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  • Article updated on June 1st, 2021
  • Odds updated on June 1st, 2021

The 2020 US Election was one of the most hotly contested in the history of the United States. Joe Biden won the vote and formally started his new job at the beginning of 2021. However, the election wasn’t without its drama, as outgoing president Donald Trump vowed to fight the result and he claimed that he was the winner, despite the polls showing the opposite.

Anticipation will now rise ahead of the next election in 2024, with many questions already hanging over whether Joe Biden will get a second term, and whether Trump will return as the Republican candidate.

Online Markets for US Presidential Online Betting Odds

Presidential CandidateOdds
Joe Biden+275
Kamala Harris+350
Donald Trump Sr.+600
Ron DeSantis+1100
Nikki Haley+1400
Mike Pence+2500
Elizabeth Warren+2500
Ivanka Trump+2800
Mike Pompeo+2800
Kristi Noem+3300
Tucker Carlsson+3300
Ted Cruz+4000
Dwayne Johnson+4000
Pete Buttigieg+5000
Michelle Obama+5000
Josh Hawley+5000
Donald Trump Jr.+5000
Candace Owens+5000
Dan Crenshaw+5000
Liz Cheney+5000
Tim Scott+6600
Mark Cuban+6600
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+6600
Tom Cotton+6600
Michael Bloomberg+8000
Bernie Sanders+10000
Amy Klobuchar+10000
Tulsi Gabbard+10000
Hillary Clinton+10000
Mitt Romney+10000
Greg Abbott+10000
Joe Rogan+10000
Chris Christie+10000
Marco Rubio+10000
Andrew Yang+12500
Beto O’Rourke+12500
Sherrod Brown+12500
Paul Ryan+12500
Rand Paul+12500
Charlie Baker+12500
Jon Stewart+12500
Stacey Abrams+15000
Andrew Cuomo+15000
John Kasich+15000
Cory Booker+15000
Kanye West+15000
Elon Musk+15000
George Clooney+15000
Kayleigh McEnany+15000
Gretchen Whitmer+20000
Meghan Markle+20000
Tom Steyer+20000
Oprah Winfrey+20000
LeBron James+20000
Gavin Newsom+20000
Julian Castro+20000
Condoleezza Rice+20000
Tommy Tuberville+20000
Nancy Pelosi+20000
Deval Patrick+25000
Michael Bennet+25000
Ben Shapiro+25000
Jared Kushner+25000
Tammy Duckworth+25000
Kirsten Gillibrand+25000
Howard Schultz+25000
Eric Garcetti+25000
Lindsey Graham+25000
Chelsea Clinton+25000
Mark Zuckerberg+25000
Joe Kennedy III+25000
George P. Bush+25000
Mitch McConnell+25000
Jamie Dimon+30000
Eric Holder+30000
Jeff Flake+30000
Bill Gates+30000
Tammy Baldwin+50000
Val Demings+50000

Online Markets For Republican Nominee

Before the race for the White House is stepped up a gear, it must be decided who will be running against Biden. Betting markets for the Republican nominee for the 2024 Election have already opened, with Trump in a commanding position as the market leader.

Republican NomineeOdds
Donald Trump Sr+200
Rob DeSantis+500
Nikki Haley+700
Mike Pompeo+1200
Kristi Noem+1400
Mike Pence+1400
Ted Cruz+1600
Ivanka Trump+2000

To Run for US President 2024

Due to the election not taking place for another three years, there are a number of engaging betting markets that can be found online. One of the most interesting is the ability to bet on whether a certain individual will be running for President in 2024. Below you will find some of the market favorites.

PoliticianVegas Odds
Donald Trump Sr+120
Tucker Carlsson+250
Donald Trump Jr+400
Ivanka Trump+400
Lara Trump+600
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson+1000
Kimberley Guillfoyle+1400

To Win 2024 US Presidential Election

The betting market for the nominee that will win the 2021 US Election is already open. The odds of those involved in the market will change regularly over the next couple of years, which means that finding the best value for your selection is crucial. Current US President, Joe Biden, is the leader in the betting, while his vice-president, Kamala Harris is also towards the top of the market. The current odds to win the 2024 US Election can be found below.

NomineeVegas Odds
Joe Biden+275
Kamala Harris+350
Donald Trump Sr+600
Ron DeSantis+1100
Nikki Haley+1400
Elizabeth Warren+2500
Mike Pence+2500

Current Vegas Presidential Odds

Those gamblers looking to find Vegas Odds for the upcoming or previous elections will be left disappointed.

It is illegal for sports with licenses in the US to offer odds.

That is why none of the leading sportsbooks in Las Vegas have been able to offer odds on US Elections.

An Alternative to Las ‘Vegas Odds’

That is why the majority of online bookmakers, otherwise known as ‘offshore sportsbooks‘ are the way forward for those looking to bet on the 2024 Election.  

Why Vegas Odds on the US Election Are Illegal

There are a number of reasons why betting on Presidential elections is illegal in the States. One of the main reasons links back to the Black Sox Scandal in 1919. The law is there to ensure the integrity of democracy. Meanwhile, there was also a fear that betting on elections could also have a negative impact on the number of voters that turned out.

The odds are expected to change regularly as Election night draws closer. There was an example of that in the election in 2020, as the support for Biden surged. Biden was the clear -190 favorite in the political betting market with BetOnline.ag, while Bovada also offered the same price for the Democratic candidate from Delaware. Donald Trump, like in the 2016 election, was the outsider to be re-elected, as he was priced at +162 with BetOnline.ag.

However, the odds online are slightly different depending on the bookmaker, with Betway pricing Biden as the favorite but at a slightly different price at the same time. Betway offered-167 for Biden to win the election, but the odds did suggest it could be closer as Trump was priced at +115. Bet US initially expected it to be much closer than Bovada and BetOnline.ag, as they have both had Trump and Biden valued at -115 at open, but that changed to -200 and -182 for Biden and Trump, respectively.

Where Will The Election Be Won?

The US Election doesn’t always mean getting the most amount of votes; instead, it comes down to the States that you manage to win. The winning candidate will need to get at least 279 electoral college votes to win, with 538 in total up for grabs. Most States vote the same way for every election, but there are some that can go either way; these are called battleground States.

There are 14 different battleground States, which turned out to be the decisive factor for Trump back in 2016. Once again, the battleground states will be vitally important in 2024.

Have The Odds Been Accurate In The Past?

The 2024 election will be unlike anything that we have seen before, and the main reason for that is because it is unpredictable. The polls have been wrong on numerous occasions over the past couple of years, which has meant that the odds have counted for very little. The year that Trump won the election, there were two examples that the polls aren’t always accurate, one of which being the Trump election and the other being the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union.

Back in 2016, Trump was given just a 50% chance of winning the election on the 3rd November, which was just five days before American went to the polls. The unpredictability of the 2016 election meant that huge wagers were placed on both Trump and Clinton, with one gambler from London putting over $200,000 on the eventual winner.

One bookmaker revealed that the number of bets put on the election in 2016 exceeded the wagers that were put on other significant events such as the EU referendum, the European Championships and the Epsom Derby.

The odds were slightly more accurate in 2020, as Biden won the election after being a favorite. However, the current president was considered an outsider for election just 12 months before the country went to vote. Therefore, it is important to examine the markets regularly before making a wager on the 2024 US Election.


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