College Football Betting 2022/23 – Vegas Odds

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There are hundreds of NCAAF Betting lines available during every week of the season, with Vegas Odds being released at least a week before most games. The most popular betting lines are the money line, spread and over/under – Find the latest Vegas Odds for upcoming College Football games below.

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College Football Odds

NCAAF Betting Odds, Explained

If you dig deep enough you’ll find options that will confuse experienced bettors, but College Football Vegas Odds tends to offer markets/lines on three things: Moneyline, Spread, and Over/Under. As you can see in the odds list above, these are presented using the American Odds format.

How Do American Odds Work?

With the American odds system, you’ll see a number displayed with either a + or – symbol in front of it.

‘Minus’ Symbol (Favorites)

If you see a – listed before the odds (e.g -150) then Vegas has determined that the outcome is more than likely to happen, otherwise known as a favorite.

The number listed is the $ amount you are required to wager to receive a $100 profit if your selection is successful.

Example Scenarios:

  1. If you wager $150 on a -150 favorite you will receive $250 in return. $150 is your stake returned, and the remaining $100 is your winnings.
  2. If you wager $100 on a -150 favorite then you will receive $166.67 in return. $100 is your stake returned, and the remaining $66.67 is your winnings.

‘Plus’ Symbol (Underdogs)

If you see a + symbol listed before the odds (e.g +150) then Vegas has determined that the outcome is less than likely to happen. This is also called an underdog or outsider bet.

Betting on underdogs works in a different way.

The number listed (e.g +150) is the amount you will receive if you wager $100 on the market and the selection is successful.

Example Scenario:

  1. If you wager $100 on a +150 outsider then you will receive $250 in return. $100 is your stake returned, and the remaining $150 is your winnings.

NCAAF Moneyline Betting With Vegas Odds

Moneyline betting in college Football is the easiest market to understand. You place a wager on a team to win, and if they win the game then your stake and winnings are returned to you, if you lose then you lose your stake.

How does College Football Moneyline work?

Almost every game will see a favorite and an underdog selection. For this reason, money line betting is not always popular in games that are expected to be one-sided, as the return on your stake for backing a heavy favorite is small.

As an example from the 2022 Championship Game, Georgia went into the game as favorites at –145. If you had placed $100 on them to win, your return including the stake would’ve been $168.97.

Does Moneyline include overtime in College Football.?

Unless the Sportsbook explicitly says OT is not included then yes, it does. If your selection wins the game via OT then your wager is still successful.

NCAAF Spread Betting

College Football now includes gambling terminology in their programming and commentary, so you will hear people talking about the spread and covering the spread.

What Does the Spread Mean in NCAAF Betting?

The spread is designed to offer a points handicap in a game for the favorite, this then results in the betting odds being almost identical for both teams.

You will see the spread listed as a number, usually, with a decimal point (e.g 4.5) This is the number of points that the favorite will need to win by to cover the spread, while the underdog needs to either win the game or lose by less than the spread number to cover.

Example scenario from 2022 NCAAF Championship game.

The spread for the Championship game was set at 2.5 points. As Georgia won the game 33-18, they exceeded the spread total of 2.5 points and therefore were the successful spread selection.

Can the Spread Total Change?

Yes, the spread line can and will change in the build-up to a game, however, you will receive the spread total at the time of your wager.

The total can change for a number of reasons. If an increased number of bettors pick the same selection then Vegas will move the line to encourage wagers on the opposite selection. It’s also possible that key players could be injured or other factors can result in the spread total moving.

NCAAF Over/Under Betting

Betting on the over/under total means the outcome of the game is irrelevant, you are simply placing a wager on how many points will be scored in a game.

How Does Over/Under Work in NCAAF Betting?

Similarly to the spread, a total will be set by the sportsbook before the game (e.g 48.5 points). If you place a wager on the ‘over’ market and 49 points or more are scored, then your selection is successful.

If you place a wager on the ‘under’ market and 48 points or less are scored then your selection is successful.

Can the Over/Under Total Change in NCAAF Betting?

Similar to the spread example, the over/under line can and will change in the build-up to a game. Again this could be the result of the majority of bettors making the same selection, or it could also be the result of injury news or other factors.

Does the Over/Under in NCAAF Betting Include Overtime?

Usually yes. There are examples of sportsbooks explicitly stating that all bets include overtime unless otherwise stated, so you will usually find that overtime is included in the points total for under/over wagers.

As this results in more game time to score points, a game going to OT does offer an advantage to wagers on the ‘over’ market.

Latest College Football Headlines


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