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Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most profitable sports to bet on each and every year, due to the fact that most of the wagers are based off odds, not a point spread. What we mean by this is most baseball bets are determined from odds on a pitcher. If you have a really good pitcher on the mound, chances are he will be a heavy favorite and someone you may want to avoid betting against but if you can find a team that hits that pitcher well, chances are the opposing team will be a heavy favorite and afford you the opportunity to win big money!

This is true throughout the year and makes baseball one of the more popular sports to bet on. You can bet on the moneyline as we talked about, but you can also play point spreads, over/under, inning totals, team totals and much more! MLB betting makes the games more exciting and provides you with a opportunity to win more money than other sports, due to those odds!

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