2024 ‘March Madness’ Vegas Odds and NCAA Tournament Guide

Schedule and Vegas Odds

National Championship

GameOddsDateTime (Eastern)How to Watch
#1 Purdue vs #1 UConnCONN -6.5April 89:20 PMTBS

First Round

GameOddsDateTime (Eastern)How to Watch
#9 Michigan State vs #8 Mississippi StateMSU -1.5March 2112:15 PMCBS
#11 Duquesne vs #6 BYUBYU -9.5March 2112:40 PMtruTV
#14 Akron vs #3 CreightonCREI -13.5March 211:30 PMTNT
#15 Long Beach State vs #2 ArizonaARIZ -20.5March 212:00 PMTBS
#16 Wagner vs #1 North CarolinaUNC -23.5March 212:45 PMCBS
#14 Morehead State vs #3 IllinoisILL -12.5March 213:10 PMtruTV
#11 Oregon vs #6 South CarolinaSC -2.5March 214:00 PMTNT
#10 Nevada vs #7 DaytonNEV -1.5March 214:30 PMTBS
#10 Colorado State vs #7 TexasTEX -2.5March 216:50 PMTNT
#14 Oakland vs #3 KentuckyUK -13.5March 217:10 PMCBS
#12 McNeese State vs #5 GonzagaGONZ -6.5March 217:25 PMTBS
#15 South Dakota State vs #2 Iowa StateISU -16.5March 217:35 PMtruTV
#15 St. Peter’s vs #2 TennesseeTENN -21.5March 219:20 PMTNT
#11 NC State vs #6 Texas TechTTU -5.5March 219:40 PMCBS
#13 Samford vs #4 KansasKU -7.5March 219:55 PMTBS
#10 Drake vs #7 Washington StateDRKE -1.5March 2110:05 PMtruTV
#10 Northwestern vs #7 Florida AtlanticFAU -2.5March 2212:15 PMCBS
#14 Colgate vs #3 BaylorBAY -13.5March 2212:40 PMtruTV
#12 UAB vs #5 San Diego StateSDSU -6.5March 221:45 PMTNT
#15 Western Kentucky vs #2 MarquetteMAR -14.5March 222:00 PMTBS
#16 Stetson vs #1 UConnCON -26.5March 222:45 PMCBS
#11 New Mexico vs #6 ClemsonUNM -1.5March 223:10 PMtruTV
#13 Yale vs #4 AuburnAUB -12.5March 224:15 PMTNT
#10 Colorado vs #7 FloridaFLA -1.5March 224:30 PMTBS
#9 Texas A&M vs #8 NebraskaNEB -1.5March 226:50 PMTNT
#13 Vermont vs #4 DukeDUKE -11.5March 227:10 PMCBS
#16 Grambling vs #1 PurduePUR -26.5March 227:25 PMTBS
#13 Charleston vs #4 AlabamaALA -9.5March 227:35 PMtruTV
#16 Longwood vs #1 HoustonHOU -24.5March 229:20 PMTNT
#12 James Madison vs #5 WisconsinWIS -5.5March 229:40 PMCBS
#9 TCU vs #8 Utah StateTCU -3.5March 229:55 PMTBS
#12 Grand Canyon vs #5 St. Mary’sSMC -5.5March 2210:05 PMtruTV

Second Round

GameOddsDateTime (Eastern)How to Watch
#7 Dayton vs #2 ArizonaARIZ -9.5March 2312:45 PMCBS
#5 Gonzaga vs #4 KansasGONZ -4.5March 233:15 PMCBS
#9 Michigan State vs #1 North CarolinaUNC -3.5March 235:30 PMCBS
#7 Washington State vs #2 Iowa StateISU -8.5March 236:10 PMTNT
#14 Oakland vs #11 NC StateNCSU -5.5March 237:10 PMTBS
#7 Texas vs #2 TennesseeTENN -6.5March 238:00 PMCBS
#11 Duquesne vs #3 IllinoisILL -9.5March 238:40 PMTNT
#11 Oregon vs #3 CreightonCREI -5.5March 239:40 PMTBS
#9 Northwestern vs #1 UConnTBDMarch 24TBDTBD
#10 Colorado vs #2 MarquetteTBDMarch 24TBDTBD
#6 Clemson vs #3 BaylorTBDMarch 24TBDTBD
#13 Yale vs #5 San Diego StateTBDMarch 24TBDTBD
#8 Utah State vs #1 PurdueTBDMarch 24TBDTBD
#5 Texas A&M vs #1 HoustonTBDMarch 24TBDTBD
#12 James Madison vs #4 DukeTBDMarch 24TBDTBD
#12 Grand Canyon vs #4 AlabamaTBDMarch 24TBDTBD

Sweet Sixteen

GameOddsDateTime (Eastern)How to Watch
#6 Clemson vs #2 ArizonaARIZ -6.5March 284:09 PMCBS
#5 San Diego State vs #1 UConnCONN -9.5March 284:39 PMTBS
#4 Alabama vs #1 North CarolinaUNC -3.5March 286:39 PMCBS
#3 Illinois vs #2 Iowa StateISU -2.5March 287:09 PMTBS
#11 NC State vs #2 MarquetteMARQ -6.5March 294:09 PMCBS
#5 Gonzaga vs #1 PurduePUR -4.5March 294:39 PMTBS
#4 Duke vs #1 HoustonHOU -3.5March 296:39 PMCBS
#3 Creighton vs #2 TennesseeTENN -2.5March 297:09 PMTBS

Elite Eight

GameOddsDateTime (Eastern)How to Watch
#3 Illinois vs #1 UConnCONN -8.5March 306:09 PMTBS
#6 Clemson vs #4 AlabamaBAMA -2.5March 308:49 PMTBS
#2 Tennessee vs #1 PurdueTBDMarch 31TBDTBD
#11 NC State vs #4 DukeTBDMarch 31TBDTBD

Final Four

GameOddsDateTime (Eastern)How to Watch
#11 NC State vs #1 PurduePUR -9.5April 66:09 PMTBS
#4 Alabama vs #1 UConnCONN -11.5April 68:49 PMTBS

Vegas Odds

What‌ ‌Is‌ ‌March‌ ‌Madness?‌

March Madness is the unofficial name given to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, which features 68 of the nation’s best teams. The term March Madness originally comes from the state of Illinois, but it is now associated with one of the biggest and most popular sporting events of the year.

March Madness has grown in popularity exponetially throughout the years. It features the 32 teams that win their conference championships, as well as an additional 36 top teams selected by the committee on Selection Sunday. The “madness” comes from the unpredictable nature of the tournament and from the Cinderella stories that come from it, with underdogs often making deeper runs than any other top sport.

When Does March Madness Start?‌

Selection Sunday is set for Sunday, March 17, 2024. The First Four games will take place On March 19-20.

The rest of the dates follow as outlined below:

March Madness Dates

Selection SundayMarch 17
First FourMarch 19-20
First RoundMarch 21-22
Second RoundMarch 23-24
Sweet 16March 28-29
Elite 8March 30-31
Final FourApril 6
National ChampionshipApril 8

How‌ ‌Does‌ ‌March‌ ‌Madness‌ ‌Work?‌ ‌

image of how does march madness work

College basketball teams can qualify for the March Madness Tournament by earning the automatic qualifying bid that is given to each conference. The winner of the conference tournament earns a right to the NCAA Tournament.

After all of the automatic bids are handed out then a selection committee fills out the rest of the field with deserving teams. Teams are placed into four different regions, and the champion of each region advances to the Final Four.

All of the teams are seeded before the tournament begins and placed on a bracket. March Madness is played on a “win-or-go-home” format.

March Madness Betting‌ ‌

March Madness is the second most popular event to bet on in the United States, second to the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks feature many promotions and bonuses around the March Madness Tournament every year.

Some states prohibit betting on March Madness, especially for games featuring in-state teams. Betting on collegiate sporting events is one of the biggest debates in the US sports betting industry.

Can I Bet on March Madness in my State?

The following states have allowed bettors to legally place bets on March Madness in 2024:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Betting Strategy

Every sports bettor will have their own betting strategy when betting on the NCAA Tournament, but making a futures bet is one of the most popular betting options. Sportsbooks offer future betting markets on the eventual NCAA Champion or on what teams will reach the Final Four.

Another March Madness betting strategy is to simply bet on every game across the tournament. With 67 different games being played over three weeks, there are plenty of opportunities to win some money on the NCAA Tournament.

Vegas Odds NCAA Tournament – Common Bets

There are a variety of betting odds available when it comes to betting on the games, but you’ll usually see three main options. “moneyline” refers to the winner of the game, “over/under” will be based on the number of points in the game being higher or lower than a number determined by the Sportsbook, and “spread” which will give the underdogs a head start of a set number of points, and is designed to make it a “pick’em” where you decide which side is more likely to beat that spread total.

NCAA Basketball Vegas Odds – Prop Bets

Since the March Madness tournament is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, prop betting is also extremely popular. There will be a number of prop betting options for each game of the tournament as well as for a whole event.

Prop bets are bets that are made on unique aspects of a game or sporting event and can add some fun and excitement to your betting experience.

  • Will a Number 1 seed reach the Final Four?
  • Will a double-digit seed reach the Final Four?

College Basketball Vegas Odds – Biggest Spread Upsets

The spread is designed to make it a pick-em between the two sides, but it’s always a major upset if a team with a double-digit spread total manages to actually win the game. The biggest spread upset in March Madness came back in 2021 when Norfolk State went into the game as +21.5 point underdogs, but they still managed to upset Missouri by winning the game 86-84.

It’s rare to see spread totals that high in the NCAA Championship Game because it should always be two strong teams who make it that far. We’ve yet to see a double-digit upset in the Championship game, but Connecticut were +9.5 point underdogs when they won against Duke in 1999.

March Madness Predictions

image for march madness predictions

The Purdue Boilermakers have some serious talent, and they are the current favorites for a reason with 7’4 Zach Edey leading the way. That being said, they’ve also lost in the first round in three straight seasons to double-digit seeds, opening the field to many other top-ranked teams.

How Many Teams in March Madness Are There?

image for how many teams there are in march madness

Each year, 68 teams are selected to play in the March Madness Tournament and then these teams are placed on the bracket. The field of 68 teams is made up of 32 automatic qualifiers and 36 at-large selections.

There is no requirement for how many teams can come from a certain conference.

2024 Tickets‌

Tickets have already gone on sale for the First Four of the 2024 tournament, even though the schedule and teams are yet to be finalized. At this stage you can still find tickets for $30 each, although expect prices to increase as the tournament progresses and demand for tickets increases.

March Madness Seeding – How Does It Work?

image for march madness seeding and how it works

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Selection Committee releases the seeds for the entire bracket on Selection Sunday. The top overall seed is revealed first, and they are set to matchup with the number 4 overall seed in the Final Four.

In 2023, the selection committee will be filling out the bracket using the “S-Curve” meaning that all teams will be seeded 1-68 and then placed on the appropriate line on the bracket. There are four regions with 16 teams and the winner of each region will advance to the Final Four.

The Lowest Seed to Win March Madness

In 1985 the Villanova Wildcats won the NCAA Tournament as the number 8 seed, the lowest to ever cut down the nets. In 2014, the Ucon Huskies were able to win the NCAA Tournament as a number 7 seed.

There have been four number 11 seeds that have reached the Final Four, but none have been able to win the final two games.

Previous March Madness Winners

image of previous march madness winners

The UCLA Bruins have won the most March Madness titles, and some of the other “blue-blood” programs are next on the list. The Power 5 Conferences traditionally dominate the NCAA Tournament, especially when it comes to eventual champions.

Who Won the Last 10 NCAA Basketball Championships?

2020No winner due to Covid
2017North Carolina

Top 10 Schools With the Most Appearances in NCAA Tournaments

In light of the historic facts, March Madness seems to belong to the top-seeded teams time and over again. So far, Kentucky is the true torch-bearers with 60 appearances with the first one dating back to 1942. As one of the oldest franchises, Kentucky has also proven to be one of the most talented winning eight titles so far.

AppearancesTeamLatestFirst Appearance
52North Carolina20221941

Which Teams Hold the Most Titles?

TeamTitle Wins
North Carolina6