Dutch Eredivisie Odds and Betting Guide


The Dutch Eredivisie is one of the most popular leagues among the punters all around the world. The attacking style of play and high-efficiency are the reasons for such a positive reception among the betting fans.

It is known as a competition where many talented players come to build themselves a name before heading to some top European club. Remember Romario, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, and many other guys who played for a while here.

Also, the youth academies of the Dutch clubs are the best in the world, with ajax leading the way in that category.

Dutch Eredivisie Odds

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European Competitions

All the above-mentioned is why Dutch clubs played a major role in the Europan stage. This country has three European champions – Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord, with the note that the Lancers won this competition four times. Besides that, they have two more UEFA Super Cups and Intercontinental Cups as well as one UEFA and Cup Winners’ Cup.

PSV won UCL once in 1988, and posted one UEFA Cup trophy, while Feyenoord became the first club from this country to conquer Europe in 1970, the same year they’ve won the Intercontinental Cup, and later added two UEFA Cups.

Format of the Competition

The first-placed team at the end of the season is the champion and it advances to the Champions League qualifications. The second in the standings also heads for the qualifiers, only to the non-champions path.

Third and fourth are entering the Europa League qualifications, while teams placed from 5th to 8th place enter the playoffs for the last spot which leads to the Europa League qualifications.

Regarding the relegation, the last team in the standings is directly sent to the second tier, or Eerstedivisie.

The next two are entering the playoffs with the teams from the lower tier and battle for the place in the elite.

The tie-breaker is the goal-difference, then the higher numbers of goals scored. After that the number of points in head-to-head clashes, and the goal difference of the same, with the note that an away-goal rule is introduced if needed in this case.

Betting on Eredivisie

There are so many available options for betting when talking about Dutch football. Three clubs are always competing for the title, with several of them trying to make a breakthrough and always threatening to jump out from the dark and amaze the world,

The most popular bets on the individual matches are:

  1. Full-Time result
  2. Over/Under
  3. Over 1.5 HT
  4. Both Teams to score

It is not a hard task to see that betting here revolves around goals, and high-efficiency as we mentioned earlier in the text.

Outright bets are also very popular. We will mention just a few of them here.

  1. Winner
  2. Top Goalscorer
  3. Highest Scoring Team
  4. To Finnish Bottom

Tips and Tricks When Betting on Eredivisie

Feyenoord knows to oscillate from year to year, but Ajax and PSV stand above all other teams in the league. That is why they often produce extremely high victories over their rivals at home. It’s no wonder to see Ajax demolishing some team with 6 or 7 goals at home. So have that on your mind, it will be useful when betting before or during the event.

High efficiency is the trademark of this league, and don’t be afraid to experiment with some unusual bets. Two or even three goals in the first 45 minutes are normal.

Also, many teams in the Netherlands are using an artificial surface, which is suitable for higher efficiency. Be sure to check this before making a bet on a certain match

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