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When it comes to popularity for betting on football, there is no question that the NFL takes the cake for being the most popular and also for having the most amount of money bet each year. That being said, NCAA football betting is not far behind and is increasingly gaining popularity each year.

Part of the reason that college football is less popular and doesn’t have as much money wagered is due to the fact that the college football gambling season only lasts either 12 or 13 weeks, depending on the conference. The college football postseason lasts for one, possibly 2 extra games so at most, a gambler can only wager on 14 weeks of college football games per team.

When you compare that to the NFL’s 16 game regular season, four-game preseason, and four-game postseason, it’s easy to figure out why more money is bet in the NFL then it is during the college football season. That means the season is stretched out much longer but overall, there are more teams in NCAA College Football so we believe in time, NCAA football betting will be equivalent on the same level as NFL football betting.

In this article, we will generally go over the basics of what makes up the best NCAA football betting sites and explain what to look for when considering college football gambling.

College Football Gambling Availability

It’s no secret that there are significantly more football games each week to bet on in NCAA college football due to the amount of teams split up between the conferences. There are currently 129 Division I football schools in the NCAA.

On any given night from late August until January, college football betting fans can find a game to wager on, whether it be a conference game on a Tuesday night or a heated rivalry under the Friday night lights, college football and college football gambling is available pretty much every day.

There is also the factor that the College Football Bowl season now lasts over 1 month long with games being played spread out throughout the month of December and part of the beginning of January, so this leaves ample opportunity to bet on College Football games.

Type of Wagers in NCAA College Football Betting

The next thing you want to know is what types of bets or available for NCAA college football betting. Most all offshore online sportsbooks offer the 3 main types of wagers that can be placed with college football gambling.

  • Point Spread – The most common form of gambling, no matter if it’s the NFL or NCAA college football betting, is betting on a team to win the game plus or minus a predetermined number, which is also referred to as the point spread.
  • Over/Under Total Plays – One of the most popular styles of gambling on college football is the over/under total plays. These are increasingly becoming popular due to the fact that NCAA football betting fans enjoy the aspect of being able to root for both teams to either score, if you play the over, or to play defensive, if you play the under. It is sort of a catchall to being able to wager and root for both teams.
  • Wager on the Money Line – Placing a wager on the money line with college football betting is less popular due to the fact that people don’t like to risk losing extra money on the odds. Money line wagers in NCAA football betting, as well as all other sports, is based off of an odds number.

What Should You Look for with Offshore Sportsbooks

When you initially start looking into an offshore sportsbook to do your college football gambling at, you are going to want to ensure that the sportsbook has the type of betting options you prefer. That means you want to check to see what their payouts are for parlays in college football betting, whether they offer teasers with college football bets and you’re also going to want to check to see if they offer any kind of prop plays for college football.

Many people get great enjoyment out of playing college football betting props and many are very successful at the venture. There are a ton of people that simply make a living off of betting nothing but props however they’re not as easy come by in college football gambling as they are in some other sports like the NFL, NBA and MLB. You will certainly want to do your homework and your due diligence to find out if the offshore sportsbook that you are considering offers these types of wagers.

Finally, NCAA college football gambling is very unique in the fact that some offshore sportsbooks favor certain styles of wagering and seemed to shave the points on that side of the game. On any given night you can take 5 offshore sportsbooks and compare the odds for a single game and literally get 5 different odds on that game.

This is why is very important that you do your due diligence and seek out the sportsbooks that benefit your style of betting. If you are in underdog player in college football gambling then of course you’re going to want to look for a sportsbook that gives increased point spreads that favor the underdog. On the other hand, if you more likely that the favorite with NCAA football betting, then naturally you’re going to want to look for an offshore sportsbook that favors the favorite of the games.

Hopefully after reading this article, you now have a better understanding of NCAA football betting and now know exactly what you’re looking for when selecting an online offshore sportsbook!