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Making a deposit at an online sports book should be easy and convenient however there are times when using a credit card can be difficult, especially bank credit cards and debit cards. Many of these credit cards and debit cards have restrictions for usage outside of the United States and therefore can be difficult to make a deposit using those credit cards or debit cards.

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The same policy applies for American Express but there are many countries that do not have these restrictions for those that use the Amex and allow for deposits to be made using the American Express card. This is why American Express is quickly becoming one of the most convenient and efficient means of making a deposit for those living outside of the United States.

It is very hard nowadays to find an offshore online sportsbooks that will allow clientele from the United States to make a deposit card. Just because it’s hard… Doesn’t mean it’s impossible! In this next section, we will explain to you how you go about making a deposit with your American Express card while living in the United States of America.

Advantages of Using Amex

Amex is still the favorite credit card used by many bettors. This brand offers several benefits listed below.

  • Instant transfer: You can withdraw your money quickly because all transactions are processed instantly. No hassle and long hours to send from or to your Amex account.
  • Security and reputation: Making online deals can be precarious at times. Not all of us are sure about the status of financial companies. Safety and well-known reputation are the most vital items Amex provide. Amex has existed for a long time and been a global brand in the commercial service industry. Therefore, people are sure that this name offers the best safety measure in protecting its customers while doing online transactions.
  • More significant credit limits: Amex cards offer flexibility for you to fund your gambling account as they accommodate a more extensive credit amount than any other cards.
  • Convenience: This is also an essential factor. Using Amex cards for any transactions is very simple.

Disadvantages of Using Amex

No matter how reputable a brand is, nothing’s flawless in this world. Amex as a payment method also has some minus points.

  • Less familiar than VISA or MasterCard: Not all online casino accepts Amex card, despite its prominent reputation in a financial service business. But, you don’t have to worry about it as there are some that take Amex as a payment method.
  • Not every casino allows withdrawal: Even if those online bookmakers accept Amex, you won’t find it easy to withdraw your money. This is because those online casinos only take Amex as payment. For withdrawal, you need to link your Amex card with an alternative option or a bank account.
  • It is not entirely free of charge: You may need to pay a processing fee on your deposit or withdrawal, depending on the terms of your chosen online casinos.

Comparing Amex with Other Payment Methods

American Express is as famous as VISA and MasterCard, and together they are the most used credit cards for online transactions, including for online gambling purposes.

As explained above, many online bookmakers accept Amex, but only a few of which allow withdrawal from your card. This is perhaps one of the main differentiating factors when it comes to Amex versus VISA and MasterCard.

Types of Cards

Amex has various types of credit cards designed to address the needs of its customers. Basic is the lowest level, and you can upgrade it to the Centurion – for VIPs and high rollers. Of course, there are income thresholds on each level, as well as perks, fee structures, and other things.

For gambling, you can use any card, either Basic or Centurion. However, if you gamble using the more exclusive cards, you will get many benefits such as lower fees, rewards, and so on.

Using Third Party Affiliates With Amex

Citizens of the United States will have issues trying to make deposits using an American Express card due to legalities and policies set forth by the US government. That being said, there are ways to work around the regulations by utilizing a third-party or middleman.

One of the most popular third-party gambling entities is Neteller. Neteller will allow you to use your American Express card to deposit money into the Neteller account, then you can send money from the Neteller account to your online sportsbook. There are some additional fees absorbed by using 2 transactions but if American Express is your card of choice, it may be worth it to you.

Amex Helps With Bankroll Management

One of the nice features of using an American Express card to make a deposit at a offshore online sports book is the fact that Amex obligations must be paid the following month, for most cards. This means that most people will be cautious on how much money they will deposit based on the fact that they have to pay that back the following month.

In addition to paying back the obligations the following month, there are also usually deposit limits and fees set forth by the online sports book that prevents one from making multiple deposits in the same week, while using an American Express card.

Overall Conclusion Of Amex

Our overall opinion of using the American Express card to make deposits is sort of mixed. There are some benefits using the Amex but there are also some disadvantages of using the Amex card. We feel that their options that provide you with a better value your dollar than the fees accrued by using the American Express card. Even when you’re using a service such as Neteller, the extra fees that you will take on simply don’t make it beneficial to use the American Express card.

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