What Is a ‘Parlay’ Bet?


Parlay betting is a type of wager in which multiple bets are combined into one and is also known as an accumulator (ACCA). This means that all of the bets must be successful in order to win the parlay. If even one bet loses, the entire parlay is lost. Parlays need to include at least two selections but depending on the sportsbook, you can include as many as you like.

How Parlay Odds are Calculated

The odds on a parlay bet are multiplied together and a single wager amount is made – this can increase your potential winnings, but is higher risk as you’ll receive nothing unless all the selections win. It can be particularly useful when betting on favorites, as demonstrated here with two different wager types:


As you can see, wagering $10 on each selection will only yield a profit of $21.69, but if one of the selections was to let you down you could still make a small profit. If you combine all the selections into a parlay and place a combined wager, then there’s a much greater return on offer:


Best Online Sportsbooks for Parlay Betting

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