What Does ‘Plus’ Mean in Betting?


The plus symbol (+) in sports betting is used to denote the underdog in a matchup. This is typically seen with point spreads, in which the underdog is given extra points to balance out the perceived difference in skill or talent.

Generally, the higher the number; the more you will win due to the higher risk and unlikely scenario.

For Example

  • If a team is listed as +3, it means that the underdog is given 3 points before the matchup begins.
  • Another example would be if a moneyline features a team at +215, this means that if the team wins the bettor will win $215 on a $100 bet.

Always Keep In Mind

  1. Look for underdogs with good handicapping metrics and teams with a high “power rating”.
  2. Odds for the same teams will differ across sportsbooks, so be careful to check odds across multiple books to get the most value out of your bet.