NBA All-Star Game (2019)

The NBA All-Star Game, much like the league, has transformed itself over the last few years, and the change has been for the better. No longer is this a no-defense, all ally-oops scoring exhibition. They’ve certainly raised the level of play expected of an All-Star event, and everyone has noticed,including sports fans and sports gamblers alike. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of ally-oops and a lack of defense being played; however, the teams are definitely playing to win.

This newfound enthusiasm for the All-Star weekend coincides with some rule changes, as the teams are now built by “captains” from each of the conferences. The All-Stars who are voted on by the fans are then chosen and drafted by the captains to play on a team. This has definitely stoked the competitive spirit in the league, as the games have been much closer and more enjoyable. Of course, the gambling public was quick to join in on the fun, and, all of a sudden the NBA All-Star game is now a legitimate opportunity for sports bettors. The days of just taking the over and hoping for the best are gone. When it comes to betting the NBA All-Star game, you now have options.

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