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tennis betting sites

Online gambling popularity is at an all-time high these days and more and more online gambling sites are available every new day it seems. These sites are going big too, with more new features and innovations to bring in even more players. It’s a great time to gamble on sports online and that even includes those looking to place a tennis wager.

While tennis and gambling may not seem like the most popular couple the two actually go hand in hand quite nicely. Sure, tennis definitely takes a backseat to the major sports leagues. However, while football, baseball, and basketball will get most of the attention, there is an intense tennis following looking to place a wager. Their numbers are steadily increasing as well. As when placing a wager on any sport, the importance of using the best online gambling site for tennis is very important. It is an often overlooked factor and that’s why we’re here. We have everything you need to know on the matter of not only placing a tennis wager but also where you should place it.

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How to Bet on Tennis

Firstly, let’s keep it simple and start with what you need to know. And that’s how to bet on tennis. When it comes to gambling, what makes tennis so interesting as opposed to other sports and events is the one-on-one aspect of it all. Tennis is more boxing match than bowl game or golf tournament which is exactly why you get the types of wagers you do with the odds that you do. Head-to-head matchups help simplify things from a strategic angle and learning how to bet on tennis successfully is actually quite simple. After a little time and homework, you’ll find tennis as one of your more reliable sports betting options.

Tennis is a very consistent sport. The players hardly change, the surfaces hardly change, and the weather hardly changes. Not many sports can say that and this is what gives tennis betting great value in the sports wagering world. It really simplifies things to where all you need to know is the players. Study up and do your homework on the tennis pros as if they were prizefighters. Are they injured, are they hot, how do they play versus this player, how do they play in that tournament? These are the four factors to know inside and out. Learn as many players as you can and the next thing you know, you’ll be picking winner after winner. In one-on-one contests such as tennis, you have to pick the winner so in order to be successful at betting on tennis, you simply have to know the players.

What Makes a Good Sportsbook

Finding the best online sportsbook for you is a very important aspect of gambling and probably the most overlooked. Players usually just hear about a site, sign up and begin to play. First of all, you have plenty of options to choose from and all of them are different so it is something you will want to look into. Secondly, you should be looking for a sportsbook that plays to your tennis interests. You should be looking for one that is invested in tennis and takes it seriously. Research is the key. There are many features a good online tennis sportsbook will offer its customers that will make it worth your time. Here we have the three most important ones to look for and why they are so important to not only your wagering but also your bottom line.

Tennis Betting Bonuses

The first feature you will usually notice on any new sportsbook is its strong bonus program. That said, it is very important to know exactly what that is. First of all, just because you see big bonus numbers does not mean you are getting the best and there are many reasons why. Every site has plenty of bonuses: Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Referral Bonuses, and Casino Bonuses are all readily available and you won’t have any problem finding them.

However, it’s the rollovers each bonus will carry that are the difference makers. For every bonus, there will be a rollover, you can count on it. The rollovers are a necessary evil of online gambling. You can’t get away from them to find the lowest ones you can because the only good rollover is a low rollover. Find the sportsbooks with all the bonuses you can, but be sure those rollovers are low, as in 5x low, to be sure you are getting the most out of every bonus you can find.

You’ll also need a site that focuses on tennis specifically with its bonuses. Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, or Referral Bonuses are all fantastic but finding a site with tennis specific bonuses is much better. For instance, when Wimbledon or the U.S. Open approaching, there should be bonuses available specifically for those tennis tournaments. Rebate programs are also important. Earning cash back on every wager you play can add up very nicely for you. These are some of the little things the better online gambling sites will do for you but you’ll have to dig around to find them.

Tennis Live Betting Rules

Live tennis betting is actually a relatively new feature to the online sportsbook world but it is already very popular. This innovation allows players to place wagers on games, fights, and races that have already begun. Not only is there no more being late on getting a bet in, but there is now a whole new variety of strategies to employ when wagering on an event already in progress. It has been a game changer for online sports gambling.. The best sites have it available and these are the sites you want to use.

Live Betting on tennis allows you to wager on any match with new odds after every set and if you are a tennis fan, you’ll get quickly addicted to the fast, ever-changing action. There is more to Live Betting however to take note of. Not only does your online sportsbook need to offer Live Betting and offer it for tennis, but the feature needs to be easy to access with fast response time. When you want to lay a Live Bet, you have to do it very quickly, especially with tennis as the sets and lines move fast. If your sportsbook Live Betting option is slow, you’ll miss your chances and the feature is nothing more than useless.

Best Wagers

The Live Betting feature is great but not all we are looking for. To be sure we have the right sportsbook for tennis, we will need the best tennis wagers possible. First of all, you need a site providing plenty of tournaments and not just the Majors every two or three months. Many good sites will offer Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Australian Open, and the French Open and call it a day. These are not the sites for serious tennis gamblers. There are plenty of tournaments each and every week from all around the world and a site that takes its tennis action seriously will be offering most of them. Be sure before you sign up with any online gambling site that it has plenty of tennis available.

The most popular wager available for tennis, and most sports is on the moneyline. Being able to simply pick the winner at the defined odds is a no-brainer as far as a good tennis bet goes. Especially if the odds are good ones. Understanding the flow of the tournament is important here when you are looking for the good odds. However, with tennis, you can always find great odds every round.

Another good wager for tennis is a classic Future’s bet where you can simply pick the winner of the entire tournament. These types of wagers should always be available on any sportsbook. The odds are strong as it isn’t always the easiest wager to win. Professional tennis is very competitive these days and the odds will reflect that.

The best wager you will find in tennis though is the Handicap Wager. Much like a point spread bet, you get to wager on a match while giving or getting games or sets in the outcome. Just like a football or basketball point spread, you’ll be playing against a number but at much better odds. It is a fun wager and one that can payout very well to those who know their tennis.

Tennis Betting – Sportsbooks CheckList

Tennis is a fantastic sport with a big and dedicated fan base which also makes it a fantastic sport to wager on. In order to be sure you are wagering tennis properly, you’re going to need to find the right online sportsbook. Knowing what makes a good tennis sportsbook is key. You need all of the latest features and innovations, so remember what to look for:

  • Live Betting
  • Proper Wagers
  • Plenty of Bonuses

The site has to work quickly and easily as well. Tennis provides online sports gamblers with an excellent opportunity to make some cash, be sure you are using the right online sportsbook.

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