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BetOnline Review

Online sportsbooks and casinos are big business these days. While no one has been able to lockdown an exact number but it has been estimated there is over 300 billion dollars worth of wagers are placed every year in the United States. Many online sportsbooks have been around for years while others have been popping up every month, every year. Some of these sites take their business very seriously and want to provide gamblers with an honest place to lay at bet. Meanwhile, others are simply out to get your money. Let’s give a good look at Betonline and see how it stacks up to the competition and if it is a sportsbook worth your time and money. The key to being a successful gambler is doing your research and, these days, it pays to do as much research as you can, especially when it comes to where you place a wager.

History & Background

Betonline is a full casino with table games, slots, and poker rooms as well as a sportsbook. In operation since 2004, it is one of the more experienced sites on the web and it’s sportsbook has always enjoyed a good reputation. There have been some bad press popping up from time to time but nothing that was ever that serious or wasn’t fixed in due time. The online gambling industry is a young one and has always been growing and the same can be said for Betonline. They have made mistakes in the past. There were questions about security, however, these have been easily addressed and are years in the past. With these problems in their rearview, Betonline is now one of the most popular online gambling sites, especially it’s sportsbook.

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Panama City, Panama

PROS: Reasons to Bet at BetOnline

  • check Great point spreads and odds
  • check Banking Options

The popularity of a sportsbook will always help give you the point spreads and odds you need to be successful. The more action there is, the more a line moves, the more honest a line you have and Betonline has plenty of action everyday. They specialize in the sports popular in the United States and this focus also helps you get good point spreads as well as odds. And the Betonline lines go up faster than any other site. While other sites wait and wait, Betonline has the line you want up and ready.

The banking options at Betonline are also some of the best as well and by best, we mean the most. All major credit cards as well as cryptocurrency are all available at Betonline. Other sites will only have a few options for you while Betonline has plenty giving you more options.

CONS: Areas of Improvement for BetOnline

  • cross Deposit Fees
  • cross Cashout Fees

Most online gambling sites will charge you a small deposit fee. Betonline charges one of the biggest at 6% while most other sites are in the 1% or 2% range. Access to one of the better sites is your reward for paying more upfront but it is up to you to decide if it is worth it.

The same goes for cashout fees. While all sites have them, Betonline has some of the biggest. They cashout quickly and have never had a problem covering their bets but, again, it is up to you to decide if the site is worth the extra cost to cash out. It isn’t much difference but enough to make people wish it was more like other sites.

BetOnline Bonus Details

Welcome Bonus – Betonline offers one of the best welcome bonuses available online. Upon your first deposit you’ll receive a 50% matching bonus up to $1,000.

Create Your Own Prop – In one of the more innovative bonuses available online, Betonline allows you to choose your own prop bet and even gives you a free play if you don’t pick a winner for up to $25.

Lifetime Bonus – Betonline rewards loyal customers with a lifetime matching bonus of 25% every deposit you make.

Live-Betting Free Play – Live-Betting is a new option available at most online gambling sites these days and Betonline is no different. It is a popular option if your are unable to get your wager down in time or if you were looking for a better number. Betonline allows you a free play on your first live-betting wager up to $25.

7% Rewards Program – Betonline has a reward program giving all players a 7% daily rebate on all action.

Casino Welcome Bonus – The casino’s welcome bonus is even more generous than the sportsbook. A 100% matching bonus for up to $1,000 which is redeemable up to three times.

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus – Cryptocurrency is a popular way for depositing as well as cashing out. A Bitcoin deposit will reward you with a 50% matching bonus up to $500 in the sportsbook and 150% matching bonus up to $1500 in the casino.

BetOnline Banking Options

As mentioned above, Betonline has the most banking options online. Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, JCB and even Diner’s Club. For American Express and a few others certain rules may apply but they are still available. The deposits are quick as well. Betonline does charge a deposit fee so be aware of that before you deposit.

Customer Support

The customer support at Betonline is one of the best around as well. They are available via phone, live chat, and email but also offer specific destinations for FAQs and concerns. (general, poker, casino, and skill games) It’s a nice touch many other sites have not got around to employing.

Public View of BetOnline

Betonline is extremely popular right now with plenty of action and bets taken every game. As mentioned before, they have had some bad press but those issues were resolved or non-issues in the first place. The loudest complaints came after they corrected a security issue which hurt people cheating their bonus system. This was over 7 years ago and the biggest take-away from the story should be how they fixed their security. As of today, the lines are great, the odds are great and the bonuses are generous. These are the reasons to support Betonline.


Betonline is definitely one of the better online gambling sites you can find. Their lines are fair, their odds payout the best, and you can get paid quickly at that. They do have deposit fees as well as cashout fees a little larger than other sites but the action you can find on this site makes up for it. And not enough can be said about how quickly you can receive a payout. Their bonuses are ample and signing up is made easy because of all of their banking options. Betonline is a strong site for strong gamblers.

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