MLB Futures: MLB Division Odds Winners

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To guarantee a place in the postseason, MLB teams must win their division. Futures betting allows you to place a wager on a team to win their division, and you can find the latest odds for the 2023 season below:

Odds to Win NL West

Team Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers -50000
San Francisco Giants +2000
Arizona Diamondbacks +8000
San Diego Padres +8000

Odds to Win AL West

Team Odds
Texas Rangers -180
Houston Astros +275
Los Angeles Angels +1000
Seattle Mariners +1800

Odds to Win NL Central

Team Odds
Chicago Cubs +575
Cincinnati Reds +1200

Odds to Win AL East

Team Odds
Baltimore Orioles -1200
Tampa Bay Rays +700
Toronto Blue Jays +2000
New York Yankees +2200

Odds to Win AL Central

Team Odds
Detroit Tigers +2500
Chicago White Sox +4000

Odds to Win NL East

Team Odds
Atlanta Braves -50000
Philadelphia Phillies +4000
Miami Marlins +5000
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