World Series 2019 Vegas Betting Odds Guide

The World Series in Major League Baseball has been one of our nation’s biggest and brightest sporting events for well over a hundred years now. All of the history, all of the buildup, and all of the excitement of an entire baseball season comes down to one best-of-seven series to name a champion. The World Series has a long and storied history unlike any other game, and any good sports fan can tell you all about it. Outside of all of this, we have the best week for MLB gamblers imaginable, as all of the focus and action falls on only two teams playing one game at a time.

To make it all the way to the World Series, you’re gonna have to have a complete team. Great pitching, timely hitting, and perfect defense are key, but you’ll also need a deep bench and a smart manager. Everything has to come together, and when two teams stack up against each other in this way, we get the best odds and lines of the year in the sportsbook. Every wager on the World Series has immediate value simply due to the level of play the World Series brings us. It is important to have a strong strategy in place for when the big series comes around, so you must be prepared.

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