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NHL Hockey struggles each year to gain new viewership and compete against the higher level and more popular sports such as NFL, NBA and MLB. In the equation of popularity, NHL has and will most likely always fall at the bottom of the top major sports ladder. One big difference between the major sports is hockey has one of the strongest and loyal following among their fans.

Hockey fans are die-hard fans that support their favorite teams, win or lose. Within this loyal group of fans, there is large portion that enjoy hockey gambling. Hockey betting may not be as popular, but it can be much more profitable and provide players with even odds due to the limited amount of people actually betting on the sport.

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For those fans that like to bet on hockey, there is a plethora of options that are available at many of the best NHL betting sites. NHL betting and finding an NHL sportsbook is not as easy as some of the other sports because there is a different set of knowledge that is needed not only with betting, but initially when finding an NHL betting site.

In this article, we will focus mainly on the basics of how to bet on hockey and what to look for when finding the best NHL betting offshore sportsbook and those to avoid when doing the research.

How to Bet on Hockey – The Basics

More coverage. More bets. More accurate odds. This is what sports bettors want and hockey has them now more than ever. These are key to the basics of betting hockey. In order to make good bets worth our time and money we need to know which bets to make and what strategy to use. Let’s look at the best plays you can make and when to make them to create a simple yet effective hockey betting guide.

Conservative betting is your best option when learning to bet on hockey. The odds are never good enough to take big swings and hit a few long odd games like in other sports. That said, the value in hockey betting is in the fact that the odds don’t make any team a huge favorite at the same time. A favorite in hockey on the moneyline is -300 tops. Not like football or basketball where -1000 favorites are common. Upsets are coming. It’s what keeps the fans interested and it should keep hockey bettors interested too. Be sure to keep these strategies from the guide to betting hockey handy when placing your next hockey bet.

  1. Top 3 Teams – As the season moves along, the top tier teams will separate themselves from the pack. These are the complete teams. They win at home and on the road. The score as well as they play defense. They are deep at every position and on every line. These teams beat the tough teams and feast on the lesser ones in the league. But most importantly, these teams go on big win streaks. The faster you identify these teams the more you will win.
  2. Who’s In Net – Goalies in the NHL are much like pitchers in the MLB. Every betting line and spread is set according to which goalies are starting that day. Identifying teams with good goalies will help pick winners. Even the best goalies will have an off night but a good goalie in net every night is a huge advantage. And on the other end, during the long season, teams will find themselves short-handed at the goalie position. Rookies are often called up for emergency starts in the middle of a season. These rookies are usually young and raw and can’t handle the speed of the NHL game. Identify these goalies and bet against them.
  3. Let’s Fight! – Hockey has an odd tradition of fighting during the games. It is a fast and dangerous sport and there is plenty of opportunity for cheap shots and dirty play. Fighting is allowed in order to let the players police themselves. And these guys do a lot of policing. But a team that fights is a team that wins. Find a team that fights a lot and you’ll have found a team that wins a lot.
  4. Check the Schedule – As mentioned earlier, the hockey season is a long one. 81 regular season games before the playoffs begin. It’s a tough sport as well. Not missing games and playing through injury is a badge of honor. Three to four games a week takes a toll on even the toughest of players and because of this a team playing in back to back games are often at a disadvantage come game two. Long road trips are part of the season as well and also have an adverse effect on teams. Pay attention to how much a team has played recently before making a bet for or against.
  5. Injuries – As mentioned before, these guys are tough and although injuries happen all the time, it is tough to keep these guys off the ice. This makes injury reports vague and not very trustworthy. This is, again, due to the danger of the sport. If a player is listed with a left knee injury, guess which part of his body opposing teams are going to target on their checks. Missing a key player with injury can put a team at a significant disadvantage. It is important to know more than just the injury report when finding if a player is missing a game.
  6. Shoot-Outs – The shoot-out is an aspect of the game added in recent years to eliminate tied regular season games. If a game is tied at the end of regulation play, a five minute 4-on-4 overtime period is played. If the game remains tied, it moves to a shoot-out. Some teams are simply better at shoot-outs than others. It takes a strong goalie to win a shoot-out as well as scorers who can create their own shot and finish at the net. Some teams have it and some don’t. Knowing who these teams are is a nice advantage to have before placing a wager.

Betting on hockey successfully requires some homework. It is a fast but low-scoring sport where every team is beatable on any given night. Finding all of the advantages you can is important to your hockey betting strategy. If you follow the games and learn these tips, you’ll win your bets.

Best Types of Bets in NHL Betting

Quick, simple betting strategies

When it comes to placing your first bet on the NHL, the amount of selections at your disposal could be overwhelming. The first thing that you must consider is the markets that you have knowledge on. It isn’t wise to bet on a market that may be alien to you, and instead you should stick to what you know. Otherwise, you could be placing a bet on a match and you have no idea what you will need to happen for the bet to be a winner. This would be unwise for all punters.

By all means, as your experience level grows and you learn more, then you can begin to wager more money on new markets. But the most significant aspect is that you start small and then gradually increase the stake the more confident that you get. Confidence is crucial when it comes to betting and you must first examine all your options before placing your first bet. This is often a factor that punters overlook and instead just focus on wagering their money without knowing the damage or losses that it could inflict. The following are the various different types of wagers that are normally offered at a credible NHL betting offshore website:

  • Pucklines Wagers – Pucklines wagers can best be described as point spread wagers in hockey. Pucklines are posted to basically make the game a more even matchup and close the gap between talent between the two teams. Most of the time, the favorite in the game will be -1.5 goals, while the underdog will be +1.5 goals.
  • Total Wagers – Total Wagers are bets that are placed in reference to the over/under. This means the combination of both teams combined must either add up to more or less than the predetermined number that the oddsmakers place on that game. Normal, the oddsmakers will set the Total number at 5.5, which means if you bet the over, the game would need to end at a combination of 6 goals or more goals, and if you were to bet the under, the game would need to end at a combination of 5 or less goals for you to win.
  • Moneyline Wagers – The moneyline wagers are the same in hockey betting as they are in any other sport. With the moneyline, there are no puckline and there are no restrictions to the amount of points one most score. The way the winner or loser of the bet is determined is by who wins the game. Moneyline wagers can allow NHL hockey bettor’s to win substantially more money but they can also create a negative situation where they can lose significant amounts of money. This is because they are not based on the 10% juice factor in normal hockey betting and are more based on a odds system. The favorite of the game will be (-) minus a certain amount of odds while the underdog will be (+) plus a certain amount of odds. For example, if you bet the Washington Capitals -175 for $100 and they win, you will win $100. That being said, if the Cap’s lose on the night, you would lose $175 because of the odds. On the other side of the equation, if you were to bet the New York Rangers +220 for $100 and they lose, you would only lose $100 because they were (+) plus odds. Using the Rangers again, if you were to bet that same $100 and they were to upset their opponent, you would increase your winnings to $220, again because of the odds.
  • Parlays – Parlays will get you plenty of value when played correctly. The more conservative the better with all parlays but especially in hockey. Keep it to two or three teams. The odds we improve themselves to add to your value.
  • Outrights– When it comes to the NHL, one of the best betting markets that you can bet on can be found in the outrights. This means that punters can wager their money on the team that they believe will win the Stanley Cup. Also, here punters can bet on the team’s that they believe will win each of the respective divisions. It can be incredibly lucrative should you find the best time to place your wager.
  • Double Chance- This NHL betting market is best for those that cannot determine which way a match is going to go. It will allow the punter to cover two of the possible three outcomes from the match. For instance, if the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing against the Montreal Canadiens, the punter can beat on the Leafs or the draw. As long as the Canadians don’t win the match then the bet is a winner.
  • Live Betting- The very best online sportsbooks allow punters to wager their money while the action is happening in front of them. This maximizes the potential returns that a player can receive should they notice something about to happen in the game in front of them. The introduction of live betting has been revolutionary and has changed the entire complexity of modern-day betting.

Multiple NHL Betting

Attempting to win big when NHL betting is the main problem that faces all punters, but there is a common method that punters around the world use to maximize their bets. This is done by combining multiple selections into a longer-formed bet. These can either be placed as an accumulator, or in Yankees, Lucky 15s or Trixies.

Each of these options are different, and all require something slightly different in order to win. But, the one thing that they all have in common is that they can return significant returns without having to place a large stake on them.

Accumulators are the highest risk of the options as you can include numerous teams into one bet. However, in order for this bet to be a winner then all the selections must win. That means that if one team loses but the other seven wins, then the bet is a loser. However, it is a good way to ensure maximum interest in all the fixtures without having to place a lot of money on the bet.

Another popular option is the Trixie, Lucky 15 or Yankee. All of these will require a different number of teams selected, but the principle remains the same. The punter can still win funds on these bets if one of the selected teams lets them down. However, the more teams that win, the more that you will receive in winnings.

These options also require a higher stake from the punter, but paying the little bit more on your bet could be a wise decision should the bet win. It has historically been a good bet to place with horse racing, but it is becoming more and more popular with NHL betting.

What Types of NHL Limits Do Offshore Sportsbooks Have?

It is essential when starting to learn how to bet on hockey that you start small and then gradually increase the stake that you’re playing with. Not only is this the smart way to bet, but it could also generate bigger returns long-term for the gambler. This long-term plan on betting is what could ensure maximum returns in the long run, and punters should look for these instead of the short-term big bet.

However, when it comes to NHL betting there are numerous betting options for punters in terms of places to gamble their money. It can be hard to find the best place for your needs, and it is important to remember what you want from the sportsbook before signing up. One of the aspects that could be crucial to gamblers is the limits that are imposed on the punter. This means that each specific sportsbook will have their own maximum stake. This is far more important should you be a high-stakes player, as you would need the bigger limits to ensure that you can place the kinds of bets that you want.

However, once again, the high stakes should be saved for players that have a higher level of understanding in how to bet on hockey. Most sportsbooks will also have a minimum bet that punters can place. Depending on the sportsbook, this could range from $1 to $10. If you don’t want to lay bigger stakes on your first bets then it is imperative that you look up this information before signing up.

NHL Betting Lines and Odds

Another thing you will want to look for when searching for a NHL betting site is when do they release their NHL lines and odds. This is important for some bettors that don’t wager heavily on goalie factors and place their wagers early to take advantage of odds. Many times in NHL Hockey, teams will anticipate one goalie starting and this will cause the oddsmakers to set the odds and lines at one number but later in the day, they will make a goalie swap, which creates a cluster for those odds and lines.

When this happens, the oddsmakers must play a juggling act with the odds and lines due to the fact that a different goalie is now starting. Additionally, when a team decides to sit a player that evening, it can be beneficial to have bet against that team early because now that their star player is out of the lineup, many times the odds will change. If you are able to take advantage of the odds early enough, you can drastically increase your bottom line winning number and place the odds in your favor.

What Banking Options Are Available?

nhl betting sites

Not only with hockey betting but any type of wagering that you become interested in, the most important factor of all, should be your banking options. This is because you don’t want to be able to make a deposit without making a withdrawal.

When you initially begin your due diligence on finding the best NHL betting site, you should immediately ask about their banking options. Make sure that they offer more than one option for your country and double check to make sure the option you choose will allow you to also get a payout. What’s the sense of gambling if you can’t collect your winnings?

This is more important in this modern era of gambling as certain punters may not want to deposit or withdraw their funds in the conventional methods such as card payments. However, those punters should rest assured knowing that they can finds sportsbooks that allow NHL betting using other methods such as e-wallets and cryptocurrency.

This modern era of gambling has changed the way that we can gamble online, and these methods will likely be accepted across the board by every sportsbook soon enough. But, it is a factor that punters should look into before signing up.

Importance of Reliable NHL Sportsbooks

Most all of the major offshore sportsbooks will offer their clients the ability to bet on the NHL but if you want to be more profitable, we encourage you to find one that is actually worth using and puts some advantages on your side when betting on hockey.

The first thing you are going to want to look for is what type of bets does the sportsbook offer? There is no sense in using a sportsbook that only offers straight puck line wagers if you are a heavy totals player. You will want to double check that the sportsbook offers more than just regular wagers and also that their limitations on those wagers is high enough, or low enough, to satisfy your gambling style.

Of course, these are important factors that must be considered to ensure the best possible experience when playing online. However, before looking into these aspects you must be aware of what you will need to look for to ensure that you are signing up for a safe online experience with a sportsbook. NHL betting can be very fun, but it could take a bad sportsbook to completely change your perception on the gambling.

The best bookmakers all hold licenses, and these ensure that the punter is playing at a safe place and will get the returns on any potential winning bets. After all, at the end of the day there is no point winning a wager and then the sportsbook turning around and saying that they aren’t going to give you any winnings.

As a punter this would be the worst possible scenario, as you would have done all the hard work to win the bet, and then not receive any money for it. If a sportsbook holds a license from a respected regulator then you can rest assured that you will have the right to any potential winnings from that sportsbook.

Sportsbooks will also have a variety of sensitive information off you when you sign up for your account. This will include your name, email address and banking details. All of this information could be deeply damaging should it fall into the wrong hands, and that’s why it’s important to ensure that sportsbooks have you covered before placing a wager in the NHL betting markets.

This information is also typically straightforward to find, as you will see on their homepage what encryption they are using. This is essential to ensure that the information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and also proves that the sportsbook that you are betting with are dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers, and ensuring that the private information of its members remains that way.

The sportsbooks that put their customers first are always the most reliable, and another way to make sure that you are joining a credible sportsbook is by looking at their customer support. This aspect is crucial. You will hope that you will never need to speak to somebody about a problem, but unfortunately that isn’t guaranteed.

The best sportsbooks for NHL betting will ensure that their customers will have numerous ways to get into contact with an expert. This could be through a telephone number or an email address. However, the best sportsbooks now offer live chat functions, which means that punters can get answers to their questions immediately. The very best sportsbooks have this route for communication open 24/7, which means that they can always be reached.

As well as this, they should have an extensive FAQ section where punters can find answers to simple problems that they encounter. This should be available on every sportsbook that allows NHL betting, and it should be essential viewing before signing up for an account.

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