nhl betting sites

NHL Hockey struggles each year to gain new viewership and compete against the higher level and more popular sports such as NFL, NBA and MLB. In the equation of popularity, NHL has and will most likely always fall at the bottom of the top major sports ladder. One big difference between the major sports is hockey has one of the strongest and loyal following among their fans.

Hockey fans are die-hard fans that support their favorite teams, win or lose. Within this loyal group of fans, there is large portion that enjoy hockey gambling. Hockey betting may not be as popular but it can be much more profitable and provide players with even odds due to the limited amount of people actually betting on the sport.

For those fans that like to bet on hockey, there is a plethora of options that are available at many of the best NHL betting sites. NHL betting and finding an NHL Sportsbook are not as easy as some of the other sports because there is a different set of knowledge that is needed not only with betting, but initially when finding a NHL betting site.

In this article, we will focus mainly on what to look for when finding the best NHL betting offshore sportsbook and those to avoid when doing the research.

What Makes a Sportsbook Worth Using?

Most all of the major offshore sportsbooks will offer their clients the ability to bet on the NHL but if you want to be more profitable, we encourage you to find one that is actually worth using and puts some advantages on your side when betting on hockey.

The first thing you are going to want to look for is what type of bets does the sportsbook offer? There is no sense in using a sportsbook that only offers straight puck line wagers if you are a heavy totals player. You will want to double check that the sportsbook offers more than just regular wagers and also that their limitations on those wagers is high enough, or low enough, to satisfy your gambling style.

The following are the various different types of wagers that are normally offered at a credible NHL betting offshore website:

  • Pucklines Wagers – Pucklines wagers can best be described as point spread wagers in hockey. Pucklines are posted to basically make the game a more even matchup and close the gap between talent between the two teams. Most of the time, the favorite in the game will be -1.5 goals, while the underdog will be +1.5 goals.
  • Total Wagers – Total Wagers are bets that are placed in reference to the over/under. This means the combination of both teams combined must either add up to more or less than the predetermined number that the oddsmakers place on that game. Normal, the oddsmakers will set the Total number at 5.5, which means if you bet the over, the game would need to end at a combination of 6 goals or more goals, and if you were to bet the under, the game would need to end at a combination of 5 or less goals for you to win.
  • Moneyline Wagers – The moneyline wagers are the same in hockey betting as they are in any other sport. With the moneyline, there are no puckline and there are no restrictions to the amount of points one most score. The way the winner or loser of the bet is determined is by who wins the game. Moneyline wagers can allow NHL hockey bettor’s to win substantially more money but they can also create a negative situation where they can lose significant amounts of money. This is because they are not based on the 10% juice factor in normal hockey betting and are more based on a odds system. The favorite of the game will be (-) minus a certain amount of odds while the underdog will be (+) plus a certain amount of odds. For example, if you bet the Washington Capitals -175 for $100 and they win, you will win $100. That being said, if the Cap’s lose on the night, you would lose $175 because of the odds. On the other side of the equation, if you were to bet the New York Rangers +220 for $100 and they lose, you would only lose $100 because they were (+) plus odds. Using the Rangers again, if you were to bet that same $100 and they were to upset their opponent, you would increase your winnings to $220, again because of the odds.

When Are NHL Lines and Odds Released?

Another thing you will want to look for when searching for a NHL betting site is when do they release their NHL lines and odds. This is important for some bettors that don’t wager heavily on goalie factors and place their wagers early to take advantage of odds. Many times in NHL Hockey, teams will anticipate one goalie starting and this will cause the oddsmakers to set the odds and lines at one number but later in the day, they will make a goalie swap, which creates a cluster for those odds and lines.

When this happens, the oddsmakers must play a juggling act with the odds and lines due to the fact that a different goalie is now starting. Additionally, when a team decides to sit a player that evening, it can be beneficial to have bet against that team early because now that their star player is out of the lineup, many times the odds will change. If you are able to take advantage of the odds early enough, you can drastically increase your bottom line winning number and place the odds in your favor.

What Banking Options Are Available?

Not only with hockey betting but any type of wagering that you become interested in, the most important factor of all, should be your banking options. This is because you don’t want to be able to make a deposit without making a withdrawal.

When you initially begin your due diligence on finding the best NHL betting site, you should immediately ask about their banking options. Make sure that they offer more than one option for your country and double check to make sure the option you choose will allow you to also get a payout. What’s the sense of gambling if you can’t collect your winnings?