French Open (2019)

The 2019 French Open is upon us and you will definitely want to get ahead of events. This is why we have brought you a detailed preview of the event and everything you need to know – from the French Open odds, to predictions, and whether or not Rafael Nadal and Roger Fedeer are still on the rise. With Dominic Thiem just missing out on a title and Stefanos Tsitsipas slated as the underdog, the upcoming edition of the Roland Garros promises to be quite exciting indeed.

The French Open this year will see a strong field of contestants enter the event for a chance to win the title at Roland-Garros. After a staggering final between Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsipras at the 2019 Madrid Mutua Open, your expectations of the upcoming Grand Slam event are understandably not calibrated just yet.

What you need to know about Roland Garros/French Open 2019
Time2 AM PDT
LocationStade Roland-Garros in Paris, France
Prize$48.4 million

Tsitsipas played outstandingly against Djokovic in the final, but he still couldn’t bring the Serbian to his knees, losing with 6:3, 6:4 in a quick decisive round of sets. Despite losing the finals, Tsitsipas is definitely one of the most interesting players to keep an eye out for in the upcoming Roland-Garros.

So far as great French Open odds go, you should check out how the Madrid event went down. Tsitsipas outlasted a crowded field of very skilled competitors, including Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. Nadal is definitely a formidable player who has won 7 out of the last 10 French Open championships, and while he is still the primed favorite for this year’s title, the competition from other players intensifies.

Alex Zverev, Tsitsipas, and Thiem all promise to be worthy contenders for the title and we expect their odds to change as we draw closer to the event.

Previous French Open Men Winners
2018Rafael Nadal
2017Rafael Nadal
2016Novak Djokovic
2015Stan Wawrinka
2014Rafael Nadal
2013Rafael Nadal
2012Rafael Nadal
2011Rafael Nadal
2010Rafael Nadal
2009Roger Federer

Nadal Not in Top Shape

Despite his dominant play style and impressive career, Rafael Nadal, the 7-time French Open champion is not in his best form. The 20-year-old Tsitsipas managed to steal a hard-fought but well deserved victory. Tsitsipas won the first set with 6-4 and succumbed to a resurgent Nadal in the second set with 2-6 going in the way of the Spaniard. However, Tsipras responded by dropping a perfect 6-3 set in which Nadal was unable to keep up. The French Open odds still favor him, but this is very likely to change soon enough.

Tsitsipas also did well against Zverev who fought a close battle at the Madrid court, losing 2-1 in total sets. The first set finished 7-5 in favor of Tsitsipas followed by 3-6 in favor of Zverev. The third set saw Tsitsipas come back and dismantle his opponent with a decisive 6-2.

Federer Not Master of the Clay

Roger Federer is a natural go-to pick, but the Swiss has not been known to be the best player on clay. It’s because of this that you will find some pretty outstanding odds on him that will guarantee you a solid windfall should Federer surge to victory against many of the promising players attending this year’s edition of the event.

Federer is unlikely to top the competition, but a wager on an underdog such as him is definitely a very promising stake carrying a great ROI.

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