What Does ‘RL’ Mean in Betting?


Depending on the context, RL can stand for two things. ‘Run Line’ is the most common use of the abbreviation, however, it can also be used in the context of a pick by calling it a ‘Rhino Lock’.

What is a Run Line in Baseball Betting?

It’s a type of bet in baseball that is similar to a point spread in other sports. The team favored to win must cover the Run Line to win the bet, while the underdog team can cover the Run Line and still lose the game.

For instance, if the run line is set at +1.5 and the favorite only wins by 1 run then the underdog has still covered the spread despite losing the game.

What is a Rhino Lock in Betting?

A rhino lock is a term used to describe a sure bet or a highly confident pick in a betting scenario. It is thought to derive from the phrase “as sure as a rhino in a zoo,” which suggests an extremely high level of certainty. A rhino lock is usually used to describe a bet that is almost guaranteed to win.