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MasterCard deposit method

MasterCard is one of the most well known credit card’s and is used by gamblers around the world for making deposits and withdraws. Using a MasterCard for your gambling needs is pretty much available at any online sportsbook that you may use. Using a MasterCard Credit Card makes the process easy once you have provided the online sportsbook with your information and card number because they will hold the information on file and make it available for multiple transactions in the future.

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Benefits of MasterCard for Online Gambling:

There are plenty of reasons why people use and love MasterCard:

  • Reliable and secure: Satisfaction is guaranteed when using this card. Every transaction is processed in seconds without hassles. Security, of course, is top-notch thanks to the 16-digit account number called tokenization. The feature guarantees a more secure transaction in case your personal information is stolen.
  • Worldwide reputation: Besides VISA and AMEX, MasterCard is a global brand that has been around for half a century. People know how excellent the reputation is.
  • Flexible for all purposes: It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for shopping, business, or gambling purposes. MasterCard understands what you need.
  • Lots of promotions: We love special offers, and there are plenty to be had when using MasterCard to fund your online betting accounts.

Disadvantages of MasterCard for Online Gambling

As trustworthy and widely recognized as a brand MasterCard is, this particular payment method isn’t that well suited for bettors residing in USA. Since the Unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006, quite a number of online casinos have stopped accepting MasterCard as a deposit option as stipulated in the legislation.

Even for the ones that do accept it, they may still not offer it as a way to withdraw your funds, meaning you’ll have to use an alternative method in order to carry out this task. This, of course, makes it rather cumbersome as you’ll need to use two methods instead of one.

Another downside is that casinos, as well as the card providers, usually charge a small fee for performing transactions. Though this applies for most, if not all, credit cards, it’s something that you should be aware of nonetheless.

Dependability and Reliability of MasterCard

When you use your MasterCard to make a deposit or withdraw with your favorite online sportsbook, you will have the dependability and reliability of using a credit card that has been around since the late 1960’s and one that is relied upon by millions of people around the world for 50+ years.

MasterCard is accepted worldwide and most people use the MasterCard brand for their gambling deposits and withdraws because they know that while using MasterCard, they are using a stabile bank without the worry of their bank having issues with funding and making good on their payments.

Safety and Security of MasterCard

When you are placing wagers at an online sportsbook, one of the most important aspects is whether your deposits and withdraws are safe and secured. In today’s world of credit card fraud and stolen identity, we need to be careful with what cards we are using and if our information is obtained from an outside source, will the money be guaranteed.

With MasterCard, there are multiple fraud prevention levels to help prevent your information from being obtained illegally and to prevent credit card fraud. MasterCard utilizes preventative measures such as EMV Chip Protection, SecureCode and Card Validation Code 2 Services to help maintain the highest level of security during your gambling transactions.

PrePaid MasterCards

There are many different options for those who do not have worthy enough credit to receive a secured credit card, such as purchasing PrePaid MasterCards. You can purchase PrePaid MasterCards at various big box stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target and Rite Aid. These PrePaid MasterCards allow you to make a deposit on the card, then use the card for purchases.

These types of MasterCards are well worth the few dollars that they will charge you in fees due to the fact that you have no liability or risk with the credit card. Basically, if you deposit $500 on the card, you are only at risk for the $500 if your card is lost or stolen.

The reason we like these prepaid MasterCards for gambling is because there is no bill, there is no statement that will come in the mail and they are much more discreet than using an actual monthly accountable credit card. If you want to make a deposit to your favorite online sportsbook, you simply make a deposit onto your prepaid MasterCard and then contact your sportsbook with the credit card number. The process is simple and can be completed in minutes!

Other Types of Cards

Besides Prepaid, there are different types of cards from MasterCard:

  • Debit – The card is tied directly to your bank account. When you buy something, or there is money sent to your gambling account, you can withdraw the funds instantly from your bank account. Make sure you have a ready amount of cash to use this card.
  • Gift Cards – This card is similar to Prepaid; the gift card enables users to load a specific amount of funds onto a card and give to someone special as a gift.
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