What Is a ‘Field’ Bet in Horse Racing?


A field bet in horse racing is a bet that covers all the horses in a race. It is a type of multiple bet where the punter bets on every horse in a race to win. If any of the horses chosen win, then the punter will collect the winnings. The odds are usually lower than betting on an individual horse, but the chances of winning are higher.

How is the Wager Calculated in a Field Bet?

The wager is the amount of money that is placed on the field bet. When the bet is placed, the total stake is split equally between all the horses in the race. For example, if the punter places a $10 bet on a field of 8 horses, then each horse will receive a $1.25 stake. The winnings will be calculated based on the odds of each horse.

Can You Make a Profit With a Field Bet?

The chances of returning a profit with a field bet are lower than betting on an individual horse. This is because the odds of each horse are generally lower than the odds of an individual horse. However, the chances of at least one horse winning are higher with a field bet, so there is still a chance of making a profit.