League of Legends (LoL) Betting Sites in 2020


League of Legends has quickly become one of the defining MOBA experiences. A game that has been criticized for emulating Dota 2, League of Legends has spawned its own, unique and highly-entertaining legacy.

With millions of players around the world watching and four million r/leagueoflegends subscribers, LoL as the game is known for short, is one of the main esports competitions to bet on. Today we review the best League of Legends betting sportsbooks, where to find them and how betting on LoL actually works.

Here is a list of top sportsbooks that offer great LoL betting markets and the opportunity to pick a decent bonus on your way in:

LoL Betting Sites in 2020

These are the best sportsbooks that we recommend as of 2020 based on bonuses, odds and overall betting experience:

  1. BetOnline
  2. MyBookie
  3. Sportsbetting.ag
  4. Xbet
  5. Intertops
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Check the LoL Welcome Bonuses and Betting Offers

League of Legend betting starts with a simple step – registering your account at a highly trusted sportsbook that will provide you with sufficient markets and betting opportunities. Yet, it never hurts to pick up a relevant bonus, and today we will talk about that. Esports bonuses, and LoL bonuses in particular come with very simple wagering requirements that make them easy to cash out.

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus is certainly the one you want to pick when you first set up your account. Admittedly, they will have a bearing your betting strategy so keep this in mind. While a 50% to 200% bonus on your first deposit can be quite tempting, some League of Legends bettors prefer to skip the bonus and go it alone. However, League of Legends is one of the few franchised competitive games, which means you can enjoy betting action almost every day, making cashing out your bonus very easy indeed.

Free Bets

League of Legends betting can be quite intricate when it comes to the playthrough requirements. This is where the free bets come in quite handy. Some sportsbooks can appreciate the individualism of esports players and they have tailored their bets to match that. As a result, you can claim free bets that, while still subject to playthrough requirements, will be ultimately quite helpful.

More League of Legend Bonuses to Consider

There are tons of viable betting offers you can scoop up all over the place. League of Legends is in fact very handy. Outside the welcome bonuses, you can always find a refer a friend offer or perhaps a cashback that will offer back between 20% and 50% on all your weekly losses to wager again. Another popular type of bet is the risk-free wager you can make up to $25 or $50, depending on your bookie. There are some individual booster promotions that specifically target an upcoming game or event. There is always a good bonus to scoop up when betting on League of Legends, not least because of the far more dynamic nature and global footprint of the game.

Understanding the LoL Betting Bonuses Terms and Conditions

One question that players seem to ask again and again is whether an esports bonus is worth it. This has prompted esports bookies to come up with very malleable bonus terms that won’t take a whole lot to complete.

Yet, it’s always good to know that some terms will apply – such as the rollover, which will also expect you to play your bets through at certain odds values, such as 1.40 or 1.50 for example.

This could vary from one sportsbook to the next, but the good news is League of Legends betting bonuses are very easy to clear, owing to the dozens of games taking place around the world every day!

How to Choose a Top League of Legends Betting Site

There are quite a few tell-tale signs you can use to calibrate your choice of a League of Legends gambling site. It is actually simpler than it sounds. All you need to do is make sure you check for several underlying criteria that will guarantee that you have picked the best LoL betting site out there. Let’s have a look at what these criteria are.

Plenty of LoL betting Options to Choose From

Market variety is quite important. While you may stick to a more conservative approach at first and bet exclusively on game winners, the more heated the Twitch conversions become, the more you would like to be an outlier. Therefore, predicting some specific events within the game are often quite tempting.

Kills, the first team to down the Dragon or Baron Nashor are all predictions players would be quite happy to bet on. In fact, there often are over 60 different LoL bets you can choose from!  

The Best LoL Odds

Odds will mostly be the same from one sportsbook to the next, but some exceptions do exist. It’s an old bettors’ trick to shop around and pick the best bets. Esports fans might not be so accustomed to it, but it actually helps. First off, one of the League of Legends betting sites actually offers bad odds.

However, you can get a bit of an edge by simply comparing odds between LoL gambling sites. You don’t have to even register, as all odds will be available quite readily. By having two or three sportsbooks handy to compare your LoL bets, you can always make sure you are betting on the best possible odds. That way, you are always negating the “bookmaker’s edge” a bit.

Extensive Tournament and Events Coverage

League of Legends is slightly different in nature than Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions. The game is actually run as a “franchised league,” meaning that each region gets its own competitive season that features dozens of games every week.

In fact, you can even think of the LoL competitive season as you would about any mainstream sports event. Therefore, it’s important that the League of Legends site you end up choosing actually runs extensive coverage of these games. Some markets, such as China, South Korea, North American and Europe will be more prominent and therefore desirable betting opportunities, owing to the higher player skill level in those regions, and particularly in Asia.

In-play LoL Bets

Because the game entails a picking and banning phase, in-play bets can become very interesting to make. Similar to Dota, League of Legends has multiple game stages, such as early, mid and late game. Yet, the dynamic of the game is slightly different because it’s easier for characters to scale up as the game progresses thanks to the special attributes. Yet, the same basic rules apply. You still need to be able to tell what compositions suggest and to spot the slight tremors and changes in the game flow to place a preemptive LoL live bet.

Guide to Placing a Successful Bet on League of Legends

So, how can you actually turn your love for League of Legends into successful bets? For the sake of full disclosure, it’s always worth knowing that not all of your bets will turn out the way you expect them to be. However, there are quite a few objective criteria you can take into consideration to help yourself along. We have put a list of actionable League of Legends betting tips to make your next wager as successful as possible.

  • Current form matters – When picking a team, you ought to be familiar with what their standing is. Since League of Legends offers so many games, you can track the teams you would like to bet on quite successfully and see if they consistently deliver good performance or quite the opposite – end up struggling more often than not. Reading up and staying in touch with the community is equally important.
  • Analyze specific match-ups – Always take time to see how two teams perform against each other. There’s no guarantee that just because one LoL team is ahead in the standings, they are not in fact challenged when it comes to head-to-head clashes. For instance, Gen.G might be ahead in the LCK Spring standings, but SK Telecom T1 has already beaten them, even though SK are second in the standings.
  • Players skipping games – While local competitions seldom see players unable to attend, something minor can crop up. A player could get sick or they might need to skip a game, leaving a team, on at least one occasion, slightly sub-par in terms of performance. That is not a bad piece of information to use as the basis of your next bet at all.

League of Legends Bet Types

There are dozens of viable bets you can place on League of Legends. Outside the standard ones, i.e. match winner, future, and in-play bets, the very nature of the game allows you to pick from a number of other markets, too. You will have great many bets to choose from. Here are a few popular LoL markets you can actually bet on and add a variety of opportunities to your game as well:

  • Total Maps Played
  • First Blood
  • First to 10 Kills (Map)
  • Odd/Even Kills
  • First to 5 Kills

All of these bets are at least a bit arbitrary in the sense they will often change. You can see a First Blood bet for each of the three maps on Bo3 series, but there are no guarantees that a Bo3 series would go the distance.

A team could win after 2 maps. Therefore, betting on League of Legends can be quite entertaining and the more familiar you become with the game, the more your bets can get a little more insightful – perhaps even too much for the sake of sportsbooks’ comfort.

However, you are here to improve upon your own betting game and not really worry about how the sportsbooks would handle a deluge of knowledgeable “punters.”

Main LoL Betting Events and Tournaments

League of Legends has a global footprint with Riot Games investing heavily in local competitions, mid-season showdowns and the World Championship that crowns all the hard efforts teams have been putting in all year round.  

And so, the LoL season is heavy with betting opportunities with events held all over the world, including the Americas, Europe, Asia and all sorts of international events. There are multiple conference playoffs, academy tournaments, and Twitch Rivals showdown.

Making sense of them all can quickly prove a bit too overwhelming, but thankfully, there are many handy tools that will help you keep track, such as the LoL Gamepedia. You have plenty of weekly games to bet on so don’t hesitate to actually give these a go.

The World Championship will certainly be one of the biggest draws, so keep this in mind and don’t hesitate to give it a go, even if you have missed most of the regular season games.

Top League of Legends Betting Tips & Predictions

We all want to turn our next bet into a legendary success. While the prospect of a massive payout definitely looks great, some of the most experienced bettors will confirm the same thing over and over again. You can’t really hit a seven-figure jackpot betting on League of Legends. What you can do, however, is to consistently place great bets. Here is how:

  1. Pick markets you understand. A conservative approach never hurts. Instead of trying to guess which team will score the first five kills or draw first blood, stick with game/match winners to begin with.
  2. Read up what the community thinks. With an active sub-Reddit of 4 million people, a lot of useful information flows in and out of the community boards. Speaking of boards, the official League of Legends forums are also very useful. People seldom talk about actual betting there, but they don’t mind partaking in heated debates which team would win next. You can even post topics and put your theories to a test and see what people would generally agree on.
  3. Don’t risk money on teams or games you are not sure about. In theory, you can hardly be sure about any game, but by teaching yourself the good virtue of patience, you can avoid a few silly bets you could have otherwise avoided.

These are just a few preliminary measures to consider yourself. Streamlining your ability to place successful bets will be developed over time and it will take some effort. The good news is League of Legends betting is fun and you needn’t have a big bankroll to get started.


First Deposit Bonus 50% UP TO $1000

MINIMUM deposit of $55.00 is required to qualify for the bonus.

You will receive a 50% bonus on your qualifying first deposit only.

Deposits via Skrill and Neteller do not qualify for this bonus.

The maximum bonus per deposit is $1,000.00.

Read the full terms and conditions click here