Premier League Vegas Odds and Game Guide


The Premier League is one of the most-watched sporting leagues in the world, and it is also an incredibly lucrative betting avenue for punters. Every week bettors around the world would look at the fixtures and English Premiership odds to make their predictions for the upcoming round of matches.

Some of the most famous teams in the world compete in the Premier League, with Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City all among the teams that compete for vital points every weekend. As well as individual matches, punters also can lay stakes on specific markets, which run for the duration of the season. Football, as it is more commonly known outside the US is the most wagered-on sport in the world and these matches can be incredibly lucrative should punters with their ‘football’ odds on the premier league win.

One of the most lucrative examples of this came in the 2015-16 season when Leicester City defied their 5000/1 odds to win the league title. This remains one of the biggest winning bets ever, and nowadays bookmakers don’t offer this kind of price on any team at the beginning of the season.

Here are the latest Premiership outright betting odds for the winners and for who will be relegated this season.

Premier League Odds

Premier League 22/23 Winners Vegas Odds

Man City-250
Liverpool +3300
Man United+6600
All Other Selections+50000 or more

Premier League 22/23 Relegation Vegas Odds

Nottingham Forest-163
All Other Selections+800 or more

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Premier League Live

How to watch Premier League live? The answer depends on your location. If you’re based in the United Kingdom, the stations that broadcast the Premier League are Sky Sports and BT Sport. In addition, subscription-based streaming service Amazon Prime Video also broadcasts some matches.

If you live in the United States, you can watch Premier League live at NBC Sports (English language) or Telemundo Deportes (Spanish language). Soccer fans from Canada can watch live matches on DAZN.

In other parts of the world, Premier League matches are broadcasted by a number of different media companies, most notably Sky Sport (Germany, Italy, etc.), Sport Klub (the Balkans), DAZN (Spain, Brazil, Japan, etc.), and many others.


The Premier League was first introduced as the top league in England in 1992. Since then, there have been 49 teams to have competed in the division, with six of them having won the league title. Manchester United are the most successful club in the Premier League era as they have won 13 league titles. Chelsea and Manchester City have both won it five times, while Arsenal have claimed three wins. Leicester and Blackburn Rovers have each won the league title on one occasion.

The division features 20 teams, with the bottom three relegated every season and replaced by the three teams that have been promoted from the Championship. The teams in the top four are rewarded for their efforts with a place in the Champions League, while fifth-spot are given a Europa League place. However, sixth and seventh spots could also be eligible for that same competition should the team that has won the domestic competitions already have a place in one of the European competitions.

Premier League Champions

1992–93Manchester United
1993–94Manchester United
1994–95Blackburn Rovers
1995–96Manchester United
1996–97Manchester United
1998–99Manchester United
1999–2000Manchester United
2000–01Manchester United
2002–03Manchester United
2006–07Manchester United
2007–08Manchester United
2008–09Manchester United
2010–11Manchester United
2011–12Manchester City
2012–13Manchester United
2013–14Manchester City
2015–16Leicester City
2017–18Manchester City
2018–19Manchester City
2020-21Manchester City
2021-22Manchester City

All-Time Highlights

Leicester City’s road to the Premier League title in the season 2015-16 is arguably the biggest highlight in the history of this competition. Of course, there were many other interesting stories in its almost three-decades-long history.  

The Premier League made soccer fans cry tears of joy a countless number of times. Sir Alex Ferguson got Manchester United fans used to trophies back in the day, winning the record number of titles. Similarly, Arsene Wenger and his ‘Invincibles’ made Arsenal fans forget what defeat means.

The Premier League has also left some fans heartbroken. Just think of Steven Gerrard’s slip in 2014 which cost Liverpool their first-ever Premier League title. There were also some tragic moments, such as the death of Leicester City owner in a helicopter crash owner, two years after his team made one of the greatest achievements in the history of the game.

Making soccer fans emotional is not Premier League’s only superpower. This competition has the ability to turn anyone into a passionate fan. If you still haven’t fallen in love with the ‘beautiful game’ one look at some of the best goals in the Premier League history should change that.

Speaking of goals, Alan Shearer is the player to have scored the most goals in the competition, as he scored 260 during his spells at Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers. Meanwhile, Gareth Barry has made the most appearances as he has appeared in the Premier League on 653 occasions.

Premier League Transfers

The Premier League operates with two transfer windows – one in the Summer which tends to run until the start of the season, and one in the winter which runs for the month of January.

The biggest transfers tend to take place in the summer and it’s when the biggest fees are paid. The winter window is reserved for “panic” purchases, usually for those at the bottom of the table who are desperately looking for some kind of inspiration to save them from relegation.

We’ve seen the transfer record be broken on a number of occasions, and the record fee paid by an English club came in the summer of 2021 when Manchester City paid a reported $139m dollars to Aston Villa to sign the England star, and it won’t be a surprise if that record is broken again soon.

How to Bet on the Premier League

There are numerous betting options when it comes to betting on the Premier League, and they range from season-long bets to individual match bets. As is always the way when betting on sport, research is essential before placing a bet on either market.

Premier League Betting

Premier League Winners

The most popular way to bet on the Premier League is by placing a stake on the team that you believe will be crowned champions at the end of the campaign. The odds for this market are set up at the end of the previous season, and they constantly change throughout the summer, and the season.

Teams who have a bad run of form will see their price rise, while those who are looking to be in a strong position will see their shorten. The bet will be settled when the league title is decided. Punters will receive their winnings should their selection win. However, if they pick the wrong team, then the stake will be lost.

Top Four Finish

There are so many aspects to the Premier League that ensures it is captivating until the final day of the season, and the battle for a place in the top four is something that is always decided on the final day. The top four finish is lucrative for clubs as there is huge financial gain. However, the most important factor that is achieved with a top-four finish is a place in the following season’s Champions League.

Bettors can bet on the team that they believe will finish in these places. The bet is decided at the end of the season, with returns given should the punter’s selection have finished in the Champions League places. The bigger clubs will have the shorter prices, while teams that are expected to finish in the lower half will have higher odds.

To Be Relegated

At the opposite end of the table there is also an almighty struggle for teams looking to stay in the division. The financial gain that comes with the Premier League ensures that this is always a battle that gets the juices flowing. Punters can make their selection on this market throughout the season with the prices constantly changing due to form.

Bets are settled when the teams are condemned to relegation. If a bettor has laid their stake on a team that has been relegated then they will receive the winnings. However, if the selection chosen isn’t relegated then the bet is settled as a loser.

Other Premier League Betting Options

As well as the already mentioned betting markets there are also more that can appeal to punters looking to bet on the Premier League. Here are the most common:

  • Next Manager To Be Sacked: The managerial markets are some of the most popular available. Punters would need to correctly predict the next manager to lose their job to win the returns.
  • Top Goalscorer: There are some of the best strikers in world football in the Premier League, and that makes this market interesting. Punters will need to correctly predict the player to score the most goals in the division.
  • Top Half Finish: This is one of the more uncommon markets where punters can lay their stake on the team that they believe will finish in the top ten.

Individual Match Betting

There are also an extensive number of markets to utilize for all 380 fixtures to be played in the Premier League over the course of the season. Here are some of the most popular markets that you can expect to bet on.

Match Result

The most common way to bet on a Premier League fixture is by correctly predicting the outcome. Punters will lay their stake on either of the sides or the draw. The bet will be settled when the referee has blown the full-time whistle. If the punter has correctly predicted the result, then they will be rewarded with the returns.

Both Teams To Score

Punters will need to simply place their stake on either yes or no in this market. If they put their stake on yes, then they will need both teams to score in the match. The bet is ended at full-time. For instance, if a punter bets on both teams to score in the fixture between Manchester City and Everton and it ends 2-1, then the bet will be a winner.

Over/Under Markets

Punters don’t have to simply bet on the outcome of the match. Instead, they can opt to bet on this market and bet on whether there will be more or fewer goals, cards or corners than the benchmark that is set by the bookmaker. For instance, a punter may choose to bet on over 2.5 goals for the match between Manchester United and Aston Villa. If there are three or more goals in this match, then the bet will be a winner. However, if there aren’t any more than two, then the stake is lost.

Handicap Betting

There is a big difference between the best sides in the league and the worse, and for that reason, the handicap market is one of the most popular. The favourite in a match will start with a handicap that they will need to overcome in order for the bet to be a winner. For example, in a match between Liverpool and Norwich City, Liverpool may start with a handicap of -2.5. That means that they will need to win by at least three goals for the bet to be a winner.


One of the more lucrative betting options for punters is the Scorecast. Here, punters will need to correctly predict the player to score the first goal and the exact score-line at full-time. Both of these aspects need to be correct for the bet to be a winner. There are also first goalscorer, correct score, and wincast markets that are less specific than this one.

Fantasy Premier League

Apart from the good old sports betting, there’s another way to cash in on your Premier League knowledge. What we’re talking about is fantasy sports. If you’re not familiar with how it works, Fantasy Premier League is a game in which you assemble an imaginary squad according to certain rules.

The whole point of the game is to pick a team of players who are going to perform the best in the following round. To be able to do that, you need to possess extensive Premier League knowledge, as well as to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the world’s most popular soccer league.

Luckily for you, VegasOdds.com is here to help you. Our website is the place where you can find all the info you need both for betting and fantasy sports.

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