What Does ‘Boxed’ Mean in Betting?


Boxed betting is a type of wager that covers all possible combinations of a set of outcomes. This means that you are betting on every outcome within a set of outcomes, such as a 3 horse race. With a boxed bet, you will win if any of the horses finish first, second, or third. This type of bet is also known as an ‘across the board’ bet or an ‘all-inclusive bet’. The advantage of a boxed bet is that you are guaranteed to win some money, regardless of the outcome. The downside is that you typically pay a higher price for the bet than you would for individual bets.

For Example

A boxed bet is a type of bet where the bettor can choose multiple combinations of selections within a single bet. For example, a bettor may make a boxed bet on a horse race where they can choose three different horses to finish in any order. The bettor would receive a payout if any combination of those horses finished in the top three places.

Boxed betting is most commonly used in horse racing, but it can also be used in other sports such as greyhound racing, motorsports, and even certain types of sports betting. It is also sometimes used in lotteries, where the bettor is betting on all possible combinations of numbers.

Bear in Mind

Boxed bets typically offer lower odds than straight bets, but they do offer the potential for larger payouts when multiple combinations of selections are chosen. The odds of a boxed bet will depend on the type and number of selections made, as well as the betting market.