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Soccer is the biggest sport on the planet. It brings together the best athletes in the world, and the sport is considered the most competitive in the world. With that comes a variety of ways for soccer bettors to maximize their returns when betting on the different competitions around the world.

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Soccer Odds

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When it comes to betting on soccer, the most important factor that gamblers must take into account is the terminology that is used. The majority of it is straightforward to understand, but should you be a beginner in terms of betting, then you may need to read up on the terms and their definitions before placing a wager. The crucial aspect to consider is learning how to win on these wagers, which means starting small before steadily increasing the greater that you’re understanding.

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Soccer And American Odds

The most common way to bet on soccer fixtures is online in the USA, which means understanding how American odds work. In essence, they are very straightforward to get your head around and can be best understood by using an example. The ‘-‘ will indicate the side that will be the favorite, while the ‘+’ would indicate the side that is seen as the underdog.

Example Pick Example Odds (American)
Manchester City -700
Draw +700
Norwich City +1000

Understanding The Soccer Moneyline

Soccer is different for American gamblers, as the most popular market to bet on is the Moneyline. That is completely different from the NFL, where the most popular market would be the spread. It is the most straightforward betting market to understand as the gambler will simply have to predict the team that will pick up the win from the fixture.

Reading The Moneyline Odds

As you can see from the odds above, Manchester City will be the heavy favorites to win their home game against Norwich City. Should a gambler put a $10 stake on City to win the game, and they do, then the bettor will get $11.42 in returns. However, should they put their money on the draw at +700 and the bet wins, then they will be rewarded with $80 in returns. If the bettor bets on Norwich City to win and they do, then they will get $110 in returns.

When Is The Best Time To Bet On The Moneyline?

Many gamblers opt to bet on the Moneyline when they favor the outsiders. For instance, in the example that is shown above, the bettor would use the Moneyline to place their wager on either the draw or the Norwich win. It may be hard to get profit on the game that is shown above as Manchester City will be considered the heavy favorites. However, a fixture between sides such as Watford and West Ham United could possibly open up a possible route for value.

Example Pick Example Line (Moneyline)
Watford +140
Draw +250
West Ham United +150

As you could see from this example, the ‘+’ odds would indicate a decent return for bettors. Should the bettor stake their money on Watford then they will get $24 in return, while the draw would return $35 and the West Ham win would return $25.

Understanding Soccer Spread Betting

Spread betting on soccer fixtures is totally unique when compared to the NFL and the NBA. In Europe, spread betting is commonly called handicap betting and it is the best way to get value on heavy favorites in fixtures. Many use this type of betting as the way to get value when placing wagers on fixtures such as the Manchester City vs Norwich City example that we used earlier on.

How Does The Spread Betting Work?

Spread betting is straightforward enough to understand, and can be accurately described as the make-weight to ensure that the difference between the two sides isn’t as great. The spread will see the favored side start at a disadvantage that they will need to overcome to ensure that the bet is a winner. For example, you can see odds for a spread involving a heavy favorite and an underdog below:

Example Pick Example Line
Levante (+1.5) +210
Real Madrid (-1.5) +100

 There will be more value in betting on this market for this fixture, as the favored side will have increased odds to cover the spread rather than winning on the Moneyline. For the Real Madrid win on the Moneyline, bettors will get odds of -300. In order for the spread bet to win when betting on Real Madrid, they will need to win by at least two goals.

However, gamblers could instead bet against the spread by wagering on the underdog. For that bet to be a winner from this example, then Levante will need to either win, draw or not lose by two clear goals.

Betting On Parts Of Soccer Games

Not all bets on soccer revolve around the full-time result. Instead, gamblers can place wagers on the first half or second half, and stake on them as separate factors. You can understand more about these types of bets below:

  • Half Time Result- Gamblers can bet on the team that will be ahead at the break. The bet is settled when the half time whistle is blown, with returns awarded should the bettor have selected the correct result.
  • Half Time/Full Time- One of the most difficult types of bets to earn returns on is through the half time/ full time market. In order to get returns from this type of bet, the gambler must correctly predict the half time result, and the team that win the game at the end of the match.

Totals Betting On Soccer

For many, total betting is the most straightforward to understand, and that is mainly because it is. On these markets, the result of the game doesn’t impact the bettors’ ability to achieve returns. Instead, they will simply have to wager their money on whether there will be more or fewer goals, corners or cards in the fixture. The returns on these markets aren’t as lucrative, but it does make the fixture interesting until the end of the match.

Types Of Total Betting

There are numerous ways to take advantage of these betting markets when wagering on soccer. Some of the most popular types of this betting option are:

  • Goals- The most prominent way to bet on the over/under market is by placing a wager on the number of goals in the game. The benchmark will be set by the sportsbook, and then the bettor will have to correctly predict whether there will be more or fewer goals.
  • Corners- This market is similar to the goals market, but instead the benchmarks will be considerably higher since corners are more prominent in games than goals. Bettors must correctly predict whether there will be more or fewer corners.
  • Cards- Like the goals and corners markets, the cards over/under market also involves the bettor staking their money on whether there will more or fewer cards than the benchmark set by the sportsbook.

Multiple Betting On Soccer Fixtures

The most profitable way to bet on the Premier League, La Liga and all the other major leagues is by combining selections into one longer bet. The returns are higher for these types of bets, as the chances of losing the stake are increased. There are a number of different multiple options when it comes to betting on sports, but accumulators are the best way to get excessive returns on soccer selections.

How Do Parlay’s Work?

Parlay is the common term for accumulator betting in the USA, and can consist of at least two selections. The more selections in the bet, the higher the returns that the bettor will be able to win. However, the biggest factor that gamblers must take into account is that should one selection lose, then the stake is lost. There are different tactics that can be implemented to increase the chances of winning.

This can be done by having two three-team parlays, but this tactic will result in lower returns. However, it would mean a higher chance of having a winning bet. This is a more high-risk type of betting, but it could result in huge returns should you win a six-team accumulator.

Soccer Future Betting

The outright betting on the Premier League and other major competitions is the most popular way to wager money on a competition, and these can be found under the future category on sportsbooks websites. Bettors will be able to wager on the team that will win the titles, as well as the teams that will be relegated from the leagues around the world. These types of bets are a simple win or lose, with returns awarded to gamblers should they have put their stakes on the winning team. Here are the future bets that you can place on soccer:

  • League winners
  • Teams to be relegated
  • Top Goalscorer

When To Bet On The Soccer Outright Markets

Picking the correct time to place these wagers is often the most important factor to consider. The odds constantly change throughout the season for these wagers, with the team starting as the favorite for the title not necessarily being the same as the frontrunners in the betting for the league title in December.

Picking the best time with the best odds is the most important aspect in order for gamblers to achieve the highest possible returns. That means placing a bet before the season has started isn’t always the best decision, as you could get better value by waiting for a later point in the season.

Soccer Props Bets

One of the most entertaining ways to bet on soccer is by taking advantage of the prop bets, or proposition bets market. This type of bet is the most unique available to bettors as they can bet on almost everything in the fixture. There are multiple prop bets available when betting on soccer, with the most common revolving around the first goalscorer, first team to score and first player to be carded.

These bets can also be combined with many of the leading sportsbooks, as they allow bettors to stake money on the first scorer and the correct score in the match. These markets can be incredibly lucrative for gamblers, but more work must go in during the research process to ensure that the best possible wager can be made. The following research aspects must be included when betting on all things revolving around soccer, but especially when gambling on the prop markets:

  • Looking into form
  • Latest team news
  • Recent head to head results
  • Certain patters- such as players goal-scoring records against particular teams
  • Comparing odds
  • Where the game is taking place, and the records of both sides in that stadium
  • Fixture schedule- teams with heavy fixture congestion will have tired players

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