NBA Futures Odds

NBA Futures Odds allow you to place a bet on future outcomes. This includes things like the winner of the NBA Championship or can be team-specific, such as how many games they will win in a season or whether they will make the playoffs.

Futures betting is usually popular at the start of the season but you can place a wager at any time before the outcome is confirmed. Sportsbooks will alter their odds depending on team performance, but extra value can be found if a team has a particularly hot or cold start to their campaign.

There are hundreds of NBA Futures Odds out there, but we’ve rounded up the best for you below:

NBA Title Odds 2023

Team Odds
Denver Nuggets +220
New York Knicks +2500

NBA Eastern Conference Odds

Team Odds
Boston Celtics -160
Miami Heat +260
Philadelphia 76ers +375

NBA Western Conference Odds

Team Odds
Denver Nuggets -150
Los Angeles Lakers +210
Golden State Warriors +525
Phoenix Suns +750

NBA Finals 2023 Exact Finals Matchup

Team Odds
Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets -850
Boston Celtics vs Denver Nuggets +700
Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers +1200
Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers +9000