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The NHL community is a tight knit group of bettors that form one of the smaller communities in sports betting. Many experts in the sports betting industry feel that betting on the NHL is the smartest wager in all of sports, mainly due to the fact that less people bet on hockey and that means that the odds stay true to form.

In many sports, when the public starts to favor one team and a significant amount of money gets bet on that one team, the odds for the opposing team go in various directions. This makes the point spread and odds on the game explosive and hard to judge. That is rarely the case with NHL hockey betting since there is only a small pool of bettors wagering on a game.

With that being said, betting on hockey and specifically NHL hockey is fun, makes an already exciting game just a tad bit more entertaining and puts a different spin on the game!

NHL Betting News

Stanley Cup Playoffs News and Notes

The Boston Bruins won their series with Columbus Monday to advance to the Eastern Conference finals, while the Western Conference will feature a pair of Game 7s to determine its conference finals matchup.

Ryan Knuppel  |  Tue 7th May

Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round Update

One team has advanced while six others are still battling in the second round of the NHL playoffs. Check out our roundup and updated odds of the current state of the race for the Stanley Cup.

Ryan Knuppel  |  Sat 4th May