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Basketball was recently ranked the third most popular sport in the world to wager on and with its ever growing popularity, comes increased variations of betting. Whether you prefer to bet on point spreads, total plays, futures or prop wagers, betting on the NBA can provide gamblers with many options and lots of fun!

For many years, betting on the NBA was simply something that was done in the shoulder season for most other sports such as NFL Football and MLB Baseball but now, with the NBA becoming one of the most watched, and 3rd most bet on sport in the world, they are held in a league of their own.

Betting on the NBA can be fun, entertaining and profitable if done correctly. Research, injuries and past history all play a factor into the equation of winning but once you come up with a system that works for you, it can be one of the best sports in bet on! We suggest that you read up about various systems and find a pattern that is financially savvy for your playing style.

NBA Betting News

Three Biggest Disappointments in the NBA 

We are reaching the 20-game mark in the NBA season. That gives us the opportunity to analyze the current situation in both conferences, and see which teams did a good job, or to pick several of them who failed to meet the expectations from the preseason. The post Three Biggest Disappointments in the NBA  appeared first on VegasOdds.

Annie Adkins  |  Mon 19th Nov

LeBron Hits 51, the Warriors Lose Again

LeBron James was very inspired against his old team; Spurs defeated the Warriors, Trail Blazers were victorious in DC, while the Orlando Magic continued their streak of solid performances.

Michael Cox  |  Mon 19th Nov

Doncic Beats the Chp

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the champions, Houston won the fourth game in a row, same as the Los Angeles Clippers, while the Jazzers triumphed in Boston. Also, Toronto blew out the Bulls with 39 points difference.

Annie Adkins  |  Sun 18th Nov