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The world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gone from a backyard taboo type of men’s entertainment that was only viewable on pay per view to a sport that is now watched by millions of people. The sport is being followed universally around the world on mainstream TV broadcasting, as well as still being very popular on pay per view.

With MMA’s recent growth in popularity, there has also been an increased market for MMA Betting. Most people will watch the MMA events on TV and want to be able to bet on them to make it more interesting from a gambling point of view. There are mainly 2 major outlets that are normally on television with MMA. Those two promotions are the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) and Bellator MMA.

Betting on UFC and Betting on Bellator has become very popular among gamblers but without a reliable offshore betting website to utilize, betting on MMA can be a short lived experience due to the expenses you will incur in addition to your limitations in betting the sport.

In this article, we will go over what makes a MMA Betting Website credible and valuable to use. We will tell you what to look for and what makes them a good option for betting on MMA.

Is MMA Betting Available?

The first thing we will say is that not all offshore sportsbooks will offer the ability to bet on combat sports. This is why you will first want to find an offshore sportsbook that offers not only the ability to bet on UFC, but to bet on Bellator and many of the regional promotions such as Titan FC, Invicta FC, Legacy FC and many more.

After you figure out if they offer MMA betting, you are going to want to find out what types of wagers they accept. Some offshore sportsbooks will offer UFC gambling but won’t offer any other promotion and limit their plays to just straight wagers and round totals. This creates an issue if you find success early in your MMA betting career because you will want to expand your options with betting in MMA.

Now that you know if they accept MMA bets and you know if they offer more than just the major MMA promotions, the next thing to find out is besides straight wagers and round totals, do they offer those prop plays that we have learned to love. Prop wagers in MMA are based off odds and are a easy way to increase your bankroll.

Prop wagers include various options to bet on the UFC, Bellator and many of the regional promotions by betting on round totals, which round a fighter will win in, how the fighter will win, if a fighter will be knocked out, if a fighter will win inside the distance, if the fight will end in a draw and much more! The more likely it is to happen, the lower the odds but there are times when a very rare occurrence can happen and you will cash at much higher odds.

When Are Odds Released for MMA Betting?

After you determine if the offshore sportsbooks offers MMA and UFC Gambling, you will want to find out when the sportsbook releases their odds on the fights. Some sportsbooks will release odds and lines very early for the fights but some of the UFC betting sites will not release any odds until after the promotion makes the weight-in results official and public.

This means that you will have to wait until the day of the event to bet on the fights and that can be counterproductive if you like wagering well in advance to try to beat the public money. We all know that once the public money comes in heavy on one side, the line can move drastically in favor of that side.

This also becomes an issue for those UFC betting experts that have connections within the world of MMA and can get early information that they want to take advantage of. If you have the line early, and can wager on the information that you have, you may get a better line than after the information becomes public knowledge.

Additionally, when major title fights are announced, most reliable sportsbooks will release odds on that fight and allow for future wagering. Does your chosen offshore sportsbook allow this? This is another area where you can gain a great deal of advantage by wagering early on a fight and reaping the benefit of getting in before the public money goes in on a play.

Do Sportsbooks Offer Parlays?

Some of the offshore sportsbooks do not allow you to put your UFC bets in parlays. This is especially difficult when you like a heavy favorite and are trying to bring down or sort of counter some of those large odds by adding them in a parlay.

By adding them in the parlay, of two or more plays, you increase your chances of cashing larger by keep in mind the fact that it is always harder to win multiple plays in a parlay than it is with just a single play.

Banking Options

The last thing we want to address is your banking options for deposits and withdrawals. Before you make the decision to sign up with an offshore sportsbook, you will want to make sure you are well aware on their regulations and available options for making a deposit or withdrawal. We strongly consider you making all your offshore banking transactions through a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, for no other reason than the security and anonymity with the transaction.