What Does ‘All in’ Mean?


“All in” is a phrase that refers to a bettor who has placed all of their money on a single bet. It is typically used in online sports betting for any sport but is most commonly used in poker.

For Example

A game of poker is the most likely event to offer a scenario of someone going ‘all in’. If a player had 500 chips left and decided to wager them all on a single hand, this would be an example of someone going all in.

Things To Consider

  1. Going ‘all in’ really is an all-or-nothing scenario. You must be prepared for your game to be over and to be left with nothing if you are unsuccessful.
  2. It’s the ultimate high-risk move to make during a game, so you need to be confident that your hand has an excellent chance of winning
  3. Going all in can also be used as a psychological move against your opponents. If done correctly, they have to consider the possibility that you have an outstanding hand. Going all in can be used as part of a bluff, however, it’s extremely high risk.
  4. Don’t bet “all in” on emotion: It’s easy to let your emotions get in the way of making a good decision when it comes to sports betting. Try to keep your emotions in check and focus on making a rational decision.