What is the ‘Favorite’ in Sports Betting


Quite simply, the favorite is the team/horse/person who is expected to win a particular game or event.

How is the Favorite Determined?

The favorite is determined by the betting market, which takes into account factors such as past performance, current form, and the perceived strength of the team or individual. Betting odds are then set based on these factors.

Will the Favorite Always Have Negative Odds?

It’s often thought the favorite will have negative or minus odds because they are expected to win, however, it all comes down to the sportsbook’s interpretation of the field. It’s common to find minus odds in a team vs team game where the outcomes are limited, but in races or events where the field is larger, you’ll find that the favorite will still have plus odds.

This is because although they might be the most likely individual selection to win, it’s still seen as more likely that one of the field will win.