Stanley Cup Odds

The Stanley Cup is the greatest prize in Ice hockey and the finale of the season. The Playoffs begin in April as teams battle it out to take part in the Stanley Cup Finals series which is scheduled to start on June 8, 2023. The series is the best of seven games, and the first to win four games is crowned the winner.

You can find the latest odds to win the Stanley Cup below, however, we’ve also included the odds for each team at the start of the playoffs so you can analyze where the value picks were.

2023 Stanley Cup Winners Odds

Team Odds
Edmonton Oilers +750
Carolina Hurricanes +900
Dallas Stars +900
Colorado Avalanche +900
New York Rangers +1000
Vegas Golden Knights +1400
Los Angeles Kings +2200
New Jersey Devils +2800
New York Islanders +8000
Nashville Predators +10000
Buffalo Sabres +30000

Stanley Cup Winners Odds (Beginning of Playoffs)

TeamOpening Odds
Boston Bruins+275
Colorado Avalanche+700
Edmonton Oilers+750
Toronto Maple Leafs+950
Carolina Hurricanes+1100
New York Rangers+1200
Vegas Golden Knights+1400
Dallas Stars+1600
Tampa Bay Lightning+2000
Minnesota Wild+2200
Florida Panthers+2500
Winnipeg Jets+3500
New York Islanders+4000
Seattle Kraken+4500