If you are looking for a detailed guide on boxing, don’t go further. Here you’ll find boxing news 24/7, boxing odds, and boxing guides up for your consumption. If you’re not already watching boxing on TV tonight, head over to the Reddit boxing streams page to see some online options curated by the community.

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

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In other sports, I find that betting markets are plenty. However, in boxing, the bets are fewer. For instance, you can use the money line bet. This means that you bet on the boxer you think will win the match.

There’s also another bet where you predict the number of rounds needed to win the match. In this bet type, you bet on which round the match ends.

Boxing betting also has the over/under bet. This betting market is usually 9.5 rounds. So, you can bet on -9.5 if you predict the match ends in less than 9.5 rounds. When you bet on +9.5, you predict that the match ends in more than 9.5 rounds.

The final scenario is betting that the fighter wins within a group of rounds. In other words, the fight ends in 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.

What is Round Betting in Boxing?

Betting in boxing wouldn’t be complete without round betting. I like the fact that this bet type involves predicting that the fighter wins in a certain round (s). It doesn’t matter who the winner is as the main focus here is in which round they won. The winner must win within the specified round, for instance, the 5th round.

Round betting comes in two versions. These are grouped round betting and specific round betting. The latter is a simpler bet to make but gives lower odds than the former. In specific round betting, you have to make bets on the specific round which might be tougher at times. However, you have higher odds with this type of bet.

How to Bet on Boxing in Vegas

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In Boxing, Vegas does it the biggest with no close second. Fans of boxing would wonder where they can make physical bets in Vegas. There are many sportsbooks whereby boxing fights bets are offered. When it comes to boxing betting odds Vegas will have your back as these sportsbooks tend to have the best odds, generous deposit bonuses, and an incredible atmosphere to watch some real boxing fight moments unfold.

  • Westgate
  • BetMGM
  • Caesars
  • Wynn
  • Golden Nugget

Once you’ve found your sportsbook of choice, find the big odds board and look for the boxing betting market.

A staff member or self-serve kiosk will take your wager – keep your account information at hand here.

Make your bet and then stick around to watch the fight to see if you win your bet.

Tips when betting on boxing in Vegas:

  1. Avoid emotional betting as you may lose lots of money. Always exercise maximum preparation before making a boxing bet.
  2. Don’t bet with the hype. Avoid betting because of fanfare as this may lead you into distress.

How to Bet on Boxing Online

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If you don’t reside in a regulated sports betting US state such as Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, etc. then you can use offshore betting sites. Online betting sites will offer you better odds for online boxing betting compared to land-based operators. Maximize on these bets as they also provide a diverse range of betting markets to bet boxing fight opportunities during big events.

Therefore, you need to create an account with a trusted boxing sportsbook. Later on, you can comfortably place wagers on the boxing bets you like.

Making withdrawals after winning is also easy as you can do so online. Cash out options come in online versions as well.

Where to Bet on Boxing Online

Online boxing betting is no easy task without a reliable sportsbook that provides consistently respectable odds so I would recommend doing some window shopping before committing your hard-earned money to any particular sportsbook.

To start placing boxing bets online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose your site of choice: Go for the best site by looking at the bonuses, customer support, and the wagers available.
  2. Create an account with the site: You’ll need to sign up using a working email address. Also, ensure you provide the basic information required.
  3. Deposit using real money: After your account is ready, deposit real money on it to start betting. Make sure you read through the bonus rules to arm yourself with the knowledge.
  4. Select the betting wagers you need to make: At this point, you have to pick out the boxing odds and lines to bet on. Check within the subcategories until you find the odds you want to wager on.
  5. Submit the bets: Upon selecting your wagers of choice, you can now place them. The rule of thumb is to counter check to ensure you haven’t made any mistakes.
  6. Collect your wins: Now here’s the fun part. You have placed the bets, sat back, and enjoyed the fight. If you win, the wins are right there for your collection. You are the one to decide if you want to cash out or use them on the next boxing bets.

If you’re not in a state where sports betting is regulated, you can find offshore options here:


Boxing Betting Odds Explained

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When betting on boxing fights, you need to be keen on the betting odds so here are some basic boxing bets explained for you. Something like this might be confusing;

Mike Tyson-320
Evander Holyfield+210

So, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge about these odds.

Total Odds Betting

Some typical boxing odds Vegas may spell out when looking at ‘totals’ can look something like;

  • Over 10.5 rounds (-145)
  • Under 10.5 rounds (+110)

This means that if you bet that the fight will end in less than 10.5 rounds, then you’d bet on the under 10.5 rounds at +110. If you think it will end in more than 10.5 rounds, then you bet on over 10.5 rounds at $140.

Underdog Betting

In the example at the top, Evander Holyfield will be the underdog. The +210 odds mean that for every $1 you bet, the profit is $2.10. Therefore, betting $100 on Holyfield means that you have $210 in profits.

Favorite Betting

In the example above, Mike Tyson is the favorite. His odds of -320 would mean that 3.2-1. In other words, for every $1 bet you place on Tyson, you’d profit $3.20. Betting with $320 on Tyson and he wins gives you a $100 profit. However, if he loses, you lose $320.

Boxing Odds (Las Vegas)

You have two options of placing boxing bets in Vegas. Traveling to a land-based operator to place the bets still exists. Online sites also exist for you to predict the outcome of the fights. I can confirm that online sportsbooks offer better odds than regulated sportsbooks.

When betting on a boxing match in a US states that doesn’t license regulated sportsbooks, online sites give a perfect opportunity. You can bet comfortably without the fear that betting is illegal.

Betting on a Draw in Boxing

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There are some dynamics when betting on a draw in boxing. You must learn about them before making a bet. These rules apply to betting on boxing;

  1. When your bet turns out to be a draw but it wasn’t available as an option, you’ll have your bet returned. If it was an option, the other bets lose and your draw bet wins.
  2. Usually, a draw that’s honored is the one that is announced within the scheduled time. In case a fight ends prematurely, a draw bet is also allowed.

Reddit Boxing Streams

If you want to subscribe to watch the boxing fight tonight, some official sites make that possible but are not always affordable. You’ll get a chance to follow the fights up to the end including bonus material that may not get shown in free online clips. However, Reddit is an excellent source of information on boxing streams from the community and updates on the sport of boxing will ultimately lead you to become a more knowledgeable bettor.

Where to Watch the Boxing Fight in Vegas

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When it comes to a boxing match, Las Vegas knows how to put it down. Boxing fans need to be aware of big arenas where the biggest matchups have taken place and some of these arenas in Las Vegas include;

Mandalay Bay: Though a new hotel and casino, the Mandalay Bay has hosted some big fights. Its capacity of twelve thousand people says it all about the size. Mandalay Bay is popular for hosting battles between De La Hoya and Trinidad. These fights are believed to have yielded the highest ticket sales ever.

MGM Grand: MGM Grand is the biggest boxing arena in Las Vegas. It has hosted some of the biggest boxing fights. They are fights between; Tyson and Holyfield, Moorer and foreman and De La Hoya and Mayweather junior.

Caesars Palace: Caesars Palace isn’t popular for hosting big fights like MGM Grand. It’s still a popular arena though. It featured significant events such as Holmes Versus Ali and Leonard Versus Hearns.

Further Reading

How many rounds in boxing are there?

There are 12 rounds for a fighter to go when participating in a boxing match.

How long is a boxing round?

A boxing round should not take less than 8 minutes though the ideal time for each round should be 3 minutes. The time interval between each round is 1 minute.

How do I bet on boxing in Vegas online?

To bet a Vegas sportsbook for boxing online you will need to physically go to Las Vegas and register for an account in person at your chosen sportsbook, for example Wynn, Westgate, Caesars. After that you can access the online section of those brick-and-mortar establishments.

How do I watch boxing fights in Vegas online?

Each fight will have different broadcasters (DAZN, ESPN, FS1, etc.) depending on which entities purchase the rights to broadcast the fight.

How do I bet on boxing online?

If you’re not situated in a regulated state such as Illinois, Nevada or Colorado or Michigan, you can sign up to any offshore sportsbook and bet right away.