betting on the money line is as easy as simply picking which fighter you think will win the fight. If that fighter wins, you win… Its that easy!

Just because picking a side in a fight to win is easy, finding ways to make money is not so easy. The main reason being is because money line wagers in mixed martial arts are based off of odds. The favorite in the fight will always be minus while the underdog will always give you a positive return on your money.

As an example, say for instance you like George St. Pierre (-190) over Michael Bisping (+175) you place a $100 bet on St. Pierre. If St. Pierre wins the fight, you win $100… But if he loses the fight you lose $190. Conversely if you were to bet Michael Bisping for $100 and he was to win, you would win $175 vs. if he lost, you’d only lose $100. If you can find a few hot underdogs on each card you can drastically increase your bankroll and make certain you will come out the positive side for the night.

Round Total Bets

Another popular form of gambling on the sport of mixed martial arts is to wager on what round the fight will end. This is very similar to an over and under bet in the NFL or MLB. You are basically making a decision of whether you feel the fight will end before or after a particular round. In most situations, the round total marker will be in either the 1 ½ round maker or the 2 ½ round marker. There are times when a fight will be scheduled for 5 rounds, during title fights and main events, and they sometimes set the total at 3 ½ or 4 ½ rounds.

As an example, let’s say for instance Brock Lesnar is fighting Cain Velasquez and the over under for this fight is set at 1 1/2 rounds. If you think the fight will end in the 1st round or before the halfway mark of the 2nd round, you would bet the under but if you think the fight will stretch past the halfway mark of the 2nd round, you would bet on the over.

These type of bets are also based off of odds but are usually much lower than betting on the side. Many times in a fight, you will find the over and the under are nearly the same as far as the odds are concerned.

Prop Bets

As with any sport, most of your major online sportsbooks will offer proposition bets in MMA fights. Proposition bets can range from how a flight will end, how a specific fighter will end the fight, whether a fight will go the distance, whether the fight will end in a draw and many other options that are usually clearly defined for each fight on the online sports books.

As with the money line wagers and the total wagers, the proposition bets also are based around odds. A majority of the time, the odds will be strong in your favor to sort of entice you to bet on the propositions because you need to be perfect with your wager to win the bet.

The sports books always had the advantage for proposition bets basically because the odds are in their favor and there is no room for mistake on your part and handicapping the fight. For example, if you think Ronda Rousey will submit Holly Holms in the 1st round but Holly uses an effective jab to keep Rousey off her the entire 1st round, you lose the bet because the fight went to the 2nd round.

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