Texas Sports Betting

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In the world of sports betting, Texas happens to be one of the states that are yet to move forward with the legalization and subsequent regulation of sports betting activities. It is safe to say that the state is generally not very gambling-friendly, something that its lawmakers who are proponents of the gambling sector have been working very hard to change. There are even speculations that 2021 could be the year when the Lone Star state finally decides to give sports betting a shot.

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No. Similar to the case of several other states across the country, sports betting in Texas is arguably floating in a gray area of sports. Since the state does not license or regulate any sportsbook, operating such businesses is illegal and will likely attract penalties or punishments. So, any ‘Texas’ sportsbook claiming to be licensed and regulated by authorities in the state is certainly not trustworthy enough to use.

Now, while operating a sportsbook is illegal in Texas, playing on an online sportsbook that is licensed and regulated elsewhere is not illegal in the state. Sports bettors can safely and confidently create accounts and place wagers with offshore sports betting sites without having to worry about getting into any trouble for breaking the law.

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When online betting, Texas has deemed it illegal within its borders but playing with any of the amazing offshore online sports betting sites catering to players from the state is allowed. For now, there are no state-regulated online sportsbooks which makes the choices that players have rather slim but most of them will certainly appreciate the freedom they have to pursue their interests in sports betting elsewhere. That is until lawmakers in Texas eventually decide to take a chance on the very lucrative sector.

How to Bet on Sports Online in Texas

For online sports betting, Texas’ circumstances make it quite simple and straightforward so you do not have to worry about facing any hurdles whether you are new to online gambling or are switching between various sportsbooks. Getting started is incredibly easy and it only gets better from there especially if you picked a great online sportsbook. Here is a brief breakdown of the steps you need to follow in case you are new to it or just simply need some reminders:

  1. Find a reputable online sportsbook that features all of the betting markets you love.
  2. Create an account with the sportsbook you have chosen by providing all of the required details.
  3. Add funds to your account using the available payment options.
  4. Once your account is verified claim any bonuses that the operator will have for you.
  5. Go through the list of betting markets and narrow down the ones you prefer to bet on.
  6. Analyze the odds then pick the ones that best suit you.
  7. Place your bet and wait for the outcome.

Many online sportsbooks always work hard to add features that will make the experience even better for their customers so it will not be surprising to find that some steps like creating an account, withdrawing funds, or depositing cash into your account have been made even simpler than ever before.

Texas’ Online Sportsbooks

One of the questions I get often is which are the best online sportsbooks to wager on while in the United States. For states with legal sports betting, it is pretty easy to settle on a great sportsbook but for others like Texas, choosing a sportsbook can be rather daunting. Well, not anymore. If you have been wondering which are the best offshore online sports betting sites that you can trust with your personal information and hard-earned cash, here are some of the ones you should keep an eye out for:

BetOnline Sportsbook – Perhaps the most notable thing that sets BetOnline apart is the fact that it capitalizes on bringing the best of US sports to bettors in states like Texas. So, whether you prefer to bet on professional sports leagues or collegiate sports there will also be something for you here. Players also get to enjoy massive bonuses, in-game betting features and cross-platform compatibility.

Bovada Sportsbook – Whether you are playing on a mobile device, a laptop or a desktop computer, this sportsbook offers an outstanding sports betting experience that is quite hard to beat. There are plenty of markets to choose from as well as lots of bonuses to add value to the already feature-packed sports betting site.

MyBookie Sportsbook – This site includes just about every betting line that every Texan sports bettor would ever want – this includes both major sports leagues in the United States as well as international sporting activities. In addition to that, it excels at offering some very neat value-adding features such as bonuses, promotions, and even bitcoin payments.

What about DraftKings and FanDuel?

Both DraftKings sportsbook (Texas) and FanDuel Sportsbook (Texas) are extremely popular in the US but as they are classified as regulated sportsbooks, they do not yet have a presence in Texas, though this could change in the future following appropriate legislation to allow them in the state.

Texas Sports Teams

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Texas has a pretty solid sports culture which makes it even all the more surprising that the state is yet to legalize sports betting. Thankfully, the offshore sportsbooks mentioned above are available to offers fans a chance to wager on their favorite leagues and teams

Texas’ Professional Sports Teams

When it comes to professional sports in the United States, Texas is home to the following teams:

College Sports Teams

In addition to its pro sports teams, Texas also has a decent number of collegiate sports teams. They include:

Can You Bet on Horses Online in Texas?

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For now, Texas does not allow any operator to offer online horse race betting within its borders. Residents or visitors who would like to bet on the sport need to visit any of the state’s authorized racetracks where they can place their wagers in-person. Another alternative would be offshore online sportsbooks or racebooks such as the ones mentioned earlier in this guide.

How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby in Texas

Betting on the Kentucky Derby online from Texas is fairly a simple process that is mostly the same as betting on any other sport. The only difference is that you will need to find an online betting site that offers odds on horse races and ensure that the Kentucky Derby is one of the activities they list. If they do, you will be good to go. Register your account, add some funds to its and wager away. It is that simple!