Which NFL Players Have the Most Rings?

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NFL players are judged in many different ways, but probably the most important statistic deals with a certain type of jewelry. Every NFL player plays the game for the hope of one day hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and getting a Super Bowl ring on their finger. There have been several Hall of Fame legends who played an entire career without winning a title, but there are also some that have a handful of bling. Let’s take a look back through the history of the NFL and talk about the players who have the most Super Bowl rings. (Props to those players who won three rings, but they didn’t make the cut on this list).

Tom Brady- New England Patriots (5)

It should not be a surprise to see Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in a tie for the most Super Bowl rings of all time. Brady might go down as the greatest QB in NFL history and has appeared in a record eight (8) Super Bowl games. While “Tom the Terrific” gets most of the credit for the Patriots success on the field, head coach Bill Belichick deserves plenty of acclaim as well. New England has been the most dominant and consistent team in the NFL since Brady arrived in the NFL, and even at age 41 Brady continues to put up huge numbers. Brady has a handful of jewelry already, but he could easily pick up another ring or two before he hangs up the cleats. If he can’t win any more rings, he can just buy all the jewelry he wants with the amount of money he has made during his legendary career.

Charles Haley- San Francisco 49ers (2), Dallas Cowboys (3)

Hall of Fame defensive end Charles Haley is tied with the great Patriots quarterback with five career Super Bowl rings. Haley is the most decorated football player out of powerhouse James Madison University, and is one of the forgotten stars of the dominant San Francisco and Dallas dynasties. The outspoken and volatile Haley was a quarterbacks worst nightmare in late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The high-paid offensive stars of the Cowboys got all of the attention and praise, but Haley was the final piece to those dominant Dallas teams. Haley wasn’t very popular with coaches or GM’s, but he has a handful of bling to prove his worth.

Marv Fleming- Green Bay Packers (2), Miami Dolphins (2)

Marv Fleming almost missed out on the Super Bowl ring party, but came into the league at just the right time. The talented tight end one an NFL Championship with the Green Bay Packers, and then was a part of four of the first seven Super Bowl Champions. He became the first player in NFL history to play in five Super Bowl games, and although he wasn’t a superstar still has the expensive jewelry to show his worth.

Ted Hendricks- Baltimore Colts (1), Oakland/LA Raiders (3)

Hendricks is regarded as one of the first great linebackers in modern-NFL history after a successful career with both Baltimore and Oakland/LA. Hendricks had the fortune of playing for two legendary coaches, Don Shula in Baltimore and John Madden in Oakland. The Miami Hurricanes star was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1990 after winning four Super Bowl titles during his career. Hendricks is also recognized as the first Guatemalan-born player in NFL history. He isn’t one of the most well-known stars in NFL history, but there is no denying that he is one of the best champions in the league.

Matt Millen- Oakland/LA Raiders (2), San Francisco 49ers (1), Washington Redskins (1)

Millen holds an NFL record for most Super Bowl titles won in different cities with four. He won a title in both Oakland and Los Angeles before winning in San Francisco and Washington. While Millen was a great champion on the NFL playing field, he is more known for being one of the worst general managers in league history. Millen led the Detroit Lions to the worst eight year record in NFL history, posting a 31-84 record. The Lions finally canned Millen right before the 2008 season in which they went 16-0. The former linebacker might have four Super Bowl rings, but he is likely not welcome in any restaurant in the state of Michigan.

Bill Romanowski- San Francisco 49ers (2), Denver Broncos (2)

Bill Romanowski is one the winningest players in NFL history, and he is also the dirtiest. The feared linebacker was incredibly tough, but was also known to throw a punch or two at an opponent or his own teammates. He cost himself a ton of money during his playing career by racking up fines, but he was also a part of four dominant and historic teams. Romanowski was fortunate to play with a trio of Hall of Fame quarterbacks (Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway), and he was able to get some jewelry because of it. Romanowski probably prefers a set of brass knuckles, but Super Bowl rings aren’t too shabby either.

Adam Vinatieri- New England Patriots (3), Indianapolis Colts (1)

Vinatieri kicked his way onto this list, and will go down as one of the greatest place kickers in league history. Vinatieri was clutch in helping Tom Brady and the Patriots win their first three Super Bowls, and then he helped Peyton Manning win one with the Colts. NFL historians might say that Vinatieri has a golden foot, but his hands are full of bling as well. Vinatieri is still kicking in the NFL and could eventually move up with his fifth Super Bowl ring.

Six (6) Different San Francisco 49ers Players (4)

The San Francisco 49ers dominated the NFL in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, and they were able to rack up four Super Bowl victories. There were six different players that appeared on all four teams, but most notably quarterback Joe Montana and defensive back Ronnie Lott. Montana became the first player in NFL history to win three Super Bowl MVP Awards, and Lott is one of the most feared defensive players in league history.

22 Different Pittsburgh Steelers Players (4)

Another franchise that won four Super Bowls during a decade span is the Pittsburgh Steelers. There were an astounding 22 different players who stuck around for all of those wins, something that would not happen in today’s free agency market. Quarterback Terry Bradshaw was the leader of that offense, and he turned his success into an impressive career in Hollywood (Just kidding). If you get all 22 of these players back for a reunion party, there might more jewelry in the room than a jewelry store. An impressive feat by some dominating Steelers teams.


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