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Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and it’s not even close. From league to league, continent to continent. Soccer is the sport everyone can talk about, relate to, and more importantly, wager on. Sports gamblers love soccer not only because of the popularity but because of the odds. The low scoring games create the kind of odds sports gamblers can play and trust.

The more gamblers there are betting on a match, the more the odds move and this creates ideal situations for big money to be won. And this is true for every bet in soccer. The moneyline, the point spreads, the over/under, the totals, and many more.

Whether it’s The World Cup, the European Championships, South American Championships or in the Premier League, Major League Soccer, or any of the other hundreds of leagues from around the globe, you will always have a ton of wagers placed on every soccer match. And this is great for sports gamblers.

When the lines move, they move based on where the action is going and even up the odds as much as possible. The point spreads are easier to cover, the totals easier to call, and the moneylines easier to cash. Soccer betting only makes the games more exciting and gives you the best chance to win serious money.

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