NHL Vegas Odds

The NHL preseason and regular season runs from the end of September until the following April, and there are usually games you can bet on every single day. The NHL Vegas Odds for each game change regularly, so you can find the best and latest odds for upcoming games below.

NHL Odds

NHL Moneyline Betting Explained

NHL Moneyline betting is where you place a wager on a team to win a game. The favorite is the team that is expected to win and is indicated by a minus sign (-) and the underdog is the team that is expected to lose and is indicated by a plus sign (+). Most sportsbooks include overtime in their moneyline markets so you still win the bet if your team wins in OT.

You can also combine multiple selections into a moneyline parlay. This will enhance your odds, but you need every team to win or you’ll lose the bet.

What Does Spread Betting Mean? (NHL)

NHL Spread betting is where you bet on the outcome of a game, but there is a handicap placed on the favorite team in an effort to level the playing field for the bettor. The spread is the number of goals the sportsbook expects the favorite to win by.

For example, if the Bruins were favored to win against the Penguins by 2.5 goals, the bettor can choose one of two options. If they place a wager on the Bruins, the bet will only be successful if they win the game by three goals or more. If they bet on the Penguins, the bet can be successful in two ways – either the Penguins win the game, or they lose by two goals or fewer.

The handicap is designed to create something close to a level playing field so the odds will be identical or very similar for both selections. The point spread will usually include half a point. This is called a “hook” and is designed to ensure there is no push which results in no winner and your stake being returned.

How Does Over/Under Betting Work in NHL?

Over/Under betting is where you place a wager on the total number of goals to be scored in a game and is also known as totals betting. The sportsbook will set a line of the number of goals they expect to be scored in a game, and you can then bet over or under that amount.

For example, if the over/under line is 6.5 goals, you can place a wager on there being 6 goals or fewer in the game by selecting the “under”, or you can place a wager on the “over” which would require 7 goals or more to be scored in the game.

Best NHL Sportsbooks

The best NHL Sportsbooks need to have excellent odds, attentive customer service, and quick payouts. We’ve sourced the best ones for you here, and you can take advantage of sign-up offers to give you some extra funds to start placing bets on NHL games.

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