How To Bet On NASCAR Online


Betting on motorsports has become hugely popular over the past number of years, and while Formula 1 may get the vast majority of those gamblers; NASCAR can also be an incredibly lucrative betting avenue for bettors looking for another sport to bet on.

Unlike other sports, NASCAR betting markets and odds are unique to this sport, which means finding the best NASCAR betting site is crucial to achieving significant returns. Once you have signed up to one of the leading sportsbooks, you can learn how to make accurate bets on the action.

Best NASCAR Betting Sites of 2024

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Finding the best online sportsbook for NASCAR can often be complex, but we have done all the hard work for you. Above, you will find the very best sportsbooks for this sport. They are superior to the competition because of the markets that they offer, and the odds that are boasted on both sites. Should you be looking to achieve value on this sport, then BetOnline and MyBookie are best on the market.

Can You Bet On NASCAR?

There are a vast number of betting options available to bettors throughout the NASCAR season, which runs for ten months between February and November. The prestige of the race ultimately determines the markets that are available to bettors, but the most popular markets are available to bet on for the majority of the season in the NASCAR Cup Series.

That competition is the pinnacle of the sport and is currently in its 72nd season. There are 36 scheduled events for this season, which means there are always betting opportunities for punters throughout the season. You can see the most popular markets below:

  • Race Winner- The best way to bet on NASCAR is by staking money on the driver that will win a certain stage. The win is simple win or lose depending on whether the selection wins the race.
  • Outright Winner- The most popular way to wager money on the NASCAR season is in the outright market. Here the punter must correctly predict the racer that will win the season’s championship. If they are correct, then they will be rewarded with the returns.
  • Head-To-Head Betting- Another popular market is wagering money on who will win between two racers. The market will have to drivers, and the punter must correctly put their money on the one that they believe will finish the race in the highest position.
  • Over/Under- Unlike other sports, the over/under market within NASCAR sees the bettor stake their money on where a driver will finish in the race. If they bet on over 9.5, then the selection must finish tenth or below.

How To Win NASCAR Bets

As is typically the case when betting on sport, there is no such thing as a guaranteed winning bet. However, there are certain factors that all gamblers must take into account before wagering any money on NASCAR. Unlike other sports, the research is even more important when it comes to wagering money on the upcoming NASCAR races. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving returns, you should follow these simple research methods:

  • Pay Attention To Practice- Every round is begun with a practice event. All drivers will be involved in this, which means it is essential viewing to see which driver can clock the fastest time.
  • Manufacturers- The drivers are undoubtedly the stars of the show, but extra attention should be paid on the manufacturers. Certain companies have better records than others when it comes to NASCAR.
  • Drivers’ Past Record- Form isn’t as important in NASCAR as the record of drivers’ on particular tracks. Some drivers prefer certain tracks, and gamblers must do everything they can to find this information out.

How To Bet On NASCAR Online

As you can see from the sportsbooks mentioned at the top of the page, the two best sportsbooks online to bet on NASCAR with are BetOnline and MyBookie. To make life easier for you, we have got into detail on how to find the markets for NASCAR on both sportsbooks, and how to place your first wager with them.


  1. The home page can be seen above. From this page, you select the link called ‘Sports’
  2. You will then land at the page seen below. The sports that you can be on at BetOnline can be found on the left hand side. You should scroll down until you see the tab called ‘Motor Sports’.
  • After finding the NASCAR section you will find the markets that you can bet on.
  • To make your first bet, you should select the driver that you want to win.
  • On the right-hand side, the selection will appear and this is where you enter your stake. Once you have entered the stake, then you can place the bet.


  1. When you first land on the MyBookie page, you will see the picture above.
  2. To access the NASCAR markets, you must first select the tab called ‘Sportsbook’.
  • After selecting that option, you will land on this page. You can find all the sports offered on the left-hand side. You should scroll down until you find the section titled ‘Motor Sports’.
  • You can access the NASCAR market on that section, and you can place your first bet.
  • Once you have selected the market and the bet that you want to make you should select it, and then it will appear on the right-hand side in the ‘Bet Slip.
  • You will then enter the amount that you want to stake on that wager, before clicking ‘Place Bet’.

How Do We Know If The Sportsbook Is A Leader For NASCAR?

There are a number of factors that separate the leading sportsbooks for NASCAR away from the rest of the crowd. The biggest factor that we take into consideration is the safety that they have in place. To pass the first step, the sportsbook must hold a prestigious license from a regulator, and they also must have the relevant SSL Encryption, which ensures the safety of the players’ personal and sensitive information.

Once those factors have been passed then we assess the markets that the sportsbooks have for NASCAR. The majority of sportsbooks barely touch the surface, but BetOnline and MyBookie have a  variety of different markets that can ensure the enjoyment of all NASCAR fans. The odds on these two sportsbooks are also industry leading, which means gamblers win more when wagering with them.

How To Bet On NASCAR In Vegas

Betting on NASCAR in Las Vegas is incredibly popular due to the lucrative nature of the sport. The sportsbooks here will offer different odds compared to other sportsbooks, but the only way to take advantage of them is by actually being in Vegas. Gamblers who are in the area may be able to get bigger returns on their wagers when they bet in the Vegas.

The biggest drawback is undoubtedly that players looking to take advantage of this will have to be in Vegas. The difference in odds isn’t that vast, which means that BetOnline and MyBookie are the preferred options for gamblers in the USA.

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