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When it comes to betting on football, NCAA Football has become increasingly popular among gamblers due to several factors. First and foremost, College Football provides many more games in a week to bet on. With the NFL, there are only 32 teams but in the FBS there are 129 teams that play throughout the week.

Many years ago, College Football could only be found being played on Saturday’s but in modern day, you can find games being played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and of course Saturday.

College Football becomes very popular among the months of November and December with the NCAA Conference Championships and Bowl Season. The Conference Championships and Bowl Season serve as the championship with the end goal being to make the NCAA College Football Playoffs.

No matter when you decide to bet on NCAA College Football, you will be able to play point spreads, over/under bets, team totals, moneyline and prop wagers. College Football affords gamblers the ability to pick what games they want to bet on, when they want to place the wagers and what their favorite style of betting will be.

NCAA Football Betting News

College Football News and Notes – Wednesday November 14, 2018

History was made after the most recent unveiling of the College Football Playoff rankings. Elsewhere in NCAA football, one of the most prominent coaches in the sport has been fired, and a top class of 2019 recruit has made his decision. Here are the latest college football news and notes.

Ryan Knuppel  |  Thu 15th Nov

NCAA Football News and Notes – November 1, 2018

A coach who had a lengthy period of administrative absence has been fired following a brief reinstatement. Another prominent coach has opened up about a health issue affecting him for the last 20 years. And the playoff ranking has been released for the first time this season. Those are just a few news and notes happening right now in college football.

Ryan Knuppel  |  Thu 1st Nov