What Does ‘3 Way’ Mean in Betting?


A 3-way sports bet involves three potential outcomes for the bettor to wager on. These three outcomes are usually: win, draw, and loss, though different sports may have slightly different betting rules. The bettor must choose which of the three outcomes will happen in the game in order to win the bet.

It is similar to a 1×2 bet, except a 1×2 bet does not include the option of betting on any other possible outcomes, such as specifically a no-score draw or a penalty shootout.

Is It the Same as a Moneyline Bet?

The 3-way bet is not the same as a moneyline bet. A moneyline bet is a bet on the result of an event in which there are two possible outcomes, such as a boxing match in which the bettor can bet on either boxer to win. However, some sportsbooks such as FanDuel can sometimes put 3-way bets or 1×2 bets under “Moneyline”.

For Example

  • Examples of three-way bets include betting on which team will win outright, or betting on whether or not the game will end in a tie.
  • Other examples include betting on which team will have the most points at the end of a game or which team will have the highest score at halftime.

Did You Know

Three-way bets are most commonly used in sports such as soccer, basketball, and baseball.