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There are many ways to bet on NCAA College Football and in the modern era of college football, betting on football is no longer just picking a side and placing a wager! There are plenty of options that are available at online sportsbooks. On this page, we will explain to you some of the more popular ways you can bet on NCAA College Football and various bets that can build on to your bankroll. The various ways you can bet may or may not work for your style of gambling so be sure to pick what fits your style of betting and wager smart!

Point Spread Betting

One of the most common forms of wagering on NCAA College Football is Point Spread Betting. Point Spread Betting is basically defined as picking one team and either subtracting or adding a predetermined amount of points to their final score.

To give an example, let’s say you are playing the Ohio State Buckeyes -30 points against the Maryland Terrapins. The final score in the game was Ohio State 45 Maryland 14. You would need to subtract 30 points from Ohio State’s 45 points, which would give you 15 points. You would still be a winner because 15 is more than 14.

When playing Point Spread betting, you will pay a small portion of each bet, also known as “Juice”. Juice is usually 10% of the wager but at times, can be less and sometimes even none at all! It really depends on what the point spread is and how much money a sportsbook has riding on one team.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline Betting is becoming more and more popular with underdog bettors because you can double and sometimes even triple your money in an even up play. There is no point spread associated with Moneyline betting and you are simply picking a team to win the game.

Many times when betting a Moneyline play, you will see something similar to, Miami Hurricanes -150 vs. Pittsburgh Panthers +130. What this means is if you were to bet on the Hurricanes and win, you would win $100 dollars for every $100 you bet. Now, conversely, if you were to lose that bet, you would lose $150 per $100 you bet.  Now, if you were to play the Panthers and they won, you would win $130 but if you lose, you would only lose $100.

Total Betting

Total’s Betting is another favorite option for betting on NCAA College Football. Playing overs and unders is a great way to increase your bankroll with winners. Many people like betting totals because they like to root for both teams to score, which will in turn will hopefully push the game over the posted total. I will caution you to not get stuck in the mindset that more games play over than under because that simply is not true. Use common sense when playing over and under wagers.

Future Betting

If you are the type of bettor that likes to spend a little with the chance to win a lot, maybe you should look at the Future Betting. Most all online sportsbooks will offer NCAA College Football Future Betting, especially at the end of the year after bowl season. Many players will pick who they think has a chance at winning the following year’s National Championship and in many cases, you can get some teams at great odds.

For example, if you are a Miami Florida fan and played them on the futures to win the 2017-2018 National Championship, you would of gotten 30/1 odds. The Hurricanes had a great year and dropped to 10/1 odds in the latest rankings. If you were to of placed $100 on Miami to win the National Championship, and they go on to win at those odds, you would win $3,000.

Parlay Betting

Parlays are another great option for betting NCAA College Football. With betting parlays, you are combining 2 or more plays on one ticket to increase your odds and drastically increase your winnings if you are lucky to win all of the plays on that ticket. The odds are always in the sportsbooks favors when you are playing parlays so of course, they love players that utilize parlays but if you are lucky enough to cash 1 or 2 parlays in a week, you will boost your final net number increasing those winnings!

Teaser Betting

There are bettors that like to play teams that are getting a lot of points. There are also players that like to add on some extra points to increase their chance of winning! These players benefit from betting on NCAA College Football using a teaser. A teaser is a wager where you add or subtract a predetermined amount of points, usually 6, 6.5, 7 or 10. Teaser’s are played in NCAA College Football, as well as NFL Football and are played in both sides and totals.

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