What Does ‘Alt Points’ Mean?


Alt Points are also known as alternative point spreads and are used in sports betting to give the bettor more options. They are point spreads that are set by the sportsbook and are usually set at a half-point or one-point higher or lower than the standard point spread. This allows bettors to create different betting scenarios and increase the chances of winning.

For Example

Let’s say a football game has a regular point spread of -7, meaning the favorite is expected to win by 7 points. If the alt points are set at -10, then the bettor would be able to take the alt points and potentially gain an edge over the sportsbook, as the favorite would now need to win by 10 points in order for the bettor to win their bet.

Always Keep in Mind

  1. By doing research and understanding the different point spreads, bettors can often find extra value in the wagers they are making. Additionally, it is important to review the different lines from multiple bookmakers to find the best value.
  2. Be aware that alt-points can introduce an increased risk of losing the bet