Boxing Betting Sites


Boxing is one of the most profitable betting options available to punters, but the importance of finding the best betting site is of the most paramount importance.

These sportsbooks update their odds often, have plentiful markets and excellent welcome bonuses, ultimately offering excellent value for money for new and professional punters alike could be the difference between winning more.

These online sportsbooks not only have generous odds for their boxing markets, but they are also the most secure due to the SSL encryption and licenses that are held and reliable with their payment fulfilments. The welcome offers on these sportsbooks are also head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to the combination of minimum deposit, deposit bonus and rollover requirement.

Best Boxing Betting Sites in 2024

First Wager Bonus 100% up to $1250
Promotions See Website
Multiple Promotions: See Website

Here is a detailed breakdown of my picks for the best sites to bet on Boxing:

  1. BetOnline

betonline boxing sports section
Welcome Bonus
Bonus CodeBOL1000
Suggested Minimum Deposit$15
Minimum Bet$1
Rollover Requirement10x

One of the most trusted sportsbooks available to gamblers is BetOnline. It has been in operation since 2004, but its roots in sports betting go back further than that.

It has become a popular place for boxing bets due to the fact that it covers virtually every imaginable bout (even speculative, unconfirmed ones), and that includes ones that haven’t even been announced yet. In terms of boxing, they have moneyline and total rounds odds for all the biggest bouts, and they also have props bets for the biggest upcoming fights.

Deposit OptionsBitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill
Withdrawal MethodsBitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer

The welcome bonus is one of the most lucrative, as gamblers will have a significantly higher amount of money to play with after signing up. The welcome bonus means that should a player sign up and deposit $10, then they will be given an extra $5 to play with.

  1. MyBookie

mybookie boxing sports section
Welcome Bonus
Bonus Code (Exclusive)VEGASODDS
Deposit to Qualify for Bonus$100
Minimum Bet$10
Rollover Requirement10x

My Bookie has been online since 2004, and have quickly become a firm favourite for gamblers looking to bet on the upcoming fights. They have all the biggest fights covered, and have moneyline and total rounds markets. There are also props bets available for the biggest upcoming bouts, which means there is also room for value when betting with the sportsbook.

Deposit OptionsBitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill, BankWire Transfer, Phone
Withdrawal MethodsBitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, ACH

The sportsbook is licensed in Curacao, and they also have an excellent welcome offer, which will see gamblers get a 50% bonus on their first deposit. That means that should you deposit $10, then you will be given an extra $5 to bet with. That free money can be used within the vast number of live betting markets that the sportsbook boasts.

  1. SportsBetting.ag

sportsbetting.ag boxing sports section
Welcome Bonus
Bonus Code (Exclusive)SB1000
Deposit to Qualify for Bonus$55
Minimum Bet$1
Rollover Requirement10x

When it comes to a boxing sportsbook that encourages punters from all over the USA to sign up, there are few better than SportsBetting.ag. They accept customers from all 50 states in the USA, and have a variety of poker and casino games as well as the sportsbook.

The sportsbook was launched in 2003, and has been a respected name on the internet since then. They are licensed and based in Panama, and there are a number of different channels available should you need to get into contact with the customer service team.

Deposit OptionsBitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill, BankWire, Money Order
Withdrawal MethodsBitcoin, Litecoin, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer

Boxing bettors shouldn’t look past this industry-leading sportsbook as they offer a variety of different betting options to punters. Those include prices on the moneyline, and the total rounds markets. All the major fights are covered with SportsBetting.ag, and the brilliant welcome bonus will ensure that you can win more when you start betting with them.

  1. Xbet

xbet boxing sports section
Welcome Bonus
Bonus Code (Exclusive)VEGASODDS
Deposit to Qualify for Bonus$45
Minimum Bet$2 (online)
Rollover Requirement7x

There aren’t many sportsbooks online that can boast the competitive odds that XBet offer. That isn’t just the case for boxing, but for all sports. The welcome offer promising a 50% bonus ensures that you can start winning significant amounts from your very first day with the sportsbook. It is important to remember the promo code when signing up to take advantage of the offer, and your first deposit must also be at least $45.

xbet boxing betting section
Deposit OptionsBitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, BankWire, ACH, Phone Transfer
Withdrawal MethodsBitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer, ACH, Phone Transfer

XBet may be one of the newer sportsbooks on the market for US fans having opened their doors in 2004, but they are also one of the fastest growing platforms. They are regulated by Gaming Curacao, and have a number of boxing markets available to their gamblers. They have competitive odds on the moneyline, while the biggest fights also have a number of prop markets. Included in here are the method of victory and will the fight go the distance markets.

  1. Intertops

intertops boxing sports section
Welcome Bonus
Bonus Code (Exclusive)ROOKIE100
Deposit to Qualify for Bonus$25
Minimum Bet$1 (online)
Rollover Requirement6x

If you’re looking for the best welcome offer available online, then Intertops is the sportsbook for you. They have an exciting 100% sign up bonus up to $500, and the winnings only have to be wagered six times before you can cash out. Intertops are based in the West Indies, but they have been prominent in the betting sector since 1998. They have constantly evolved, but their boxing betting markets have always been industry-leading.

intertops boxing bet section
Deposit OptionsBitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, BankWire, Litecoin, Money Global, Cash Direct, Sofort, PaySafe, Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill
Withdrawal MethodsBitcoin, Altcoins, Checks, Bank Wire, Litecoin, Ethereum, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz

They cover all the major boxing events throughout the year, with each bout having their own betting page. When you select the fight that you want to bet on, you will see a variety of different markets that you can choose from. Some of the markets that you can expect to find, include the total rounds and 2-Way betting markets. Intertops are one of the leaders in the market for boxing betting fans, and punters shouldn’t look much further.

How To Make A Bet On A Boxing Fight

Understanding how to lay a bet on an upcoming bout is of paramount importance. It is relatively straightforward, but you can follow these simple steps with the best leading sportsbooks, as they wouldn’t differ too much.

  1. On the sports homepage, find the ‘Sports’ section, and then click on ‘Boxing’.
  2. Once you’re on the boxing page, then you will need to find the bout that you want to wager money on.
betonline how to bet on boxing
Some sports such as Boxing may be under an alternative category of sports such as in the screenshot above.
  1. On the page, you will then see a variety of different odds for the separate markets. You should find the market and bet that you want to place and then you will be able to enter the stake that you want to bet.
betonline how to select your bet
All the sportsbooks I’ve recommended allows you to change the odds from American to Fraction, Decimal or more.
  1. Enter the amount of money that you want to wager, and place your bet.
betonline how to place the straight bet
First newcomers, take some time with smaller bets to get familiar with all the features and discover your own betting preferences.
  1. Once the bet has been placed, there will be no going back so ensure all the details are correct before placing the wager.

How Do I Bet On Boxing Online?

Betting online is now the best way to place a wager on the upcoming fights and that is for an abundance of different reasons. The main one of which is because you get better value for money as the odds are constantly changing. You can follow the same steps from above to find the betting markets for your online bets on boxing.

Finding the right sportsbook is the biggest challenge for online bettors, as you want to wager your money somewhere where your money will go further. You also need to ensure that the sportsbook that you have chosen have the best security measures in place. You will find a breakdown of the best sportsbook available online for boxing later in this article.

How To Bet On Boxing In Vegas

Las Vegas is the home of boxing in the United States, with many of the biggest fighters opting to compete in Sin City throughout their careers. Deontay Wilder will likely opt to return to Vegas for his re-match against Tyson Fury, which means learning how to place a bet in Vegas could be crucial to ensuring maximum returns.

Finding a legal sportsbook in Vegas is the first step that you must follow, but once you have found one then you can create an account. You will enter all the information that is required, such as name, address, email address and login details. You will then have to deposit funds into your account in USD, before finding the boxing page by following the instructions given above.

How to Bet on Boxing – The Basics

Not only is boxing one of the most popular sports in the USA, but it’s also one of the most lucrative. There is at least one notable bout every weekend, and there are at least ten big fights per year throughout the different weight classes. But, when it comes to placing a wager on these events, the punter must first be aware of which each market entails, and what is required to win on these bets.

There are ways to earn big payouts from the betting markets, but it is wise to first understand all the betting markets and what they mean before chasing the big win. These payouts are tough to achieve, and betting should be an enjoyable experience, so always bet on what you’re knowledgeable about.

However, regardless of the market that you’re betting on, the research process is vital, and there are elements that punters should be aware of before placing their wager. Here are some of the crucial aspects that you must remember before placing a bet on any bout.

  • Form is Crucial- The most important aspect that punters must consider before any bet they place is the recent form of both fighters. This can easily be found on a host of websites, and some sportsbooks even include this information on their website. Fighters that have lost their previous two and are on a negative streak would be a risky bet compared to ones that are on long unbeaten runs.
  • Venue- I have already touched upon the importance of Las Vegas in boxing, and the place where the event is taking place could be a decisive factor in the ultimate outcome from the bout. For example, Floyd Mayweather had an excellent record in Vegas, and would sometimes get the luck of the draw in the scorecards due to his home advantage. Fighters competing in their home countries will have an added importance on the bout and will be looking to impress.
  • Head to Head- Rematches in boxing can be some of the most lucrative occasions in the sport. These bouts are typically grudge matches, but punters will have the first bout to learn on for inside knowledge. However, shock results should be taken with a pinch of salt. For instance, Andy Ruiz Jr beating Anthony Joshua in New York was valued as +350, and punters should be wary of that before betting on the rematch.
  • Champions- There are a lot of champions in boxing due to the different governing bodies in charge of the sports. This means that there are a lot of titleholders, and it is important for punters to know who they are. Once you know who the current champions are heading into a bout, you can examine their records as the champion. These champions with a long streak while holding the title could be a safer bet than those that have just won the gold.
  • Ante-Post Betting- The betting markets for some of the biggest bouts opens as soon as they are announced. Punters must be aware that this could be the best time to get the ultimate value for money in the bets for this bout. The closer that the fights gets, the heavy favorite’s price is only likely to get shorter. If you have a brilliant knowledge of the sport and know both fighters, then the best time to place a bet could be months in advance of the bout taking place.
  • Boxing Style- Each fighter will have a different tactic when they get into the ring, and this is an important fact to consider. Some fighters are knockout merchants and will look for the chance to floor their opponents early in the fight. Meanwhile, there will be some that are more tactical and will look to win their bouts by a points decision. Both of these factors are important facts that must be considered by punters as it will have an impact on the odds in the respective markets.

All of these aspects are crucial to punters when it comes to betting on the sport, and if you’re just learning how to bet on boxing, then it’s vital that you take this guidance on board before placing your first bet. These points could be the difference between you making a knowledgeable bet or one that has zero chance of any return.

Best Type of Boxing Bets

As I have consistently alluded to throughout, the markets in boxing are staggering. The punter can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the options available on offshore sportsbooks, and it is important to understand what all of them require. Some of them may be concluded by the winner of the fight, while some may just be determined by what round the bout ends in. There are also some betting markets that are a mixture of the two factors. But here are some of the most popular wagers that you can expect to find on the sportsbooks.

  • Match Odds- When it comes to betting on any sport, the most common option for punters is simply laying a stake on the winner of the matchup. Boxing is no different, and the most common betting market can be found in the match odds market. Here, punters can place a wager on one of three outcomes. The draw is also an option, but it is an incredibly rare outcome in the world of boxing. The bet is settled when the fight is over. If the boxer you have bet on loses, then the stake is lost.
  • Method of Victory – If one boxer is a clear favorite, the chances are that odds on him winning the match won’t be too attractive. You can get better odds if you bet on the method of victory. You can choose from your boxer winning by KO, TKO, Disqualification, Decision, or Technical Decision.
  • Will Fight go to Distance – The distance refers to the maximum number of rounds a match can have. In professional boxing, that number of rounds is usually twelve; amateur boxing, on the other hand, almost always has a maximum of three or four rounds.
  • Total Number of Rounds – Not every time a fight lasts till the end, sometimes one of the boxers gets KO-ed. And you can bet in which round the match is going to end.
  • Round Betting (Over/Under) – Sportsbooks set a number of rounds usually in the form of a number and a half (e.g. 6.5 rounds) and it’s up to you to guess whether the fight will last more or less than that.
  • Winner of the Round – Each round of a boxing match is judged individually. A boxer may win eleven rounds only to get KO-ed in twelfth round and lose the match. Because of all this, some sportsbooks allow 3-way betting on individual rounds.
  • Parlays – Same as with betting on any other sport, you can make parlays with boxing matches as well. You can put several wagers on a single ticket, thus increasing the potential amount of the money you can win.
  • Multi-Bets – Some sportsbooks allow making parlays using different markets from the same fight. For example, you can bet on the match-winner, the number of rounds, as well as the victory method and put all three wagers on one ticket.
  • Live Betting – When watching a fight live, you can see whether a boxer has the energy to finish off the opponent. And you can use that observation to win yourself some money. All you got to do is bet live on that event.

History of Boxing Betting in USA

Some of the biggest sporting events of the year take place in the squared circle, and these events are always some of the most bet on throughout the year. It’s almost like the world stops spinning when two titans meet in the middle of the ring, and only one of them can win. The American public have had a famous history with the sport, and the home of boxing has always been in the USA. The history of the sport stemmed back in New York before the transformation allowed the most significant fights to take place in Las Vegas.

The move to Sin City added a greater level of expectancy on these bouts, with many punters quick to learn how to bet on boxing. Nowadays, the biggest fighters prefer to fight in Vegas, and we have seen Floyd Mayweather Jr, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder all preferring to box in the Nevadan desert. The betting options available to punters is staggering for these events, and there is no stone unturned. Punters can bet on almost every aspect of the fight, which means that the betting options could make for profitable returns.

Boxing is unique in the aspect that there isn’t one particular betting market that is more popular than the rest. In fact, the match odds markets are as popular as the round betting and the method of victory. All could offer ultimate value depending on the bout that is taking place and the fighters that are involved. The most important aspect for punters, however, is finding the best betting site for their boxing bets. Only then can the punter win the maximum returns possible.

What Types of Boxing Limits Do Offshore Sportsbooks Have?

It is important when you place your first bet on boxing that you start small. This is pretty self-explanatory as it is just the small decision. Once your knowledge of the markets increases, then you can begin to raise the stake in the hope of winning more. This would offer you the best chance of not only winning a bet, but also winning a significantly higher amount long-term.

As the punter, you should double-check what the limits are with the sportsbook that you have chosen. This will differ depending on the sportsbook that you have chosen, but the very best in the industry offer the highest limits. These are important aspects to consider as you will want to ensure that you’re able to place low bets for the large bets, and higher stakes for those with the lower odds. However, all of the sportsbooks that you will see on this page will have enough limits for punters to be appeased.

Boxing Odds and Lines

When it comes to betting on boxing, the most important factors for punters are the odds. There are punters in the US that spend hours looking for the best odds on the respective markets.

Check full Vegas odds and offshore lines for boxing here.

That will ensure that when you win, you will win bigger. There is nothing more irritating for punters than winning a bet only to find out that they could have had bigger returns should they have placed their bet on a different sportsbook.

The sportsbooks that you have seen on this webpage offer the best odds for boxing and will fulfill all your needs for the sport. They release odds on the upcoming bouts as soon as the fight has been announced, and the selection of markets means that you will always find the best market for your needs.

The fact that they regularly update the boxing section of their website is a strong asset, as it means that punters can get the ultimate value on their bet by placing their wagers early. This is a clear sign of the best bookmakers for boxing.

What Type of Banking Options Are Available?

Betting sites—especially US sportsbooks—are now branching out with their banking methods, now stretching over everything from wire transfers to debit and credit cards, to e-wallets e-wallets such as PayPal and Neteller.

Each of these payment methods will have different processing times; particularly when you’re looking to withdraw funds. There can also be extra fees for players should they want to deposit their funds through a particular method.

Today, I would advise players to use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin every time.


Why Bitcoin?

  • Zero fees
  • Near instantaneous transaction times
  • Zero withdrawal limits
  • Anonymous records
  • Larger crypto-specific bonuses on most sportsbooks

Avid readers will know that I believe that eventually most of the modern world will be using Bitcoin for sports betting not only due to the reasons above but also that FIAT transactions are loaded with fees, slow transactions and lack of control.

The modern era of gambling has also seen a rise in the number of players that want to deposit funds using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, so sportsbooks (like the ones I’ve recommended above) are quickly adapting to this.

Importance of Reliable Sportsbooks

importance of reliable boxing sportsbooks

The reliability of sportsbooks is crucial in this modern era. The best of which can found pretty easily. Should they hold a license from a respected regulatory company, then players will know that their information will be safe with the respected company. They do this through the use of SSL encryption, which ensures the sensitive information that bookmakers have can’t be found by hackers.

As well as this, sportsbooks remain reliable with the added importance they put on the customer support of their operations. The very best in the industry will offer comprehensive services, such as a live chat function and an extensive F&Q section. These factors make the sportsbook more accessible for punters and means they can also get in touch should they have any queries.

Many of the industry-leading sportsbooks also boast a magnitude of languages these days too. They will ensure that no matter the language that you speak, you will be well looked after. These companies will also ensure that you can make deposits in the currency that suits you best. The offshore betting sites will allow many customers to pay in USD, as well as GBP, EUR, and SEK. This only adds a greater level of respect between the respective bookmaker and the player, and the trust will be increased.

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