What Is ‘Match Fixing’?


Match fixing refers to sporting events where the outcome has been predetermined in bad faith by an outside source — usually a betting syndicate, match-fixer, or an organized crime group. The opposing teams may be aware of the fix, or they may be unwitting participants in the scheme. Generally, players and officials involved in the fix will receive some sort of financial reward for their cooperation, and the fixers will benefit from the betting proceeds

Why is Match Fixing so Common?

The rise of betting and the sheer number of markets in sports betting is a great thing for the bettor who wants to have a variety of options, but every new betting market does open up a vulnerability to match-fixing.

While we may think of it as a team trying to fix the result of an entire game, prop betting means that only one player needs to be involved. You can bet on things like a player to be sent off or ejected from a game and multiple other things that they have control over, while there is also serious money to be made if enough money is placed on these markets.

How Common is Match Fixing?

It’s impossible to determine an exact number, however, soccer is believed to be the most vulnerable sport with 1 in 200 games being flagged for suspicious betting activity.